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I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power. Chapter 01

Here is the place called the Devil's Forest. Now in such a place.
A boy can be seen. That boy's name is Nakaide Ikuo.
He is a high school sophomore.

"Woah! Help me! I will be killed!"

what's going on! Why is this happening? That damn god.
What is useful?

By screaming that while running in the forest.
So, why was he running while screaming? It is because, he was chased by 3 goblins.

"Rather than that if I don't out run those goblins, I will die.... Uwaa."

"Gagua, ga!"

"Bad, they caught up with me... damn that God, atleast for reincarnation give a better enhanced body. There is no-change at all from before! The only difference is my hair color and the size of my penis become a little bif... Why? Normally, won't I get a holy sword or a cheat ability?
Besides, it is impossible for the incarnation destination to be in front of a goblin! "

That's right, Nakaide Ikuo is 140cm tall and looks did not change. The color of hair become red and don't know why his penis became big. But, this is the best weapon to live in this world for him, but at current situation it is not useful. This is the treasure that Nakaide Ikuo not noticed

"For the time being, it is impossible to defeat them, a hot-blooded guy might fight, but I cannot do it... Anyway I should escape from these goblins..."

I wonder if there is anything that can be used... anything!

Nakaide Ikuo looks around himself and in his own clothes pocket.

The birth guy looks around himself and his own clothes pocket
Then, a baseball ball, a stone were fallen down.
There was a smartphone, Nakaide Ikuo came up with a plan.
His hobby is seeing images of thunder at movie sites.
Where he likes the best favorite videos from the smartphone.
Put it on the screen and just need to press the playback button with max volume.

Alright preparations are complete. All that's left is to see if it will succeed...


The goblins attacked all at once.

"Now! Take this!"

Doggaan baribari!

Nakaide Ikuo pushes the play button of the smartphone to produce sound of thunder.
And threw the stone he had in his hand towards the goblin.

"Gyagyā! Gyagyā!"

Goblins do not know, what was happened?
They ran away.

"Fu~u! Somehow I managed to succeed?... For now,
Let's run away before they come back! "

Nakaide Ikuo  who ran away from that place. He wandered through the forest, without knowing how many hours he had walked, but finally found a river and took a break there.

"Let's rest here for a while... Is this water safe to drink?"

While worrying I drank a little. To my surprise it was really tasty and I drank a lot.

"Puha! Revived! Surprisingly tasty.
I wonder what I should do from now..."

Gasagasa, Gaza

At that time there was a noise from the forest, I looked back and there was...

"Did they caught up...? A~re... You are?"

It was a tall woman wearing a bikini armor.
The woman was full of scratches and fell in front of Nakaide Ikuo.

"Ano, are you okay?"

What's this? She is full of bruises, let's help her. Maybe she will help me later.

Thinking so, Nakaide Ikuo takes something like a lotus leaves from the forest. With them he brought water for her to drink. But, the get's spilled out of the mouth and had failed mony times.

"A~mo, Why does not it work well like in television. They show it easy, is it a lie? ... It cannot be helped, the remaining means is mouth-to-mouth! It cannot be helped! Yes, it cannot be helped!"

Something like an excuse Nakaide Ikuo murmured sevral times and has water in his mouth and with mouth-to-mouth let the woman drink water.

Uwa! It feels good! I have Punipni, but
It will be just a kiss as it is, after this I can pry open other's mouth with my mouth and pour water together with stretching my tongue. Done.
Further more other side also drinking!

"Puha! Haa haahn? She still won't open her eyes? Let her drink some more? "

After that, I let her drink water about three times, somehow the woman began to moanning.

"Nu~un, aa~n!"

"A~re? What's wrong? Suddenly sexy voices are coming out."

"...? ... Here, what is this? ...Uoha my body..."

"Ano~u... are you okay?"

"Who are you? What is this place... Uooh ah...
What on earth is happening to my body?"

"Ano, my name is Nakaide Ikuo. I by someone. When I was walking in this forest, I came here while resting you appeared with whole body of scratches. Since, you fainted I nursed you till now."

"I see, that's helpful, thank you. My name is Shakti an adventurer! Nakadeekuo, thanks for your help."

"No, thank you for the meal... I mean helpful.
Besides, my name is a Nakaide Ikuo."


"Nakaide Ikuo."


Well, Japanese is difficult to pronounce? But, why are we able to communicate?
May be there are things that can and cannot be translated? Anyway it can not be helped.

"Dee is good, please call me Dee from now."

"Oh, dee, thanks for that... And something... Some how my body burns when I see Dee? Do you know why?

Aching? Huh? why? No way... by mouth? No way?
There should have no such reason, but I heard that may turned on when kissed... A virgin like me have not experienced...

"You see, maybe... please do not get angry."

"Aa, I will not get angry."

"That's it, when I was nursing Shakti. I tried to give water to you to drink with a leaf, but it did not go well... I let you drink water with mouth transfer..."

"Eh? with mouth! Eh... but that alone..."

Shakti was thinking while turning her face red.

Is the thing that mouth-to-mouth means kissing? Kiss... my first kiss... But thanks to that, I was saved and it cannot be helped! Before that, is it really this sensation just by kissing? I need to make sure... It is not

"Ano, I want to confirm that this tingling is just by kissing?"

"Is that okay?"


"Well then, I will bring water again."

"Aa, the water is not needed, my stomach is already full. Just do it."

"Okay, then I will do the same as before."

By saying that, I hold Shakti's head and made a deeep kiss.

"U~un, n~uan! A~a~."

Just as I thought, turned on just by a kiss? I wonder if I am good.
Woah! It's amazing... It looks like my face is melting...

"Puhaa... How is it? Can understand without asking... But, with just a kiss? No way, is not it that... Just a kiss? ... No way!"

Dee noticed something and holds Shakti's blank head, opens her mouth and let her drinks his saliva. Then, Shakti's body twitched more and was gotten agitated.

After all with my saliva it became like this... No way, is my saliva have aphrodisiac effect? No way right.

"Nnn! Dee bad I am already... Ahhh!"

When Dee sees Shakti, from Shakti's Bikini Armor's crotch a transparent liquid is overflowing. Before knowing when she took off her bra and her big tits were exposed.

This is... Seriously! I can do it really.
Is it okay?

While Dee has been hesitating, Shakti pushed Dee down to the ground and started kissing and took off Dee's trousers and released his penis.

"Eh? Uwa... n! Nnn puha~ha, huh? It's really standing up! Even though I say it myself. My son has become much better! Perhaps from my arm position, it is close to 30cm in length? Huh? Could it go in? "

Shakti strandles Dee and takes off her panties and threw it down. As it is she puts her waist down on top of Dee's penis. Shakti even with distorted face she moves her hips up and down.

Dee who is under looks up to see big tits and grabs them with both hands. Then, he grab the nipples at the tip while kneading them and started attacking Shakti. Each time he did that Shakti is raising up lustful voices and while making sounds like jupajupa, she moves her hips.

"Ah! Shakti! I... I cannot..."

"A~an! Mouu~unu a~an!"

They both reached orgasm at the same time and breathed constantly Shakti as it is fell on top of Dee.

"Shakti! Woah! Dazzling!"

At that time the body of Shakti suddenly lighted up and disappeared.
And Shaktie woke up.

"What? ... Kyaa, what?"

Shaktie was surprised to herself by getting up.
Looked at my face and turned her face red.

"Hey... Do you remember, how did this happen?
Also would you mind moving..."

To that point Dee says Shakti turns her face red.
She began to put on her clothes by moving away from Dee and turns to Dee.

"I remember, yeah ... That me, I attacked Dee.
And crossed the line, right? ..."

Hmm? I wonder if it is better to keep silent about silent...

"I was attacked by Shakti, who was excited with a kiss.
Okay, I cannot become a son-in-law!"

"I... I will take responsibility, It was my first time.
For the first time, I have decided to give it to my husband!"

OK, I can manage to live somehow with this.

"More than that, why?"


"No, my injuries and magical power are recovered!"

Certainly, when I look closely, I can see Shakti's injuries already  healed. I do not know about magic power, but herself saying that might be. Surely, when it was finished doing , Shakti lighted up, maybe that time?

"Maybe my sperm may be involved.
Well, if to make sure, we have to do it again, right?"

"Eh? I see, then Dee's semen!
Well... let it be for later, for now..."

"Un, right, is it good now? Again."

As I say, Shakti makes her face red.


Thank you for reading.
Next time 18+

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