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Different world dungeon life Chapter 09

I push down Iris and suck her breasts.
I can feel her body stiffens, but I lick her nipples without caring about that. I gradually gotten harder, I can see Iris's face rises(feeling joy) and I put my hand on her lower abdomen.


"What's wrong, Lumidora?"

"I am sorry, it become a little troubled situation."


"Iris, let's do it later..."

"Uu... Hai..."(Uu~... yes...)

I left the Iris in the prison, I went outside and returned to the room. As soon as I entered the room, I noticed that there is no Kuon present.
I immediately entered the room and decided to ask what happened to Lumidora, who was in the room.

"Lumidora, what happened?"

"Yes, an intruder entered."

"Un? By any chance did Ellis has betrayed already?"

"No, she did not."

"No way, Kuon!"

"It's not that, it seems an intruded just by chance. Even orc Knights cannot do anything against them and Kuon went to buy time for now.

"I understood, I will also go."


"I wish Tia would be here at a time like this."

"That's right, Tia-sama would just win even without fighting."

"Well, I cannot say such things, I will head there right away."

I jumped out of the room and hurried to the Kuon.
Kuon is fighting intruders at a place where across 3 halls away from me.

"ke fu~..."

"Ho~ you do pretty well, If I remembered currectly were not you a slave to the kid's party?"

"There is no need to answer..."

I decided to make the orc as a bait and cut them from the blind spot. But they are faster than I slash, a sword slashed without looking behind. I was blown off without being able to prevent it and there was a part where the Miko-fuku(Shrine maiden's cloth) was also torn.

"Clothes that bought by my master... I will not forgive..."


Cooperate with two orc Knights, I attacked.
Until now the adventurers, even if 2 orc knights cannot defeat them. With my current strength gain, I could have won.
But this time it is different, he parried 2 orc knights sword attacks with a single hand and wards off my Kuodachi with the empty other hand.


"It's a good move, but!"


Beaten with strength and blown to the wall.
When I was blown away the orc knights who I stayed together were cut in two.
I can not move because I was hit by a wall against my back.
The intruder came closer to me, and raised the sword in front of me.

"I am sorry, but die..."

"Noo... my master!"

When the sword was swung down, I closed my eyes in fear.
And called for master, I decided to protect.
When I closed my eyes the sword that should have been swung down did not reach me.


"Ho~, you can stop this...?"


Master stopped the sword that swung at me with his sword.
Master stands infront of me, he parried the swung sword with his sword.

"Are you alright, Kuon?"


"Get back, I'll do it here."

"Hah hai!"(Ye... yes)

"Sounds good, you seem strong, please entertain me?"

Let Kuon fall behind and I faced the intruder.
Both of us hold swords and see the gap, this intruder is the strongest I have ever seen. It was such a feeling, probably I would lose if I showed a gap.



Swords of each other hit each other, a sharp metal sound echoed.
Both of our strength is equal, I can put force but can not push back.

"Good, really good, but that weapon."


The competing forces of each other, my sword begins to scream.
My iron sword was defeated by our strength and a crack gradually entered.

"I thought I could enjoy it a little more, well it's something like this?"


"Not yet!"


Escape the power to the side and kick the intruder who lost the balance.
I entered the blind spot successfully, made a momentary gap and took a distance to behind.
But in my hand the iron sword with cracks, if it parried 2 or 3 times. It is visible that it would break.

"It is a good kick, but that sword."

"Even if there is no sword..."

"I see."


I took my distance, if there is no sword which can be used in infight. It's boxing style, with my strength I can make a clean hit, there should be damage.

"Naive! with such movements you will not hit."




Although I tried challenging infight, it seems that the other person is accustomed to infighting. I parried with my sword with counterattacks. At that moment my sword crumbles

"It's a shame."


I was thinking with broken sword and an opponent infight has no effect.
I can still fight, if I borrow Kuon's Kodachi...
What should I do? Even now to use the same hand as before, there is no Kuon's Kodachi...

"Are you done already? Then die."

"Kuon run away!"


"What are you doing?"

In order for Kuon to escape, I need to buy some time for that I moved forward and hold my fist. At that time, I heard an unforgettable voice echoed from behind.


"Tia Onee-chan..."

"Finally I got time, so I come to see it. What are you doing Kyosuke?"

"Do not you see it?"

"Yeah, I guess you lost to this guy."

"It is frustrating, from now on I decided to buy proper equipment."

"Oi, you have great courage to ignore me."

"What are you anyway!?"

I naturally fall back to the murderous aura that comes from Tia.
It looks like the intruder also effected by it and had sweat spreading on his forehead.

"For you to hurt Kyosuke and Kuon before me, it seems you want to die."


It became impossible to tolerate the Tia's murderous aura, with his sword started swinging towards Tia.
That movement is faster than the fight with me and with my strength, I guess at best I can prevent without retaliating.
But, Tia stood there without moving a bit.


"What happened?"

"No way!"

The blade that attacked the Tia was being hit without hurting the Tia.
Rather than to hurt her, even her clothes were not cut.

"Why, why cannot I cut you!"

"In the way"



At the same time with the sound, the body of the intruder falls upside down and falls down.
By one swing of Tia's arm, the adventurer who will be stronger than me.
I could not do anything and was turned into a corpse.

"Totally, clothes will get dirty?"


"Kyosuke! Do you have any injuries?"

"Aa~, I am fine. Kuon how about you?"

"Master-sama, Tia onee-chan!"

"Kuon, there are no injuries?"

"Yes, I am fine."

"I see, that is good."

Tia pats Kuon head, returning to the room as the intruder also taken down.
I did not check the points in the smartphone, I knew that weapons are also important this time.
I wonder if the LV of Kuon and I went up too?

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.

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Different world dungeon life Chapter 08

I managed somehow about Lumidora-san. I asked dinner to Kuon who just returned and finished it.
After dinner, I look into the new room for nursery.

"Stop it!"
A scream of a man was heard from inside the room and when I peeked into. I saw the oak knight shake his waist.
Un... I did not see anything... I will never see it.
Lastly, I returned to my own room and asked Lumidora about what I was concerned?

"By the way, do they have a female gender in goblins race and oaks race?"

"There, but why do you ask?"

"No, I casually bought goblins and oaks, so what happens to their sexual desires?"

"I see, all the remaining goblins and oaks are male."

"Hmm? Even though they are males, why are they increasing?"

"Because goblins and oaks can breed even with male partners. That's why I advised the previous man to be send to the nursery."

"U-ghh, let's not think about it."

"That would be better. Well then, I will take a day off for today."

"Good work, I will ask you again tomorrow."


"Kuon, let's go to sleep soon."

Separated from Lumidora, I entered bed together with Kuon.
Eventually, I must be tired after taking 2 people as partners, until morning I slept in good spirit.
And in the morning I wake up with something touching my lips.

"Nn~... chu..."


"Good morning, my master."

"Good Morning, Kuon."
When I woke up, there is Kuon's face in front of my face.
Apparently it seems I woke up with a kiss from Kuon.

"Good morning, Kyosuke-sama"

"Good morning, Lumidora."

"I will start this morning report, goblins= 0, oaks= 3 and oak knights become 4."

"Somehow, they  decreased or is it increased?"

"Yes, yesterday a demon called Graig Bear got lost, goblins and oaks were sacrificed, but four oak knight together killed it. The points become 500 points."

"He~e, It was a fairly strong monster, is not it?"

"Right now Kyosuke-sama may win with ease, but it might have been dangerous if when you first arrived to this world."

"He~e~ did I get that strong?"

"Yes, LV also gone up."

Aoba Kyosuke
LV 5
HP 200/200
Magical power 60/60

Attack power 18 + 50
Defense power 10 + 50
Power 21 + 50
Endurance 19 + 50
Dexterity 11 + 50
Quickness 14 + 50
Intelligence 10 + 50
Luck 8 + 50

Skill Dungeon Maker, Goddess's protection, Sword art LV 1.

"Oh, LV went up."

"Your master, it is amazing!"

"Can I see the status of Kuon too?"

"Yes, you could be able to see it."

"Kuon, can you show me the status a little?"


LV 9
HP 180/180
Magical power 50/50

Attack power 18
Defense force 24
Power 22
Endurance 20
Dexterity 17
Quickness 16
Intelligence 14
Luck 5

Skill: Sword art Lv 2, Light Magic LV 2.

"He~e~, is this high?"

"Well, I think it's excellent."

"Certainly, If not for +50 I am weaker..."

"Master's LV is still lower than me."

"Aa~ maybe so."

"Kyosuke-sama also seems to be high enough status."

"I see."

"Well 500 points, what can I use it for?"


"What's wrong? Kuon."

"I want a field."

"Oh, it is certainly better to grow in a field..."

"Lumidora, how many points do we need for a large room to turn into field and many kinds of vegetable seeds as a set?"

"Well, even if it is too narrow it's meaningless. It is 450 points to make a room of about 70meters square as a farm field and with seeds of different plant species, etc. How about 500 points with two goblins added as a bonus?"

"Somewhat, it become quite cheap?"

"It's service only for Kyosuke-sama."
I give points to Lumidora, made a field and to the 2 goblins which cannot become fighting force gave instructions as a field managers.

"We made farm fields. Kuon, are you ok with this?"


"Kyosuke-sama, the yesterday's elf is awake, what will you do?"

"I see, I will try to talk."

Went to prison and talk to the elf girl whose name I don't even know.

"Nice to meet you."

"You! Where's my brother and Iris!?"

"Oi oi, calm down."


"That man and Iris are safe."

"Thank goodness..."

"One consultation, will you listen?"

"Do not be silly!"

"He~e ~... you should know if you refuse?"

"Ku! I know, what should I do?"

"Go to the town and explore the trends of adventurers and lead adventurers to this dungeon and offer me with information."

"So, then will you spare those two?"

"Aa, as long as you do not betray me."

"I understand..."

"I see, for now please attach it at once."
Take a slave-collar and put it.

"You, what is your name?"


"If you betray me, you should know, what will happen?"

"I will not betray you!"

"Well then, come back every once in 3 days."

"I understood."
Ellis leaves the prison and steps towards the city.

"Kyosuke, is it alright?"

"Aa~ I will put on a sparrow to know first if betrayed."

"That seems so, it would be nice if she could rope well few adventurers..."
I peep at the Iris prison, which is in different position from the Ellis prison.

"You are! What happened to Tak-kun?"

"It's alright, still alive, it depends on you."

"No way... Maybe Ellis-chan too?"

"It's up to you."

"I don't care about myself, at least save Ellis-chan."

"I see, good resolve!"

Push down the iris in the prison and attacked her.

"ku~u... Nn~tsu..."

"Do you understand?"

Thanks to the man who was made it to the nursery, I succeeded in successfully manipulating the two girls.
It is good to leave a man occasionally.

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.

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I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power 02

"So then, Shakti where is here?
I do not know even where here is..."

"Here, here Znazivar Kingdom's border and this forest is called devil's forest. Are you here without knowing such a thing?"

Shakti looked at Dee with amazed eyes. But, in truth her bodies aching still did not stop. Although, it is a little better than before.

U~un... it's still aching but better than before. But, why by hearing Dee's voice, my body responds unconsciously? Well, I gave my first time to him because of that I am conscious of that...

Shakti's misunderstood about the aching. It is Dee's semen has not only recover magic power and physical strength. There is also the effect of raising the basic ability, but to such effect... Side effects were involved. Its side effects are gradually little by little turn-on the body and there is an effect that makes it easier to feel and brainwash little by little. So the more semen put into the body, Shakti will become Dee's limbs. That, not only did Shakti not know but Dee himself as well not noticed that.
Well then, what happens in the future? No one knows.

"Even you say that, I was send here by a certain person. Without knowing anything I was chased by the goblins. Later I was attacked by a woman, who I helped! Shikushiku..."

"That, I am sorry! But even for me, it's my first time, so appreciate it! And Dee, I will take responsibility to take you out side the forest!"

"Un thanks! Then Shakti, why did you come to do in such a dangerous Devil forest? Moreover bruised all over?"

"Aa~ that's right! I got strayed from my friend! When I come to a nearby village with my friend, villagers requested help that a lot of goblins are comming out of the forest to attack the village and there will be a lot of casualties from them. It was good at first since we took it, but unexpectedly we were out numbered and fought desperately. And a big sound like thunder was heard, we and goblins all fled away. But my friend who was running beside me went missing..."

Un, that sound was mine! At that time they were near... But, thanks to that, I survived... so I did a good thing, probably? It's a lie right. Thanks to that I made good memories.

"I see then, do you want to go back while looking for your friend? Or, return to the village as it is? What will you do?"

"Yeah... I'd like to think she may be able to escape, but just in case. Let's go back to the village while looking for her."

"Shakti I will tell in advance, I cannot fight! Is it alright?"

"Aa~ it's okay! My strength and magical power have already recovered. Somehow, I feel that power also raised! So, I can go.
Well, even if my physical strength and magical powers are exhausted, Dee can recover it again."

"Aa~ leave it up to me! I will recover thoroughly ♪."

As the story got together, We decided to walk back the way where Shakti came from.  Shakti walks in front and Dee walks at back.

Even so, the back of Shakti is a nice sight ♪.
Height is about 170 cm. Body has moderate muscles and boobs may reach F? Even from back I can see big boobs. Hair is long straight which goes down to half of the back and pink color ♪. Besides big butt, it is the best that it is an overwhelming type that is not too big and not too small
♪ I want to touch it ♪.

Sharp tea stopped unexpectedly, when I was getting into such a feeling.
Not noticing her stopping, I directly tackled into Shakti's ass as it is.
Shakti holds her mouth with her hands in order to stop her scream.

"Kya! Bu~u~un... ha~a ha~a!... Dee!"

"I am sorry, I have not seen the front!
What happened, you stopped suddenly? "

"It can not be helped... Please be careful next time... Oh, and there are three goblins over there, but somethings not right. The situation is strange. They are watching the bottom by surrounding something!"

Shakti says, so Dee also looks down from the blind side of goblins, there is a green haired woman fallen.

"Shakti! A green haired woman is fallen down.
Is it? Perhaps your friend? "

"Aa~ my friends! It's my friend Lina! I'll help now! And, Dee while I attract the goblins. Look after Lina! If it is needed, I will forgive! Please, help Lina! "

As she said, Shakti ran towards the goblins.
To face them.

Wai, wait a little! If it is needed, you mean! that to do it? Is it fine? There is no time to think. Right now, the goblins are fighting Shakti. They are away from Lina-san. Well then, let's go!

So, decided the resolve and Dee rushes to the place where Lina was.
He saw there is a shortcut green haired beauty.
It was a slender woman.

"It's a beautiful person... It is not the time for that! She is breathing, but this abdominal wound may be a fatal injury? It can not be helped! Shakti also asked to do it! let's do it! But, as it is here that thing is... Let's move her behind this tree."

Dee carries a bigger woman than himself, holding like a princess carry and moved to the back of the tree.

Well then, first after drinking my drool instead of anesthesia... She responded!

"U~uu~an ~a~an."

Let her drink more! At the same time removed clothes and robe. Oh! What a beautiful body ♪. The breasts are B. But the body is thin and supple, the height is around 160cm. It looks like a beautiful doll with a small face!

When I thought that, the face got more and more lusty and gotten heated up. Dee cannot stand it and removed Lina's underwear and suck on the left tit and rubbed the right breast with left hand and then Lina further felt and leaked a voice. When Dee heard the voice, he came up with an idea.

If she becomes like this only from getting saliva from her mouth, then what will happen if I put in her pussy?

When Dee thought so, as it is he closed his face to pussy and started playing with it. At that time Lina awoke.
She do not know what is happening, even though it is her body.
It feels like her body is floating feeling continues, it does not matter anymore.

"What is this feeling that never been tasted so far! Ahan
good! Feels good! Ah Un! Oon~♪"

Dee continued without quitting. Lina, cummed and fainted, but for the virgin Dee, not noticing that and take off his pants down and put his buldging thing inside her.

"What is this tightness? Moreover, every time I move inside some kind of grains like things touching, it is too pleasant ♪ "

Right, Dee is a virgin until today. So he do not know that Lina's that place is a master piece instrument. Like that master piece instrument, he do not know how play it, because he is a virgin. Just kept on moving his thing inside her, as her love juice is overflowing from her pussy. 

"U~uu~an ~Ahn Ah~ big!
~A~an  big, too big I will break! Un~ Ahn Ahn cumming! "

"I, I am already! Ikuu! U~uu~an!"

Dee fell on Lina's tits as it was.
Lina hugged the fallen boy.
Noticed her body shined light and noticed the changes.

"Who is this little boy? Did this kid commit me?
But what about the light just before? that? Injuries stabbed by the goblins no longer hurt. The body healed! Besides, magical power and physical strength also returned. What on earth is happening?"

"Un... that? Ah! I... I'm sorry!
Is the body okay? ... Ah! Your wounds are healed!
It was good♪."

Dee was fallen, but woke up and talked to Lina while inside her.

"Ano, who are you? And, why did you do this?
And why the wounds has recovered and magical power and so on are recovering... Aan~.
This is, this aching! Ahn! It gotten big again. Ahn~."

Lina consciousness goes towards the thing inside and tightens her vagina unintentionally. Dee because of tightness it became big again.

"I am sorry... I will pull out now... What's this?
Uoooo! I cannot remove!"

Lina with both legs locked Dee to not escape.

"I'm sorry, even my body has moved without permission!
No good! More! Ah, more move it.
Well, good! large! "

Dee desperately moved his waist and endured pleasantness.
And, Dee kissed her like distracting and pour a lot of his saliva down her mouth. Unwinds her legs and made her on four and attacked her from behind.

"Oh, it's awesome!
No! It goes so deep! Ahn Ahan."

Dee who was attacking from behind.
While watching the hole pf the butt in front of his eyes, licked his fingers and put his finger in the hole of the butt.

"Ahn! There is Ahn! It is a bad idea...
Don't put! "

Dee started stirring his fingers, to that stirring cannot stand it and Lina cummed and tightened her vagina and at the same time Dee cummed inside her.

"Oh! Tight! Aan~ cumming~!"

Dee was ejaculating a lot of semen into the vagina of Lina.

"Oh, great! I came by cummed inside and cumming cumming~ No! Aan~."

"Ha ha! Hua ha ... ... fu"

"Ahan ...... Uuun ... Fufu ~ Hu"

Dee calmly moves his body and removes his penis from Lina's vagina.
Otitin was extracted from.


"Are you OK? Lina?"

"Well, yeah... I'm fine, why am I?
How do you know my name? I have not said it yet, am I?

"That was because I said Lina! It was good, you are safe♪."

"Huh! Shakti, are you okay? it was good!"

When Shakti and Lina confirmed the safety,
The sitting Dee fell down suddenly.


"What?! Dee, Dee, what's wrong?"

Shakti rushed over to Dee by surprise.
When raised Dee, Lina looks at the face of Shakti with surprised eyes.
There was.

Waht? For Shakti makes such a womanly face.
No way~ ~? But who is that boy?

Shakti hugged Dee


And it sounded.

"Shakti, I, I am hungry~ No more..."

"Dee ... I am amazed by you..."


Thank you for reading.
Next time 18+

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Different world dungeon life chapter 07 18+

"Noo! Stop it!"

"You said anything, aren't you?"

"No, anything but that!"

"you... stop it!"
There is a guy shouting something, but I thought of ignore it and commit iris, but I decided to silence him because it is way too noisy.

"You are too noisy!"

By walking I approach him and kicked his chin. By sound of gokitto his jaw bone was broken. he lost his consciousness and stopped moving. I return to commit Iris once again.

"Tak-kun! I told you to stop, why?"

"You too also stop resisting..."

"Oh noo... nnn... chu..."
Hidding the torn part of clothes, Iris put her both hands in front of the bare chest.
I push and press down her body and stole her lips.

"Awful... I am saying you to stop... that place..."
By holding Iris down, I lick her chest.

"Stop it... ku~un... Noo..."

"What are you turned on? Is it only your mouth saying no?"

"No... different... a~a~..."
I will bring my face down as it is, it was moist already there.

"Well, then what is this?"
I thrust my fingers and stir it, honey comes from the deep, from the back everytime I stir it.

"Wow, it's already this wet."


"Well then, what is this?"
Take wet bisho-basho hands in front of her face and show them.

"It's a lie..."

"If it gets wet this much, it's already good."

"Gu~tsu... stop it..."

"That's an adventurer for you, have you regained consciousness?"

"Takkun... it... it hurts..."

"Oh, I got in deep."

"Noo... it hurts... pull out..."

"Iris! Stop it!"

"Oh, it feels good"

"Nooo... a~... nn~... ha~ha~..."

"Ah, it's tight, really tight, you are turned on. It is immoral to feel when being fucked."

"Different... Kuu... different..."


"Noo... Tukkun... do not look..."
I kept fucking Iris in front of the man who just awoke. Is she getting excited about being seen? Honey begins to overflow rapidly. I keep shaking my hips without any resistance.

(You are reading translated from http://novel44.blogspot.in/2017/04/different-world-dungeon-life.html)

"Ah... Noo... something coming..."

"That's nympho for you, are you going to cum already? Then, I'll put it inside."

"Noo... Stop it, atleast not inside..."

"Cu... cumming!"

"Ah...don't... cumming..."

I thrust my hips and spit out semen at the deepest place, even though I should have put out yesterday and this morning.
Where have all this accumulated? All of it was put inside Iris.

"Fu~ It was quite good."


"Ah ah..."
The iris loses consciousness, the man stares at the empty space and mutters something.
Is he broken?

"Does Lumidora have any use for this man?"

"Well, man can also be a nursery?"

"Well then, let him make as orc knights nursery."

"I understand, what will you do about the captured Elf woman?"

"Right, how many points are accumulated this time?"

"Well, with equipment it was roughly 1200 points."

"Alright, can you make a prison?"

"Well, it should be fine."

"Then make a prison and put her there."

Put the elf in the newly made prison, take the iris who is fainted and returned to the room.

"Good work, master."

"I'm home, Kuon."

"Your master, who is that person?"

"She is this time's one of the intruders."

"What are you going to do, about her?"

"Let her sleep there, for the time being."

have Kuon carry her to the bed and check my smartphone. Points were over 600 points, I made a room for Lumidora-san as it is. Remaining 300 points and furthermore 200 points disappeared to make a ranch like a wide hall for nursery floor.
In the room of Lumidora-san, there is no bath but the bed and the desk are equipped
At the last 100 points I bought a little larger table and four chairs and the points become zero.

"But two of the orc knights to be killed."

"Well, if we kill that man, may have had about 500 points."

"Oh well, let's work hard for now on nursery."


Called by Kuon and headed to the bedroom, there was Iris who caught Kuon from behing and a small sword was placed around her neck and glaring at me.

(Translated by Novel 44 group)

"If you do not want to kill this child, get back!"

"Master, forget about Kuon!"

"oioi, you cannot see the thing around her neck? I do not think anything about a slave's death, but the moment you killed her, guess that all your living friends will die?"
I threaten Iris with murderous aura. I absolutely dislike to lose Kuon, but in this situation I thought that this was the best hand.

"No way..."



The moment by surprise loosing her strength, I called to Kuon and Kuon also responded to it and came to me.


"Are you all right?"


"Well then, you need a punishment." towards Iris

"Your master, Kuno may do it?"

"Can Kuon do?"


"Well then good, is not it?"

"Yes, I will do my best!"
Kuno ran to the iris and made her faint, tied her to the bed so that she could not move.
Licking the iris's chest and other place.

"Because, I remembered it from master."

"Ku~...What?... Eh? Kiyaa."

"how is it?"

"No, that... nn~..."

"Nn~... ha~... ha~..."
Kuon also turned on and starts comforting herself.

"Ha~ ha~a... It feels good..."

"Ah... nn~... hah~..."
I was excited when I was watching, so I took off my trousers and placed before Kuon.

"Your master?"

"let's go."

"Ha... it feels good... ...."

"Ah ... don't..."


"Master-sama... Kuon... cumming...."

"Cum Kuon!"


"Aa~ no good, cumming!"
Kuno and Iris are at the same time cum and I ended up cumming at the same time, pour the semen from the back of Kuon.


"Kuon, good work."

"I worked hard."

"Is iris fainted again?"

"It seems so."

Apologizing to Lumidora-san who can see a dragon from her back, Iris was brought to the prison by Kuon.
I kept on apologizing to Lumidora-san until Kuon returned.
Well, there is no regret because inside Kyon it is so pleasant!

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.

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I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power. Chapter 01

Here is the place called the Devil's Forest. Now in such a place.
A boy can be seen. That boy's name is Nakaide Ikuo.
He is a high school sophomore.

"Woah! Help me! I will be killed!"

what's going on! Why is this happening? That damn god.
What is useful?

By screaming that while running in the forest.
So, why was he running while screaming? It is because, he was chased by 3 goblins.

"Rather than that if I don't out run those goblins, I will die.... Uwaa."

"Gagua, ga!"

"Bad, they caught up with me... damn that God, atleast for reincarnation give a better enhanced body. There is no-change at all from before! The only difference is my hair color and the size of my penis become a little bif... Why? Normally, won't I get a holy sword or a cheat ability?
Besides, it is impossible for the incarnation destination to be in front of a goblin! "

That's right, Nakaide Ikuo is 140cm tall and looks did not change. The color of hair become red and don't know why his penis became big. But, this is the best weapon to live in this world for him, but at current situation it is not useful. This is the treasure that Nakaide Ikuo not noticed

"For the time being, it is impossible to defeat them, a hot-blooded guy might fight, but I cannot do it... Anyway I should escape from these goblins..."

I wonder if there is anything that can be used... anything!

Nakaide Ikuo looks around himself and in his own clothes pocket.

The birth guy looks around himself and his own clothes pocket
Then, a baseball ball, a stone were fallen down.
There was a smartphone, Nakaide Ikuo came up with a plan.
His hobby is seeing images of thunder at movie sites.
Where he likes the best favorite videos from the smartphone.
Put it on the screen and just need to press the playback button with max volume.

Alright preparations are complete. All that's left is to see if it will succeed...


The goblins attacked all at once.

"Now! Take this!"

Doggaan baribari!

Nakaide Ikuo pushes the play button of the smartphone to produce sound of thunder.
And threw the stone he had in his hand towards the goblin.

"Gyagyā! Gyagyā!"

Goblins do not know, what was happened?
They ran away.

"Fu~u! Somehow I managed to succeed?... For now,
Let's run away before they come back! "

Nakaide Ikuo  who ran away from that place. He wandered through the forest, without knowing how many hours he had walked, but finally found a river and took a break there.

"Let's rest here for a while... Is this water safe to drink?"

While worrying I drank a little. To my surprise it was really tasty and I drank a lot.

"Puha! Revived! Surprisingly tasty.
I wonder what I should do from now..."

Gasagasa, Gaza

At that time there was a noise from the forest, I looked back and there was...

"Did they caught up...? A~re... You are?"

It was a tall woman wearing a bikini armor.
The woman was full of scratches and fell in front of Nakaide Ikuo.

"Ano, are you okay?"

What's this? She is full of bruises, let's help her. Maybe she will help me later.

Thinking so, Nakaide Ikuo takes something like a lotus leaves from the forest. With them he brought water for her to drink. But, the get's spilled out of the mouth and had failed mony times.

"A~mo, Why does not it work well like in television. They show it easy, is it a lie? ... It cannot be helped, the remaining means is mouth-to-mouth! It cannot be helped! Yes, it cannot be helped!"

Something like an excuse Nakaide Ikuo murmured sevral times and has water in his mouth and with mouth-to-mouth let the woman drink water.

Uwa! It feels good! I have Punipni, but
It will be just a kiss as it is, after this I can pry open other's mouth with my mouth and pour water together with stretching my tongue. Done.
Further more other side also drinking!

"Puha! Haa haahn? She still won't open her eyes? Let her drink some more? "

After that, I let her drink water about three times, somehow the woman began to moanning.

"Nu~un, aa~n!"

"A~re? What's wrong? Suddenly sexy voices are coming out."

"...? ... Here, what is this? ...Uoha my body..."

"Ano~u... are you okay?"

"Who are you? What is this place... Uooh ah...
What on earth is happening to my body?"

"Ano, my name is Nakaide Ikuo. I by someone. When I was walking in this forest, I came here while resting you appeared with whole body of scratches. Since, you fainted I nursed you till now."

"I see, that's helpful, thank you. My name is Shakti an adventurer! Nakadeekuo, thanks for your help."

"No, thank you for the meal... I mean helpful.
Besides, my name is a Nakaide Ikuo."


"Nakaide Ikuo."


Well, Japanese is difficult to pronounce? But, why are we able to communicate?
May be there are things that can and cannot be translated? Anyway it can not be helped.

"Dee is good, please call me Dee from now."

"Oh, dee, thanks for that... And something... Some how my body burns when I see Dee? Do you know why?

Aching? Huh? why? No way... by mouth? No way?
There should have no such reason, but I heard that may turned on when kissed... A virgin like me have not experienced...

"You see, maybe... please do not get angry."

"Aa, I will not get angry."

"That's it, when I was nursing Shakti. I tried to give water to you to drink with a leaf, but it did not go well... I let you drink water with mouth transfer..."

"Eh? with mouth! Eh... but that alone..."

Shakti was thinking while turning her face red.

Is the thing that mouth-to-mouth means kissing? Kiss... my first kiss... But thanks to that, I was saved and it cannot be helped! Before that, is it really this sensation just by kissing? I need to make sure... It is not

"Ano, I want to confirm that this tingling is just by kissing?"

"Is that okay?"


"Well then, I will bring water again."

"Aa, the water is not needed, my stomach is already full. Just do it."

"Okay, then I will do the same as before."

By saying that, I hold Shakti's head and made a deeep kiss.

"U~un, n~uan! A~a~."

Just as I thought, turned on just by a kiss? I wonder if I am good.
Woah! It's amazing... It looks like my face is melting...

"Puhaa... How is it? Can understand without asking... But, with just a kiss? No way, is not it that... Just a kiss? ... No way!"

Dee noticed something and holds Shakti's blank head, opens her mouth and let her drinks his saliva. Then, Shakti's body twitched more and was gotten agitated.

After all with my saliva it became like this... No way, is my saliva have aphrodisiac effect? No way right.

"Nnn! Dee bad I am already... Ahhh!"

When Dee sees Shakti, from Shakti's Bikini Armor's crotch a transparent liquid is overflowing. Before knowing when she took off her bra and her big tits were exposed.

This is... Seriously! I can do it really.
Is it okay?

While Dee has been hesitating, Shakti pushed Dee down to the ground and started kissing and took off Dee's trousers and released his penis.

"Eh? Uwa... n! Nnn puha~ha, huh? It's really standing up! Even though I say it myself. My son has become much better! Perhaps from my arm position, it is close to 30cm in length? Huh? Could it go in? "

Shakti strandles Dee and takes off her panties and threw it down. As it is she puts her waist down on top of Dee's penis. Shakti even with distorted face she moves her hips up and down.

Dee who is under looks up to see big tits and grabs them with both hands. Then, he grab the nipples at the tip while kneading them and started attacking Shakti. Each time he did that Shakti is raising up lustful voices and while making sounds like jupajupa, she moves her hips.

"Ah! Shakti! I... I cannot..."

"A~an! Mouu~unu a~an!"

They both reached orgasm at the same time and breathed constantly Shakti as it is fell on top of Dee.

"Shakti! Woah! Dazzling!"

At that time the body of Shakti suddenly lighted up and disappeared.
And Shaktie woke up.

"What? ... Kyaa, what?"

Shaktie was surprised to herself by getting up.
Looked at my face and turned her face red.

"Hey... Do you remember, how did this happen?
Also would you mind moving..."

To that point Dee says Shakti turns her face red.
She began to put on her clothes by moving away from Dee and turns to Dee.

"I remember, yeah ... That me, I attacked Dee.
And crossed the line, right? ..."

Hmm? I wonder if it is better to keep silent about silent...

"I was attacked by Shakti, who was excited with a kiss.
Okay, I cannot become a son-in-law!"

"I... I will take responsibility, It was my first time.
For the first time, I have decided to give it to my husband!"

OK, I can manage to live somehow with this.

"More than that, why?"


"No, my injuries and magical power are recovered!"

Certainly, when I look closely, I can see Shakti's injuries already  healed. I do not know about magic power, but herself saying that might be. Surely, when it was finished doing , Shakti lighted up, maybe that time?

"Maybe my sperm may be involved.
Well, if to make sure, we have to do it again, right?"

"Eh? I see, then Dee's semen!
Well... let it be for later, for now..."

"Un, right, is it good now? Again."

As I say, Shakti makes her face red.


Thank you for reading.
Next time 18+

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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Kemono Musume to Itchabuchuchu! Hitasura panpan Koubiksu!

Flirting with beast girls! Doing nothing but copulation!

ALT:  Kemono Musume to Itchabuchuchu! Hitasura panpan Koubiksu!


I don't know what triggered it, but dimensional space of this world is distorted and connected to a country of beast-men. What on earth is going on? Answer: Flirting life with cute beast girls!


  1. Chapter 01 to Chapter 08 (OTL)


I Use Semen in Another World and Live by Relying on Other’s Power: Prologue

I am Nakaide Ikuo a high school sophomore. Right now I am being bullied by a daily routine. Why am I bullied? Why? It is just I being shorter than everyone.
I will never forgive these guys! Especially in our class, DQN(delinquent) Yamada Tatsuo and his lackey Oyama Mamoru.

The raw guy(nama otoko) took a counterattack to such two people, but his body was small, yet Yamada is big and used to quarreling.
It hurts, no matter what, raw guy was not the opponent of those two.

"Why are you bullying me? Please say, what did I do to you?"

When the boy yelled at those two, Yamada become furious and started beating further.

"Shut up! It is because I don't like you!"

"Pupu! That is! Yamada's favorite girl likes Ikuo-kun is what he heard from the rumors."

Oyama said such a thing, Yamada got a little impatient and hit him.

"Teme~ Koyama. Do not say anything unnecessary!"

As he said, turned his face and left from this place.

"Well I'll stop here for today! Tomorrow I will bully you again! "

Raw guy got a little rest on the spot and prepared to head home.

What is this? It just taking his anger out on me. But, who would like me? There is no one to remember. Who would Yamada like?

Raw guy walking while thinking, in the right park Yankees gathered and everyone was watching down.

"What are they watching? ... White? Red? Ah! That is a white cat! Because they hit it with the sticks in their hands, it is full of blood."

As Ikuo saw it, without thinking anything he tackled Yankees and took away the cat and ran.

"Tame! Return it! It is our prey! Konoyaro! "

Ikuo embraces the cat while protecting it, he runs away from the park
At that time, because of darkness he without seeing miss stepped on the stairs and as it is, fallen and fainted.

"Oi! Human child wake up!"

"Who? I am still sleepy! After 5 minutes..."

"Hey! Wake up!"

"Eh, Who? where is here?"

When the raw man woke up there was a pure white room,
Raw guy who is puzzled by the space, where the size and the height are unknown.

"Where is here? ...Before that, whose voice is earlier?"

"That is mine!"

"What? Again I can hear, from where?"

Even though the raw man looked around, but there was no one, it got him further confused.

"I am saying here, look down!"

When the raw man looks down as he was told, there is a visual perception.
There was a pet cat.

"Oh, cat you were safe! thank goodness."

"So, it is I talking to you from a little while ago!"

"What? The cat spoke! Lie!......"

"There is no choice."

The cat who helped by me, suddenly began to talk,
Said that it is God.

"I understand! I understand somehow! So that god.
Why were you beaten by Yankees on the ground? "

"Oh yeah, I have descended to the Earth after a long time. I possessed this cat and take a walk aroubd the park. I saw them eating Ice cream, so I called out to them to give me some of it. Then they suddenly started beating me while screaming I am a monster. Then you saved me."
"Oh yeah, I tried descending to the ground world after a long time

Anyone would be surprised! when a cat suddenly spoke.
Well, I understand why.

"I see, that is your fault. If a cat suddenly starts talking, it is natural to be surprised!... So, get me back to where I am. If I don't go back, my parents will be worried."

"Oh, I did not say that yet! You are already dead! So, you cannot go back to the original place."

"What? What are you talking about? I am dead, ha ha?
You must be kidding? "

"No, in fact, fall down from the stone staircase and hit your head.
You already dead... But, do not worry, I will give a helping hand, am I not?"

"Will you let me revive, then please!"

"I see, I know, then let's go!... Haa!"

Suddenly the cat shone and wrapped up the raw man with light.

"Can I go back with this?"

"What are you saying? I said you cannot return to the original place.
The place you go from now is a different world!"

"What? Another World? Why is that place?"

"That's why I told you you cannot return to the original place, but to a different world.
You can go? Did not I mention it? "

"You have not told me, hurry up and stop it!

"No, it's impossible! It has already been activated, so cannot stop. But, be relieved, I put something very useful. So, live happily with it. "

"Wait a moment! How to do with just that explanation..."

The white light went out and there was only a white cat on the spot.

Oh, it was good that succeeded, sometimes it will fail at random.


Thank you for reading.
Next time 18+

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I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power.

I Use Semen in Another World and Live by Relying on Other's Power. [R18]

Author: Ura-Okina

Nakaide Ikuo “naka de iku o” after been bullied at school. He is on his way to home. Where he helped a white cat from Yankees, which was being beaten by them. While running from them, he slipped on a stone stairs and fainted. The cat turned out to be a God.

When I woke up, in a white room there was the white cat that helped by me a little while ago and said that she was a god and I will be incarnated in another world as thanks for helping it. Wonderful cheat ability at the same time? It seems to say that the ability that gave me is to work hard with semen.


  1. Prologue
  2. Chapter 01
  3. Chapter 02

Friday, 21 April 2017


Different World Dungeon Life Chapter 06

"Excuse me"

"That's Kuon-san is pretty, but you two enter into your own world and also show that to me. What kind of torture is it? "

"I am truly sorry."

Now I am apologizing to Lumidora-san with full power, for some reason
When I wake up after the incident with Kuon, Lumidora-san was sitting at the corner of the room.
When I asked her, if something happened? Even with Lumidora-san present, It seems for 3days against Tia and Kuon having fierce battle was the cause.
I am a girl too! I was in trouble when she said that.

"Rather Kyosuke-sama!"

Listening to complaints from Lumidora-san regularly, when looking at the bed, Kuon was still sleeping.

"Are you listening properly!"

"of course!"
I feel like being preached for about an hour. My legs also became numb.

"Haa~ I hope you understand. I am sorry for a long time."

"No, I am also sorry."


Because of numbness in my legs, when I got up, I lost my balance and pushed down Lumidora-san.
Furthermore, my right hand grips her chest and I massaged with Funyafunya.
My face is in front of Lumidora-san's face and was kissing.

"Ah! I'm sorry..."

"Ki~ya~a nffu~u."
Lumidora-san about to scream, so I hurriedly closed her lips. Of course with my lips, with the service to put the tongue further in her mouth. It is so called deep kiss.



"I want to make you mine."


"Is it good?"

"Please donot ask me..."
When I bring my face closer to Lumidora again, a voice is heard from behind.


In a hurry seperated from each other and sit down in seiza.

"Oh, Good morning"

"Good morning Kuon, did you sleep well?"

"Fu~ hai."

"Both of you, why do not take a bath? Because the smell of yesterday still remains."

"that's right, Kuon should we take a bath together?"

In this way I took Kuon into the bath, We wash each other's body and sorc in the hot water.


"I feel good!"

"Oh, the tail of Kuon's also is cute."


"Did it hurt?"

"Ano, it's opposite, it felt good."

I heard a good thing, let's attack the tail next time by taking time.
Thinking so, I got up from the bath and return to the room.


"Hi ~ya~i!"
I do not know what she was doing, but Lumidora voice was little...

"I request Current status report."

"Yes, there are five goblins, six orcs and four orc nights."

"Really reproductivity is high and also in a day they grown to adults."

"For these two races it is their selling point more than their strength."
I feel fear in the high reproductive rate of goblins and orcs and their high growth speed.
It would be something like G...(G= cockroach)

It seems that the points did not increase.

"Because the two adventurer groups were annihilated, this dungeon is likely to be targeted as well."

"Well, this dungeon is likely to be recognized soon."

"The information of adventurers is also wanted."

"Your master, should I look it up in the city?"

"Can you do it?"

"Maybe, it's okay..."
I certainly want information, but considering the risk that Kuon will not come back by any chance.
Come to think of that, it was only minus.

"No, Kuon is more important, I want Kuon stay here."

I patted Kuon's head and I started thinking about the next plan.

"Then, how about using a familiar such as a birds?"

"Oh, that's good as well."

"Then, what shall I summon?"

"Oh, but I do not have any points?"

"Well, this time it's just a service from me."


"Instead, next time do it properly."
Lumidora moves next to me, whispers in my ear.

"So, what do you want?"

"Well, what will you recommend?"

"If it's only for daytime pigeons and sparrows. And at night owls would be fine."

"Ah ~ In the daytime it is an inconspicuous bird. And at night it is a bird that looks good at night."


"Well then, I'd like a sparrow."

Summoned by Lumidora and a sparrow appears.

"Okay, you go to the town to explore the trends of adventurers."

By uttering a single sparrow fluttered away.

"You can watch the live video at once, what do you do?"

"That's right, Kuon prepare meal, I will be watching sparrow's information."

Operate the smartphone, through the sparrow's eyes, I can confirmed with sparrow vision.
At the place just out of the dungeon, I can see the trees of the forest with floating feeling.

"He~e~  That's how it seen?"

"It is hard to see a little, is not it?"

"Because the screen is small."

"I can prepare a slightly bigger screen too?"

"Is that so?"

"Yes, need points, but please leave it to me!"

"Oh, I will ask you next time."
When I check the screen again, I can see five adventurers in the forest at the edge of the sparrow's field of vision.
Immediately I instructed the sparrow and let it land on a tree near the adventurers.
A young adventurer party that is not well equipped, was resting in the forest.
Two of five people are girls, one is most likely an elf.

"I have seen the elf for the first time."

"I heard that number of adventurers are relatively larger than elves."

"He~e~  even then, they often do come..."

"It seems to be able to get points today, is not it?"

"Is this dungeon known to the city already?"

"I do not think so, but..."
When I am worrying about, what to do with these adventurers? I hear the voice of Kuon.

"I prepared the meals~."

"For the time being, let's think about it after the meal."

"I agree"
Three of us surround the table and taste the dishes that Kuon made.

"Yeah, Kuon cooking is delicious."

"I totally agree."

"Thank you."
When I check the screen of the smartphone while eating, the previous adventurers have come near by.

"Are they heading towards here?"

"No, I think probably, they are looking into this area."

"I see, let's make points by fishing with a goblin."

"I see."
We will lure the adventurers with one goblin as a bait on purpose and bring them into the dungeon.

"It was funny, they were lured easily."

"I agree."

"What happened?"

"Kuon do not have to worry about, I ask for soup seconds."

For starters goblin will lure them to a dead end and there Orc knight and I close off the exit is the strategy.

"Wait, you goblin!"

"Takkun, you are getting ahead of us~."

"Totally, don't cause us trouble."
Following the goblin, go down the road, get to the dead end room.

"I finally caught up, die!"

By cornering the goblin cut it and cut out the subjugation proof parts.

"Yoshi, this is todays good hunt."

"Takkun, you are too obsessed with single goblin~."

"Brother, please think about everyone."

"Oh~ my bad."

"Well it's Takkun for you."

"That's right."

"Ah~ sorry but, this is my dungeon, so I will have you dead."
Just as I planned, after luring them to a dead end. I closed the exit.


"The exit is closed!"


"We will deal with them and return to the city!"

4 orc knights and I come forward to face them. It is first real war, but there is Tia's protection, I just do not feel like losing!
First I cut a man who is a wizard and knocked out a girl to unconscious.



"Remaining 3 people."
When turned backwards, orc Knight keeps in control the rest of the two and the last one killed 2 orc Knights and remaining 1 orc knight is fighting.

"He~e~  stronger than orc knight?"

"You, I will never forgive you!"
By avoiding the attacks of young man, I put my leg to make him fall and cut his legs.
Avoid attacks of young people who come up, hang their legs, roll them and cut their feet





"You too are noisy."
I cut off the neck of a man whose orc knight is holding.
The neck separates from the torso and falls to the floor with a 'gototo' sound.


"Raisu! Youu~."

"Noisy, you cannot even walk with those legs."

Put the sword on the leg of the fallen young man.

"Oh no, please, please help."


"Please, like this Takkun will..."

"No, I have no other choice but his death."

"I will do anything!"

"He~e~ Anything?"

"Hah hai!"(yes)
I head towards the girl who is slowly falling down.



I approached the iris silently and torn her clothes.


"Anything is okay?"

"Ah, noooo!"

"Stop it!"
Two people screamed in the dungeon.

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.

Next time 18+

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Thursday, 20 April 2017


Different World Dungeon Life Chapter 05 [18+]

Thanks to the Kuon, who stood at the brunt end of the intruders this time and attracted the enemy's attention.
I stroked her head as a reward.


"Good work, that was a wonderful response in unfavorable situation."

"Thank you Lumidora-san, what has become of the damage here?"

"Hai[Yes], three goblins and five orcs are remaining."

"Was more than half have been killed?"

"It seems, it was unexpected that number of orcs were reduced to this point."

"My points..."

"That's right, how about converting intruders equipment to the points?"

"Is it possible to do that?"

"Yes, I will exchange it here."

"Ah! Master-sama."

"What? What's wrong Kuon?"

"I also want to be useful."

"You are cooking. So you are plenty useful."

"Well, I'd like to be useful in battle!"

"I see."
Truely, that Kuon who can use magic will fight together with me, surely would be helpful. 

"Was there any magician's among previous intruders?"

"Although there was, I do not see any equipment which would fit Kuon-san."

"Is that so?"

"Yes, from what I see, Kuon-san is not a magician, but a magical swordsman."

"Is that so?"

"I can use magic, but I also learned sword in the village~."

"Well then, let's convert their equipments to points and buy Kuon's equipment with that."


"First of all, what shall we do with those corpses...?"

"Let's bring them to a vacant room and use as a demons feed."

"Ah~, that's good."
I ordered orcs and goblins to carry the corpses of adventurers to a vacant room. Leaving only equipment.

"Hey, by looks they are good equipment, is not it?"

"Well, but they are a bit bigger for Kuon-san to equip and Kyosuke-sama already have new ones."

"That's right, then please exchange for point."
By exchanging 5 intruders and their equipments to points, it become 2,800 points.

"2,800 is much less than last time."

"Last time's 2,000 points out of 4,000 points are Tia-sama's service."

"What? Was not there no point?"

"By saying she wants to take a bath and payed for the bath's points."
"Tell me that you want to take a bath and spend your own bath with yourself"

"Oh, I see..."
That bath was built in order to Tia and I enter bath together when she comes here.
I confirmed the smartphone and searched for the Kuon's equipment. After seeing various equipment result I bought a Kodachi which even Kuon can handle with single hand and Miko(shrine maiden) clothes for 1,500 points and handed it over to Kuon.

"Thank you!"
As it is Kuon enter the bath. I wait for her to change clothes and come out. They shuold definitely look good on her.

"Kyosuke-sama, your face looks malicious."

"Hahaha, it's just your imagination."
Kuon changes into a Miko-Fuku(shrine maiden clothes), the figure of her put Kodachi(a sword little bigger than a knife and smaller than a short sword) was stabbed behind her waist clothes. Runs out from the dressing room.
Which caught my eyes, I stroked her head again.

"Kuon you are cute."

"Thank you."
Yeah, Even though expensive Miko clothes were right decision, fox child goes with Miko clothes.
Looking at happily moving ears and tail of Kuon, I relax by stroking them.


"Eh! Yes"
Suddenly called by the Lumidora-san, I was surprised and replied.

"That's right, let's increase demons."

"I understand, the demons that can be summoned at 1000 points would be here."

Demons and animals that have never been heard. Superior species of goblins and orcs. There are various types of demons are present which make me confused.

"Is the upper species of this Orc also like an Orc reproductive ability?"

"Yes, children born will also be of the same upper species."

"I see, then summon 2 of them."

By the hands of Lumidora 2 orc knights are summoned immediately.

"Yoshi, you will handle the intruders separately at the entrance and middle of the dungeon."
Orc Knights nod their heads and left to take their positions. It will be good if the defense is hardened a little by this.
But, again the points become zero.
Present situation, this dungeon is a single layer with a room at the end of a simple maze and the back room is this room.

"I want to increase another floor soon... Also a room for Lumidora-san and Kuon's room too."

"I agree, I am worried if this floor has only this room. It would be helpful if I get a separate room."

"Kuon will protect master! I do not need a room. Kuon is better to sleep with the master..."
Miko-fuku(Fuku= clothes) Kuon is too cute. Hugging and carried her to the bed.

"Kuon, if you do not want it, say it."

"If it's master, I am fine."

"That ~ I am also there~."

"I see, I will make it as gentle as possible."

On top of bed, I took off Kuon's Miko-fuku (shrine maiden's clothes) and look at her beautiful body.

"Kuon, cute."

"I am embarrassed."


I kiss Kuon and proceed to her chest.

"Iyaa, it is embarrassing, because I am small."
Without saying anything, I put Kuon's chest in my mouth and roll her nipple.

"Ahh, master."
With Kuon's cute panting voice, I move down to kiss her important part.

"Hii~ya! Master not that place, it is dirty."

"It's all right, Kuon's that place is not dirty."

"No... no way, a tongue has entered!"
"Sorrowfully, a tongue has entered!"
When I lick Kuon's that place, Kuon holds my head while panting.

"Kuon [lick], it is tasty."

"Master, master's tongue feels good."
After licking Kuon' that place and raised my head to see her face. Kuon looks at me with lustful eyes.

"Master, I cannot take it."

"Kuon, here I come."

While listening to Kuon's muzzled voice, I advance my waist little by little.


"Kuon, I will put all."

"Ann fu~aa...!!"
My thing reaches Kuon's most deepest part and everything is swallowed by her.

"Haa~, Kuon all of it entered."

"Ha~a ha~a,I understand that you have."

"are you okay?"

"Yes master, please do not hold back and please feel comfortable with Kuon's..."
With the words of Kuon, I could not hold back any longer.

"Ann! Ku~u aa!"

"Kuon, I am cumming!"

On Kuon's deepest part and pour semen into uterus.

"Ahh, master's warmth goes inside."

After releasing everything inside Kuon. I collapse next to Kuon.

"Master, did Kuon done well?"

"Ah, you did well."

By holding Kuon as it is, we slept.

"I am saying, I am there too!"
Leave only the sad cry of Lumidora-san.
Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again.
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