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Different world dungeon life Chapter 01 [18+]

"Well, that's fine, you cannot go back to the previous world."


"Your dead has been confirmed, if you revive you will be treated as zombie and will be experimented in a facility, is it alright?"

"Do not nonsense."

"Well, it cannot be helped, I will let you incarnate in a different world, but is there any wish?"

"Damn, ignore me."

"I am not ignoring, just hurry and say your wish."

Not ignoring, but I do not hear my opinion basically....

"Oh, yes, I want a job that can make things is good after all, afterwards If possible I would like to return to 16 ~ 17yrs."

"I understood, then let's go."


"Take care."

Like a certain theme park's big sister, Tia waving her hand at me with a big smile on her face and I lost my consciousness.

"Kora, wake up."

"Where am I?"

"I explained the world."


I wake up and look around, I on a bed, afterwards there was a desk and my smartphone on it

"Oh no, I do not have anything, how do I live?"

"Well, In your smartphone's game, I chose a world that is close to the game you are playing."


"By the way, you are the master of this dungeon and be careful you will die if the treasure of the dungeon is robbed."


"Same as that game, if you defeat intruders you can get points. With points you can buy demons and also can buy household goods."

"Ooooo ..."

"Without knowing anything, it will be painful, hey come here."

"Nice to meet you, I am Lumidora who will be incharge of this dungeon."

"If you tell her, she will prepare anything from demons to living supplies, but
only by exchanging points."

"I see."

"By the way, How many points are available?"

"There is none."


"I am saying none."

"Hey, what do you mean?"

"I am saying, randomly hunt few monsters or animals around here and save some points. Are you stupid?"

For that line I some how endured up on hitting Tia.

"Okay, instead is there anything like a knife or something?"

"There is no such thing?"


"Battle with that body, do not you even know that?"



In anger I forget about myself and pushed Tia.

"What are you doing..."

I tear clothes of Tia who was down.

"Iya! Why are you able to touch me!"

Tia shouting something, but ignoring and suck on her chest.

"Oh no, stop it."

"shut up!"

Screaming Tia's shorts are scattered and saw it.

"What's wrong, you have not grown hair, were you a shaved one?"

Look at the tia's that place not growing hair and look down to ridicule her.

"Iya, why are you ...?"

Remove the belt of the trousers, take out the son who is in a position of full erect.

"Do not tell me?"

"Here, give up."

My son placed o Tia's that place and pushed hard into that place.

"Yaaa! it hurts! it hurts!"

"Shut up, quickly get wet."

"Stop it!"

"Shut up, Oi oi, are you feeling it by getting raped?"


"You are getting wet, this nympho is feeling while raped."


"Oh, it feels good, it's been a long time, it is about to be good soon."

"Stop, not inside!"

"What? You want it inside?"


"Come on! Receive !!"

"Oh no!"

Pushing hips and unleash at the deepest place.

"Ah awful."

"Oh ~ It felt good, that's a goddess for you, this is most pleasant ever."

From Tia's that place took out my thing, blood that is a proof of purity with my semen was coming out.

"Is it your first time?"

"I told you to stop..."

"I cannot help it, I will do it gently next time."


"Did you think that it was the end?"

"Oh no!"

Then, I did 4 times and fell next to Tia.

"I am tired."


"Oi, what's wrong?"

"It's not what? being committed by a human..."

"My bad. It can not be helped because you are too cute."

Well, initially I attacked because of anger, but later Tia's panting under me pretty cute.
I cannot stop.
Since, it cannot be helped I hug her while stroking her head.

"Oooh, why a guy like him?"

"What happened?"

"There is nothing!"

By the way, the first one was on ground but now on the bed.

"Look Tia, calm down,"

"Wha... chu..."

Even if makes a noise more than this, it will be troublesome, so I will close her mouth.

"Is it OK now?"


Mr. Lumidora who seems to be in this room while we are doing.

Started talking

"What's going on?"

"An intruder is coming, if it is as it is, treasure will be robbed and you will die.



Along with me Tia cries out loud.

"Strange, to find a dungeon so quickly."

"Oi Tia, I don't want to die soon after incarnating!"

"I am thinking now!"

Thus the first intruder had come.

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