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APS 02

Artifact planting space Chapter: 002


The atmosphere some inexplicable embarrassing.

"Actually she was saying that Ye brother entangled her!!!" Ye Qianqian biting her thin lips and her little face appeared wroth.

Ye Tian who recovered from shock and looked at the white girl and then a touch of a smile on his face revealing neat white teeth: "Lei Ruoxi, I think you made the wrong assumption! When did I entangled you? When did we became so close?"

Ye Qianqian angrily followed by opened:" Miss Lei, you should mind your words, my brother such a good person, when did Ye brother entangled you. Was not you that everyday stick to my brother?"

"You..." white girl did not expect that kind of answer from Ye Tian followed by Ye Qianqian, she stompped her leg and said: "I said serious, I am joking with you!!!"

"I do not joke with you, Lei Ruoxi!" Ye Tian eyes became serious color: "If you hate me, I can immediately disappear in front of you, as you said the so called entanglement. To begin with we are not close, it was you who came to me. I think you do not be have to be sentimental."

Chi Chi~ ~ ~!

Listen to the words of Ye Tian, Ye Qianqian hide her mouth with her hands and laughing.

Ye Tian of this sentence really despicable, but she likes!

"You..." White girl embarrassed and her face became red, in the crazy stare at the Ye Tain after she said angrily: "You... you really do not have a little like me?

These words out, she actually regretted some, according to the reason this should be Ye Tian of the lines ah! How all of a sudden from her mouth to say it!


"Not at all!"

Ye Tian do not want to go back on his words.

In the town of Lava, he grew up to know Lei Ruoxi, know her character, basically her father Lei Tianbao is a very powerful, she became an arrogant girl, she is most like to look high of herself to belittle others.

This is her character but the most annoying character, how he will like her.

If not Lei family and Ye family in the Lava town, have many exchanges between businesses, mutual needs to help each other, he will not play with Lei Ruoxi together.

"You are saying lies, I do not believe you did not like me at all!"

Looking at the eyes of the clear eyes without a trace of panic and sadness of Ye Tian. His eyes are just calm and calm. Lei Ruoxi is beginning to flustered.

She originally thought not to embarrass Ye Tian when separated their ways. And now it seems that she is really passionate.

Ye Tian seems that he did not like her at all.

Ye Qianqian eyes see Lei Ruoxi face is ugly, and even reach out and pulled the Ye Tian's arm, softly said: "Brother! We go! Do not stay here."


Ye Tian nodded, picked up the fishing rod and the bamboo basket.

Was about to leave with Ye Qianqian, Lei Ruoxi stopped him: "Wait a minute, Ye Tian! I do not care if you like me or not, it is past. After a few days later, you and I will no longer of a world of people. If you do not want to be mediocre over a lifetime, practice a lot! So that you have the ability to enter the [Mo Academy], you will know how much you said today is ridiculous, you will regret for not liking me."

Originally this ugly words she do not want to say, but if she cannot find a sense of superiority in front of Ye Tian, Lei Ruoxi mind some cannot reconciled, so regardless of the consequences she said it out.

"You want me to regret because of you, regret because I did not like you... let's meet at [Mo Academy] to see it!

Ye Tian has a calm and handsome face with a smile, but he from Lei Ruoxi's words found few clues, certainly with the awakening of talent.

And he dares to determine, Lei Ruo Xi talent awakening level is definitely higher than him.


With Lei Ruoxi character, will not tell him so ugly words.

Just... This time in the [Mo Academy] talent identification, he awakened in the end what is the field?

With the meaningful look at Lei Ruoxi, he with Ye Qianqian turned down the second floor.

"I'm angry!"

"Damn, why! Why would it be this break up, obviously Ye Tian should be angry! But why I was angry? Still not willing?"

"Well, wait until the teacher of the Mo Academy announce the your talent. Then you will ask me for you, and you will know how ridiculous you are today!

Looking at the disappearance of Ye Tian, Lei Ruoxi teeth straight stomping her feet, her face with anger, unwilling, jealousy...

However, in her heart, she was aware of, do not know why? There is a little bit like Ye Tian...


Back to the Ye family.

Ye Tian found.

Followed by Ye Qianqian little face always with a sweet smile.

Out of curiosity, he could not help but asked: "My sister, is it because I was dumped by Lei Ruoxi, you look are very happy?

"No!" Ye Qianqian shook her head: "brother! I am smiling because of the thought of Lei Ruoxi hear you do not like her, that pair of her eyes of the expression of death, it is more than Jun Jun.

"Oh...hahaha" Ye Tian laughed: "Do not mention Lei Ruoxi, she has become a past tense, in order to be able to enter the [Mo Academy] we need to learn more knowledge, we should still practice good, to enhance our own strength so that she cannot look down on us.

[Mo Academy], is a talented talent to enter a Academy for talent.

There, not only have a variety of fields of the teachers, but also can contact the origin of the mainland tens of thousands of years to save the comprehension of knowledge, for the future to go on the road covered with the most solid foundation.

"Can I get into the Mo Academy?"

Ye Qianqian blinked, and some could not believe Ye Tian to hear.

Although she succeeded in awakening her field, but to the [Mo Academy] is not so simple, one of the high tuition fees are not ordinary people can afford the burden.

And tuition is not the origin of the mainland currency, but the Lingshi.

"I said can be able to!" Ye Tian stretched out his hand shot Ye Qianqian's fragrant shoulder: "Well, do not tell you more, I went to practicing martial arts practice, and I still have not figured out my field What type it is!"

"What kind of urgent ah! Brother!" Ye Qianqian even said: "With your congenital condition of qualifications, talent awakening the field will be bad?

"It is hard to say!" Ye Tian face slightly wrinkled: "Your talent awakening of the field, although the currently cannot see what type, but it can make withered flowers and trees to reproduce the vitality, if no accident, Rare talent is not run, but mine..."

Speaking of this, Ye Tian could not help shaking his head: "My field, in the pubic region is a few kilometers of chaotic fuzzy space, which in addition to the black soil, what valuable information are not enlightened, I was thinking that my talent awakened The field may be a waste, it is just a piece of land can only grow vegetables.

Puff bared.

Ye Qianqian grinned: "Brother! You do not tease me, in the origin of the mainland, I never heard that the strong awakened out of the field is kind to grow vegetables. Do not think so much and so on! And everything will only be announced, maybe the time brother of your talent is the legendary Myth class talent!"

"is it possible?"

Ye Tian waved his hand, thoughtfully went straight to the martial arts field.

If it were not for today's Lei Ruoxi's words, he would not be so anxious because he was very confident in his talent.

"But if my talent awakened the field, really can only grow vegetables how to do?"

"That I should have tried!"

Walking on the road Ye Tian, suddenly plucked out of the road a weed, readily thrown into the pubic region at the chaos black space.

He wanted to see, after transplanting in, will not be a surprise.

While in the next second.

So that his stunning scene took place.

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Let's meet again.


Different World Dungeon Life Chapter: 24


I passed the plate to Karen and again looked at Karen.
Kuon's clothes are little short for her and her navel is visible.
With no weapons in hand, she cannot defeat even a goblin as it is...

"Well then, before we go out to the forest, we should buy some weapons and armor."

"That's right, my clothes length is not enough for for her as it is."

"Money is okay, we have reward money for hunting the general yesterday and it will be enough. Ellis, please guide us."


"Eh? I am OK like this!"

"No, it is dangerous without proper equipment, I also nearly died before..."

"Even Kyosuke-san, are you?"

"Even I am not strong from the beginning, maybe it is painful for Karen but you must do your best and defeat monsters to become stronger."

"I understand!"

"Well then, I will show you the way, please follow me."

With Ellis as a guide, we went towards a location a little off the main street in the town. It is a small weapon shop, it looks too tattered will it be safe?... Ellis first opens the door and enters inside, we followed behind and went inside.


"Oh, welcome."

"Long time no see."

"Chit, Ellis-ka? ..."

"Long time no see, Godi-san."

"Iris, long time no see, what's wrong with Taku?"


"I see, it will be lonely even when such a guy is gone... So then what are these guys?"

"They are the ones who saved me and Ellis, Kyosuke-san and Kuon-san."

"Hmm, they have good eyes, let me see your weapons a little."

Abruptly talked towards me and I handed over my sword. Looking at my sword Godi-san's eyes became steep.
Quietly put the sword back into the sheath.

"Your sword is crying..."

"My sword?"

"You have not learned how to handle the sword, are not you?"


"Your sword has a strange power hanging way, I do not know at first glance but there is a distortion was made on it."


"Not just real warfare, you also need to do a bit more training."


"Oops my talk diverted, so what's the matter with you today?"

"I'd like to ask for the equipment to this girl."



Godi-san looks at the whole body of the Karen, it is not a perverted eyes, but a serious one.

"Wait a moment."

"Ah yes..."

By saying that, Godi-san disappeared back into the shop.

"Even such a person, but his arms are certain."

"That's right, just by looking at my sword, he could tell that I'm an amateur..."

"I kept you waiting, Try this."

Godi-san who came from the back is holding a spear.
Karen received that spear and swung or poked it lightly.
It's smoother movement than I expected.

"Hou~, you are not an amateur."

"What? I have practiced Naginata before."

"I have never heard of it before, but good moves."

"Thank you."

It should be a smooth movement as if it were a Naginata, because it is a martial art for a non-powerful woman to begin with.
It seems there is no need for much strength.

"Clothes... That's right, should they be look like you wear now?"


Godi-san returned to the back again and brought a white practice wear and a black hakama skirt.
Kuon's Hakama is red, so it became different color.
And then the weapon spear shape close to Naginata, I will call it Naginata because I do not know the difference between them.
Then, to move easily leather boots are bought.

"How much is it?"

"Well, it's OK with all 2 gold coins as a whole set."

"It is 2 gold coins."

I still do not know whether 2 gold coins are expensive or cheap, but with the money I got yesterday.
I decided not to mind so much as I can pay, is it really a painful expense when I consider one oak general one gold coin?
I made five gold coins at the point when I left the dungeon
I still have gold coins, but in the future it seems better to be careful in spending.

"Every time, if you find something bring it and if that sword became useless I have something good to sell."

"At that time, I will leave it to you."

"Thank you very much."

We left Godi-san's shop and head towards the gate on the forest side, few soldiers are standing there.
We showed our guild plates and went out through the gate.
We look for the monsters on the side so that we will not go too deep into the forest.

"How is it, Ellis?"

"Right side, 4 Goblins!"

"Iris, use clay bind! We will do the remaining three!"


Karen cannot keep up with our movements and was a little distressed.
Ellis's arrow beside me run through the goblin.
As soon as the goblins noticed us they took weapons.
The arrow of Ellis penetrates the forehead of a goblin and I and Kuon slash the left and right goblins.
And the last one was restrained by Iris Clay Bind.

"Can you do it Karen?"

"Ah... yes..."

"Please do your best!"

By answering my question and was cheered by Kuon by pushing her back, Karen moves forward towards the goblin.


With a shout she shakes Naginata and cuts the goblin, but Lv is low and there is not much power in the swing.
Karen's Naginata cannot kill the goblin, the goblins screams and starts to struggle.


"Do not run away!"

"Ah... Uwa~..."

Karen sits down as it is by shivering, she is just a normal girl in Japan until recently. It might be painful to let such a girl do such a thing.
But, if she do not overcome this, she will never be able to become strong

"Ha~a ha~a ha~a..."

"Can you do it?"


She emptied things in her stomach and resolved her-self and changed her face with resolve.
She holds Naginata again.


Naginata swung through without hesitation dropped the neck of the goblin.
Goblins will fade away as light.

"You did it well..."



When we got closer and called out, she must have relaxed, Karen fainted and lost her consciousness.
I hold her and let her rest for a while.

"She must have been overwhelmed?"

"Well, whether it is a monster or a man, you have to be resolved for the first time to kill. She got over it, so it'll be fine." (TL: Not in real life. Don't take it seriously.)

"Yeah right..."

"But Kyosuke-san is kind, if Karen-san do not overcome this now... If she was not prepared to face a stronger enemy... Karen-san will die... Even in the town, if those guys at that time are aiming for Karen-san, if we were there it will be fine, but if not..."

"I have not thought that far, I just try to make it convenient for me."


(Karen POV)

When I came to, I listened to everyone's conversation, to be honest I thought that if I have to do this, I could just live in the town.
But Kyosuke-san denied it...
But I think that Kyosuke-san has his own thinking...
When Kuon-san inquires about it, he looked a little embarrassed while denying it.
If you really plan on using me, you should have more cold eyes.
There is kindness in the back of that person, though he could have done something while I was asleep.
He never touched me not even once, when I am changing clothes he goes outside.

"Thank you, I am sorry for inconvenience..."

"Karen-san, are you OK?"

"Yes, I am fine."

"Oh, well do not push yourself."


I stand up and dust off the sand on my clothes, the pace of walking is so slow than when we came until here. I followed him who has been walking ahead of me. What ever he says, he was worried about me.
The speed of walking slowed down, and he chose a relatively easy way to walk.
As I thought he is a good person ...

Thank you for staying with us this time too.

Let's meet again. 


Isekai Cheat v3 c01

Isekai Cheat Volume 3 Chapter 01: Legendary Mythology Forest

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇
A month and few days passed since the Great Invasion and I spent same everyday life as usual.

And then I thought.

"That's right, let's go to the Mythology Forest"

So, I came to the residence of Frontier house and decided to greet Henkyou Haku.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇
"Are you stupid? You will die."

"No, I will not die."

Apparently going into Mythology forest is suicidal thing and I was stopped.

Well, I ignored it anyway.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

I am currently in front of the Mythology forest now.

"Here is the place, If I am right there must be Shen Long. Also Wan Wan."

I started walking towards the Mythology Forest.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

After about a minute since I started walking.


There was a goblin. Moreover, it looks different from other goblins.
When I looked at it turned out to be a surprising thing.

Mythology goblin

Lv: 288

Rank: SSS +

Yup. This is impossible. Probably you know. I can conquer the world alone with this one alone.


Uwa~, it suddenly starts to cut me!


I punched it without thinking anything. Aa~re? It is not moving. Did it die?

Tsuntsun.(Poked it)

It's dead. Somehow sorry.

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Let's meet again.


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Artifact planting space

Artifact planting space

ALT Title: 神器种植空间

Author: 缠绕在指尖的灵感

Description: Ye Tian is known as a genius through out Lava Town. He opened his public region sea at the age of 10yrs in history can be said  first genius. Later in Mo Academy his awakened talent is just a most waste field [Black Soil space Field].

But he found that his black space is not simple: Anything from Dans to artifacts, he just need to plant in the black soil on the line, and he get more than a dozen pieces of same Dan or Artifact with an upgrade as fruits....

  1. Chapter 001
  2. Chapter 002
  3. Chapter 003

APS 01

Artifact planting space Chapter: 001

"Daddy, what did you say? Ye Tian after his talent break through the shackles, he awakened is just an ordinary field, not a rare... or a god-class field?

[Name: Elegant restaurant] On the second floor of the window side a delicate white girl, surprised by the news she shouted out, with a face full of shocked color.

In her view

Ye Tian of luck is really too bad, right?

"Hush... What do you want to do? Do you want the whole Lava town people to hear this?"

A middle-aged man in purple robe said to the white girl quickly and carefully looking around. Seeing there is no one on this 2nd floor except for only them father and daughter was a little relieved.

In a low tone: "Your brother in the [Mo Academy] brought back the latest news, absolutely cannot be wrong. Once the famous talented genius Ye Tian, I am afraid he will become the Lava towns biggest joke."

White girl face exposed a look of regret: "That... father! Should I stop my contacts with Ye Tian?"

"Of course, you should stop immediately!" Purple robed middle-aged man said with upset: "Ye Tian's talent after the awakening, the five elements of the stone identification crystal confirmed that it is a waste field [black space field], do you expect anything from such a person in his lifetime?"

"This is also true! I do not want such a mediocre waste for a lifetime."

White girl shallow drink the tea and her eyebrows were wrinkled up after that she was silent.

This world is for the Talent, the strong is respected by the origin of the mainland world. Refers to the birth of a special instinct, such as different from the speed of ordinary people, strength, agility, space, time, spiritual power, etc. Wait...

Before awakening talent is just a vague prototype, it do not represent the what field can be awakened. So, it is generally difficult to see good or bad.

Awakened field also needs to be identified through special means, such as the power of the origin of the five elements of stone, in order to stimulate the body of the field shape.

Few days ago, Ye Tian, ​​Ye Qianqian, Zhou Ziqiang, and her more than a dozen talented people opened their talent. That is in the [Mo Academy] through the five elements of stone crystal, to identify the domain after the awakening of talent attributes.

However, in order to protect the talented geniuses of the security. The academy did not let them to publish the results to the public.

The students need to wait for the teacher to come to the Lava town. In accordance with their respective areas of good faith, will reveal the answer.

Ye Tian of the identification of the results, her father will know in advance, it is because her brother Lei Ruojun in the [Mo Academy] is responsible for the identification of the five elements of stone crystal.

Told her in advance, the purpose has been very obvious, that is to separate her with Ye Tian and close her relation to other talent awakening high talented genius.

Such as……

Through marriage.

For his Lei family status.

Not only in the lava town even the whole city of Mo his Lei family position will become invincible.

Talent levels starts from ordinary, advanced, rare, God and the legendary Myth level. These 5 levels represents the Talent.

Under normal circumstances, the probability of having a natural talent is very low, only 1/10000th of less than the same.

And once the talent, as long as hard to break through the shackles of their own practice they could awaken exclusive fields, they will definitely have a chance to become peerless strong.

Ye Tian.

At 10yrs old he opened the pubic region sea, a genius of the genius in a embryonic form. Which is not only in the Lava town, but from the ancient times can be known as the first peerless genius!

As long as his talent before the awakening field does not fall, one hundred percent will become strong.

However, who would have thought that the good fortune and Ye Tian of talent, after awakening turned out to be an ordinary [black soil space field].

Black soil space field.

In the origin of the mainland belongs to the field of defense assistance type, to attack no attack, it has the strength of no power, it is a garbage field in all the awakening of all the garbage fields.

Even if hard practice, I am afraid that it can only become a sand bag to be beaten by the strong type fields.

This is not she want to see!

Nor is it the pursuit of the future of her partner!

"Well! Dad!" Thought so far white girl, suddenly recovered to the curious look to the opposite of the purple robe middle-aged man: "This time from the town of lava attended [Mo Academy's] identification of talent. Out of us sixteen practitioner geniuses who is the best talent?

"Haha ... I know you would ask!" Purple robed middle-aged man happily smiled by revealing his yellow teeth: "In addition to Ye Tian is an ordinary talent, there are thirteen is the ordinary talent, but Zhou Ziqiang from Zhou is a high-level talent, he awakened the flame field.

"What about me?"

White girl asked.

"Zijin!" Purple robe middle-aged man drank a tea, only slowly opening: "You awakened the talent of the rare fencing field, but Ye family picked up the girl named Ye Qianqian talent awakened was a rare field."

"Ye Qianqian... she is also a rare field... what kind of rare field?

White girl asked very curious, while her heart has a trace of jealousy.

Ye Qianqian was abandoned when she was a baby, she looks beautiful without saying, if she has a rare talent is not it a little too unfair.

Purple robed middle-aged man said with a low voice: "Ye Qianqian's field is more powerful than you, is the field of life. But for the auxiliary type of field it can be classified as a God-class talent."

"Is not it?"

White girl dumbfounded.

If he said Ye Tian had a God-class talent, she would not be too surprised. After all, Ye Tian can be said first genius, but Ye Qianqian that a weak looking girl have God-class talent... which is really too surprising.

Purple robed middle-aged man said: "This is what you called impossible. Ok! No other things father first go, I have to prepare items for youto admit into [Mo Academy]. Also remember, next time you meet Ye Tian tell him directly that you will not entangled in the future.

"I will, father!" White girl's eyes showing a trace of firm: "Just big brother said that Ye Tian's of the talent awakening is just an ordinary [black space field]?

If you made a mistake, she may have missed a masterpiece!

"You kid, how will your big brother joke about your happiness?"

Purple robe middle-aged man snappily said.

Five elements are rare fifth-order mystery, under normal circumstances, God-level talent below 100% can be identified, unless the legendary Myth talent, will not be identified.

However, the Myth level of talent in the origin of the mainland tens of thousands of years did not appear one, so back to step said Ye Tian cannot be Myth level talent.


White girl ridicule, but the heart is a trace of inexplicable uneasiness, in order not to let purple robe middle-aged man to see clues, she turned to look out the window.

Outside the window diagonally across the street, there are bustling crowd and a green robed juvenile, left hand holding a fishing rod, right hand holding bamboo baskets walking beside his is a green dressed pretty girl chatting happily.

This young boy is Ye Tian.

As for the pretty girl beside him is Ye Qianqian.

White girl looked at the Ye Tian on the streets, she had a moment of inexplicable tension up. "He and Ye Qianqian together..."

"Oh... did he came?" Purple robe middle-aged man turned to look outside the window. After determining Ye Tian he patted the white girl's shoulder: "Then I go, if you need something find Fu Bo on the line. He's is downstairs."


White girl nodded, watched her father down the second floor.

She recovered her eyes, thinking about how to open with Ye Tian.

Pedal~ Pedal~~! Pedal~~!

From the stairs came few footsteps of sound, followed by Ye Tian with Ye Qianqian slim figure appeared before the white girl's sight.

"Come here!" Looked at Ye Tian, white girl's face barely squeezed out a trace of smile.

As for more beautiful than her Ye Qianqian, she directly chose to ignore her.

"How are you? Are you alright!"

Ye Tian put down his hands of the fishing rod and the bamboo basket on the side of the table, looking at the white girl asked.

"No nothing!" White girl to see Ye Tian's side of the quiet Ye Qianqian eyes are impatient: "You... can you leave us alone for a bit? I have important things to say to Ye Tian."

"What important things need my sister to leave?" Ye Tian said before Ye Qianqian, Ye Tian said unhurriedly: "If you put my sister as an outsider, then we have nothing to say in between. You do not have to say anything."

"You!" Looking at Ye Tian's care for his sister, white girl's face emerge an angry look: "This is what you said, then you listen to me well... I told you the important thing is that, Please do not intervene with me later, we cannot be together!"


Ye Tian's first time to react by surprise.

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Let's meet again.