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I Use Semen in Another World and Live by Relying on Other’s Power: Prologue

I am Nakaide Ikuo a high school sophomore. Right now I am being bullied by a daily routine. Why am I bullied? Why? It is just I being shorter than everyone.
I will never forgive these guys! Especially in our class, DQN(delinquent) Yamada Tatsuo and his lackey Oyama Mamoru.

The raw guy(nama otoko) took a counterattack to such two people, but his body was small, yet Yamada is big and used to quarreling.
It hurts, no matter what, raw guy was not the opponent of those two.

"Why are you bullying me? Please say, what did I do to you?"

When the boy yelled at those two, Yamada become furious and started beating further.

"Shut up! It is because I don't like you!"

"Pupu! That is! Yamada's favorite girl likes Ikuo-kun is what he heard from the rumors."

Oyama said such a thing, Yamada got a little impatient and hit him.

"Teme~ Koyama. Do not say anything unnecessary!"

As he said, turned his face and left from this place.

"Well I'll stop here for today! Tomorrow I will bully you again! "

Raw guy got a little rest on the spot and prepared to head home.

What is this? It just taking his anger out on me. But, who would like me? There is no one to remember. Who would Yamada like?

Raw guy walking while thinking, in the right park Yankees gathered and everyone was watching down.

"What are they watching? ... White? Red? Ah! That is a white cat! Because they hit it with the sticks in their hands, it is full of blood."

As Ikuo saw it, without thinking anything he tackled Yankees and took away the cat and ran.

"Tame! Return it! It is our prey! Konoyaro! "

Ikuo embraces the cat while protecting it, he runs away from the park
At that time, because of darkness he without seeing miss stepped on the stairs and as it is, fallen and fainted.

"Oi! Human child wake up!"

"Who? I am still sleepy! After 5 minutes..."

"Hey! Wake up!"

"Eh, Who? where is here?"

When the raw man woke up there was a pure white room,
Raw guy who is puzzled by the space, where the size and the height are unknown.

"Where is here? ...Before that, whose voice is earlier?"

"That is mine!"

"What? Again I can hear, from where?"

Even though the raw man looked around, but there was no one, it got him further confused.

"I am saying here, look down!"

When the raw man looks down as he was told, there is a visual perception.
There was a pet cat.

"Oh, cat you were safe! thank goodness."

"So, it is I talking to you from a little while ago!"

"What? The cat spoke! Lie!......"

"There is no choice."

The cat who helped by me, suddenly began to talk,
Said that it is God.

"I understand! I understand somehow! So that god.
Why were you beaten by Yankees on the ground? "

"Oh yeah, I have descended to the Earth after a long time. I possessed this cat and take a walk aroubd the park. I saw them eating Ice cream, so I called out to them to give me some of it. Then they suddenly started beating me while screaming I am a monster. Then you saved me."
"Oh yeah, I tried descending to the ground world after a long time

Anyone would be surprised! when a cat suddenly spoke.
Well, I understand why.

"I see, that is your fault. If a cat suddenly starts talking, it is natural to be surprised!... So, get me back to where I am. If I don't go back, my parents will be worried."

"Oh, I did not say that yet! You are already dead! So, you cannot go back to the original place."

"What? What are you talking about? I am dead, ha ha?
You must be kidding? "

"No, in fact, fall down from the stone staircase and hit your head.
You already dead... But, do not worry, I will give a helping hand, am I not?"

"Will you let me revive, then please!"

"I see, I know, then let's go!... Haa!"

Suddenly the cat shone and wrapped up the raw man with light.

"Can I go back with this?"

"What are you saying? I said you cannot return to the original place.
The place you go from now is a different world!"

"What? Another World? Why is that place?"

"That's why I told you you cannot return to the original place, but to a different world.
You can go? Did not I mention it? "

"You have not told me, hurry up and stop it!

"No, it's impossible! It has already been activated, so cannot stop. But, be relieved, I put something very useful. So, live happily with it. "

"Wait a moment! How to do with just that explanation..."

The white light went out and there was only a white cat on the spot.

Oh, it was good that succeeded, sometimes it will fail at random.


Thank you for reading.
Next time 18+

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