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IUSAP10 Part 1

I use semen in another world and live by relying on other's power Chapter: 10 [Part 1]


When Dee woke up, the three women sat at the table and were chatting.

"Anego... What do you think? As I thought this is not the end, right?"

"That's right... probably will come again..."

Hmm? Is not it the end? Will come again? Did they mean? Goblins?

"Hey! By any chance, is it about the goblins might attack this village again?"

Dee sat up on the sofa and interrupted the story of Shakti and Karen, By his words the three women turned around and ran towards Dee all at once and hugged him.



Dee was surrounded and was buried in the boobs of 3 women in a circular formation.

"I cannot breath, I..."


Three people noticed and stopped hugging Dee. Then Dee took a breath, turned towards them and made a greeting.

"Good morning everyone♪."

"""Good morning♪ Dee♪."""

"Dee, is your body alright?"

Karen asked with worried face and Dee said

"Un~, it is already fine♪... But I am hungry...."

While embarrassing, Dee tells her with his hungry stomach "Kuu ~" sound.

"Hahaha♪♪. I thought it would be, so I made it♪."

Karen said to Dee while laughing, Dee replied with his stomach


"Ahaha♪, it seems like Dee♪. So let's eat breakfast made by Anego soon♪."

"That's right, let's eat♪. Before that Dee, quickly dress up♪♪. I do not mind you being as it is♪."

By Lina's word, Dee looked at his appearance, he noticed that he was naked and looked around, he had a change of clothes on the sofa and noticed that those are not his.

"Uwa! Wa wa! My clothes?... there! What are these...?" (TL: This line belong to above sentence.)

"Ah, they belong to Arth, wear it for the time being! I will resize them later."

Karen brought breakfast from the kitchen while saying so.

"Thank you Karen-san."

Dee was surprised to see the breakfast on the table after sitting at the table with a little big sized clothes on him.

"Karen-san? Is not it too much for breakfast? Even..."

On the table in front of Dee was placed breakfast looked like a dinner set. Steaks, stew, stir-fried meat, vegetable salad, soup and bread slices, these are too much even for dinner.

"N~? Is that so? I thought that Dee might be able to eat this much."

That's what Karen said, but Dee thought that it was impossible and thought about eating as much as possible.

This is impossible(laugh). But, since Karen made it for me after all, let's eat as much as possible! then!



Thank you for reading.

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Sunday, 12 November 2017


Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 16: 13-yrs Old (1)

13-yrs Old

2 more years passed.
I am already 13-yrs old and Giselle is now 11-yrs old.

Maybe because I am spending unchanged life style by practicing magic, I feel that time passes quickly
If this goes on like this, before noticing I may get older than my previous life. 

By exhaling air, I started scraping the wood on the Otem.
Today also I am carving Otem in the garden.

What I am making now is a 4 armed Otem.
It is a type of Otem that has spherical joints and moves it's arms with 'gachan gachan'.
When it was finished, probably it could win against a medium sized monster with it's arm force alone.
I believe that there are unlimited possibilities in Otem.

As usual, Giselle is beside me.

A few months ago, Giselle started making Otems earnestly.
As an elder brother, I am worried about whether she might cut her hand with a knife.
Of course, I am little happy about my sister's growth.

Recently, I am thinking that it's a little bit bad.
Maybe it's because of that I was always closed door practice without interacting with other villagers.
I only talked with chief's family outside my family.

Somehow, I recalled the memory of my previous life.
At that time because I was absorbed in black magic, but I did not think that I would do the same in this magic world.

Even I say that, I do not mind how the world look at me since I like to practice magic.
What makes me worry is that Giselle who cannot play with other children of the same age because she always stayed beside me.

Giselle still cannot sleep fully unless I fall asleep.
If this situation continued forever, it might get troublesome.

I stopped the hands that carving the Otem and looked at Giselle.

If Giselle was in Japan, she is at the right age to be graduated from the elementary school.
Is not it time for her to graduate from her brother?
No, it's too late.

"What happened, Nii-sama? Suddenly... When you look at my face, I will be a little shy."

"Oh, I am sorry, I was thinking that it been a while, should I carve an Otem modeled after you..."

Let's mislead her with light tone.
It is not something that should tell her.
I will keep it in mind and lead Giselle like that.

"Well, that is kinda..."

Giselle brought her eyebrows and made a bitter smile.

She used to be pleased in the past, but now she do not like being made a model of Otem.
That's to be right.
Otem often has fairly ugly faces.
What should I say? It seems like that kind of culture.
Well, if you make this cylindrical doll into a beauty, it will become even creepier.

"Before, you would have excited happily when I said the same thing."

When I teased her like that, Giselle laughed 'kusuri'.
At that time Giselle was 2-yrs old, I thought that she would not have remembered it, but by looking at her it seems like it was in her memory.

"That's not it, Nii-sama."


Giselle stood up from the chair like Otem and looks at my face like peeping into it.

"... If I were to be model, I thought that Nii-sama would watch me. For sure, I am in those days."

She took one point from me.
I never thought, I was overtaken by a 2-yrs old younger girl.
Giselle is a smart child. I am looking forward to her future.

"At that time Nii-sama, honestly you do not have eyes except for Otem."

"Have I become better now?"

Giselle tilted her neck by placing a hand on her mouth, after showing a state of thinking for about few seconds, returned to normal.

"It's getting worse, but you started to look at me, for me it is enough as it is."

Due to incarnation or because I could not build a decent family relationship in my previous life, I feel like I have drawn a line to my parents and sister.
Just because I have many opportunities to contact with Giselle, I could deeply opened to her... from my father and mother I am still hiding and in some cases I am avoiding them.
... Well, it is mostly because of magic.

"... After a long time, should I follow father for hunting tomorrow."

I should not keep avoiding.
There is no doubt in this world, because Zererotto is my biological father.

A man who does not go hunting at the age of 13-yrs and only eats meal that was served is except me there is no other in this village.
However, I am helping farm work with the use of Otem... If they allowed the use of Otem for hunting, I think that I can contribute quite a bit, but... well, I will not say that.
I don't know it just maybe whimsy, I will go hunt tomorrow.

"Eh?... finally, father-sama also finally started giving up... Such a thing, it is not like Nii-sama."

Giselle puffs her cheeks.
She do not want to be left behind and may be sulking a little.
She is a cute little sister.

"Isn't it nice, leaving hunting... I like my older brother who is absorbed in magic and before I used to be jealous of Otem."

Giselle while saying, she grabs the half carved Otem holds it and stabs with the knife's tip.
Kora Kora, if you say such a thing, the feelings will be shaken.
Do not disturb my determination.

The knife of Giselle stabbed it straight in the eyes part, which it stabbed into Otem.
By making a noise, it's eyes peeled off.
She was jealous of Otem before a long time ago, right?

"Nii-sama, when we measured your muscle strength was 4 right? Now if you start hunting it cannot be helped, right? But it's fine, because nii-sama does not have to do such savage things. I am saying this, so there is no mistake."

While saying Giselle comes closer to my face.
The tip of our noses slightly touched.
'Perori' Giselle give out her tongue like a mischief.

"Oh, oh... un, it may be so."

When I gave her a half baked answer, Giselle gets back with a satisfied face.

"I dug a little too much, it's difficult right. I should scrape it again and make a face."

Giselle while saying, rub the part of Otem's eye with her thumb.

... As I thought, Giselle need to get mature from older brother.
I strongly recognized it now.
For the time being, I will go hunt tomorrow and let Giselle take care of the house after a long time.

I put the Otem that I had on the ground, pick up a small wand instead.

I will waved the small wand towards the red Otem at the end of the garden.
The red Otem glowed lightly and fell down on to the ground.
At the same time, the surrounding space shakes a little.

That red Otem is a special Otem for the barrier.
During training I put the Otem for the barrier to the four corners of the garden and developed the barrier of recognition inhibition.
My father gave up on me, because the existence of this barrier of recognition perception is great.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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Isekai Cheat V3 Prologue

Isekai Cheat Ark 3 Episode: Prologue


Foundation 1/2/1359

A certain meeting was held in Royal Castle. The agenda was about Akatsuki Yuuki, who became the world's first rank SSS adventurer.

"It is the last confirmation that the rewards given to him are the medal and the gold reward, the rank of [Grand duke]. Is it OK?"


This conference was held by the Royal faction. Currently, there are two major factions in the Kingdom of Da Luke. It is the Royal Family and the aristocratic faction. The Royal faction (which may be said as a citizen faction) is doing things such that the distance to the people is short and the tax is taken at the minimum. On the other hand, aristocrats have a lot of greedy aristocrats and they collect improper taxes such as collecting more than the provision, corrupted officials, etc. Currently there are two of the three princely royal duels in the Royal faction and there are families in aristocrats.

And this meeting was also a discussion to suppress excessive contact from aristocrats. In that fact it was decided to give Akatsuki the [Grand Duke]'s rank. The nobles of this country include the royal family in order of the highest order [Royal → Grand Duke → Duke → Marquis → Earl of the Frontier → Earl → Baron, Honorary Baron → Baroness, Honorary Baroness → Baroness Baron → Top level cavalry → Top rank knight → Knight】. Basically the rank of the Grand Duke was not used. But this time is a matter of sufficient importance and in the lower ranking there is a high possibility that he will be targeted by aristocrats. Even if you are a higher aristocrat [Marquis] you cannot say strongly the same line or from [the Duke]. [Duke] But you cannot be said strongly that it is from [Duke] of the same line. For that reason, it was decided to give Akatsuki the highest aristocracy 【Grand Duke】.

"Will he cooperate with us?"

That was the beginning of Edoardo Fons El Selenson, the principal of the Duke of Selenson, one of the royal faction. However, King cut it by saying,

"He will not."

And said about the reason.

"Probably Akatsuki will not do something that is troublesome."

It was simple and easy reason.  By the way, when becoming the [Duke of the Kingdom of the Da Loke] of this powerful country, he will be treated hospitably beyond the highest even in other countries.

"By the way, I heard fun thing from the church."

"Oh, are you saying about [Ha shin]?"

"That's right, by the way, do you know the 3 names of Akatsuki?"


"[Black violence], [annihilation], [contact prohibition], all recently attached names, but before that, there is a name that was attached shortly before the great invasion."

"That is...?"

"[Ha-shin] I do not know who said it, but don't you think it fits perfectly?"

"The church might get angry."

"Oh well, it would be fun if he was a really [Ha-shin]."

Shiguritto says so. They do not know yet that this was the fact, but will know later.

"I will have Akatsuki enter the school with that."

"I think that's a good idea, but the aristocrat faction will not tell about him to their children."

"I guess they will not say to their children because they want to look cool."

"On the contrary, few nobleman children who does not know him sells a fight with him and their houses may going to be destroyed as well."

"It is possible and it is the last story."

"what is it?"

"The schedule for the brave summon is decided, 5-yrs after September 15. Preparation has started, I cannot stop it, I will apologize to those who are about to be summoned.................."

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again.
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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 15: 11-yrs Old (2)

Eleven years old [2]

It's been 5 days since I retreated in my room.
Although my schedule was off by 2 days, the foundation of the magic that I was about to make was completed.
My head was cranky due to lack of sleep, but it was blown away all at once by the excitement coming from the sense of accomplishment.

Just because of the excitement I did not feel tiredness or pain, but suddenly my body's strength loosened up and collapsed in the place where I am standing.
Strange, my legs will not move. I cannot stand up.
Is excessive use of magic and lack of sleep, may be caused by the lack of nutrition?

I picked up my small wand that was fallen on the floor and pointed it towards the Otem in the corner of the room.

"... পুতুল দখ有."

In response to the spell, Otem moves it's body and comes close to me.
I dropped my wand and holds the upper part of the Otem to stand up.
Then I reached out for a small bottle on the desk.

What was inside is homemade energy drink.
Recently named it Abel's potion.

I grabbed the small bottle and crawled on the floor again. After clenching it with my teeth, I got rid of the lid gently.
After drinking the contents at once, the energy returned to my body.
Still, I can still move.

I managed to stand up with the power of Abel's potion.
I cannot stop trembling of my feet and hands, but it is a common thing that happens all the time if this is the case.
When I grasped my elbow and knee strongly for about 5 minutes, for the time being the trembling stopped.

For now, let's celebrate the completion of magic rather than my body.
However, what was completed this time is the foundation of the foundation.
From here I need to repeat my experiments, fine adjustment, addition of information, application, shortening, etc., are needed to do.

However, it will be dangerous to draw over anymore.
I do not understand what kind of face my father is making outside.

Besides, my body cannot hold on for long.
If dead there will be nothing left.
My meals were preserved dried bread, fruit of Eve and then Abel's potion alone.
Because of that, recently my taste has become strange.
Also, somehow the world's color is strange. It seems that my lack of sleeping time is approaching it's human limit.

Giselle was also got involved.
Giselle is getting a good sleep, she may be better than me, but she do not have anything to do and I think that the packed life is painful.
Naturally, the meals she took is same as me.
... It must be painful, right?
Rather I feel her skin is shiny than usual, is it due to mind? (TL: it's your imagination...)

Well, let's just report the completion of magic to Giselle for now.

"Giselle, it's done!"

As soon as I said, Giselle, who was sleeping in my bed, jumped up and come to the desk.

"Finally, the magic that nii-sama wanted to make more than anything was finally completed!"

Giselle waved her hands 'pata pata', she seemed pleased as if her accomplishment.

"Ah, there are lots of books that I have referred to... but still, it is my original magic that I made from scratch."

Let's also report it to the chief.
I want an opinion from him as well.

"Amazing! If it's nii-sama, I thought you could do it someday! But... I did not understand simply by listening about that magic technique, so may I see it at once?"

"Of course."

I picked up the small wand dropped earlier and swung it.
I am not used to imagining this magic circle yet, so it will take a while.
While assembling in my brain, I slowly cast it.

"আম প্রকাশিত"

After the magic circle is completed, I casted a spell.
A small panel floats in front of me.

"Abel · Belek"
STR (strength): 2
MAG (Magical power): 865

"This is... My brother's name is written... but, what on earth is this?"

"It's a status indicator. Well, I had a hard time, because I have to incorporate it all in the magic lines from the display format to the characters."

"Status? Is it by any chance..."

"Yes, if we use this magic, we can check the muscular strength and magical power of the target. In the end, it would be able to display the tribe name and their strength in the numerical values. It is something that gives brief explanation."

For me, when it comes to different world incarnation Status indicator is a standard.
This cannot be reconciled. If do not have one, it cannot be helped but to make one.
If I think about it, it was already ten years ago that it was disappointing that there was no status.

Incidentally, the criterion of the numerical value is both the average adult Maren's value of 20.
The result of continuing to make Otem since I was small appeared in my magical power.

...... I am satisfied with it, but I did not think that muscle strength was so little.
I want to believe that it is a false numerical value while magically developed by myself.
No... But, I am nearly 12-yrs old in this world, may be it is such a thing, right?
As my father says, I will decide to go out to help him hunt for a while.

"How, you could make something like this..."

"There was a magic to discriminate the strength of magical power by color, and I got a hint from there."

"Me too, please show my status too!"

"Yoshi, do not move."

I pointed my wand towards Giselle and a magic circle floated in the air.
...... This magic circle, it is too fine and difficult to transfer.

If I want to increase the amount of information that can be displayed, I have to further improve it, I wonder if it's okay?
I wish I had some way to shorten it.
It may be better to make a simplified version which easily display muscular strength and magical power.
There is still room for improvement.

"Giselle Belek"

STR (strength): 8
MAG (Magical power): 37

Although not as much as me, Giselle also has high magical power.
The average of adults is set to 20, which is set as the standard.

If I think about it, it may be important to touch magic since childhood.
My father started practicing magic circles around in his 20's.
Maren tribe should let their children start magic practice at an early age.
Then they can make the strongest magician army corps and can aim for the world domination... Un~?
A~re? Giselle's muscular strength... compared to me, above...?

"After all, nii-sama have very high magical power!"

Giselle said that by raising her voice loudly.
It seemed rather than excitement, she was trying with all her best to distract me.
Giselle also noticed that she has a higher muscle strength value and she was concerning about it.
That was hard for me too.

"... Ah, but since the general Maren tribe is 20, Giselle's is also high enough."

"The average of the general Maren tribe is 20..."

Giselle clouds her expression and mutters in the same way.
Stop it, do not look at me with such eyes.
Giselle noticed my eyes, she changed her expression quickly. That thoughtfulness is also painful.

"It was the result of my imitated practice by my brother's side!"

"That's... right, un."

I quickly erased the display of the status with my wand.

I never thought that I would loose to my little sister in muscle strength by quadruple difference.
I endured it. I endured pretty much.
I got quite a shock in a while after a long absence.

Naturally, it does not mean that Giselle is a gorilla.
Perhaps Giselle is almost average.

Even when my father invited me to hunt, I kept running around while hiding and by using the theory.
Even if I was told to do farming work, Otem had done it all.
Other things I have done is none other than retreating in my room and kept on reading magic studies.

I do not need much strength in carving Otem.
The Maren tribe's wood carving knife can easily cut and scrap trees using the magical power of the tree around here.

Giselle should be similar to me, but she accompanies my mother's shopping and somewhat lives a decent life than I am.
Speaking briefly, I'm garbage.


"Finally came out this stupid son! Do you hate so much to got hunting!"

When I got out of my room, I got a sermon from my father.

"My father! nii-sama was just developing magic! I bet if you also saw the magic that nii-sama developed..."

"It is not that kind of story!"

"If father-sama want to get mad at nii-sama, sometimes instead get mad at me for a change! I also was like being involved with nii-sama!"

"There is no necessity for that."


"I know that it is more effective for you by scolding Abel alone."

"Kugh... that kind of way..."

As expected of my father, he understands Giselle well.

"Giselle, it's okay... I was totally wrong this time... Father-sama, I am terribly sorry, I will never do something like this from now on."

"...... Mmm, you are strangely straightforward, are not you planning something again?"

"Nii-sama? what's happened to you? Nii-sama I know would never easily admit his mistakes regarding magic... that is not like nii-sama! Did you catch cold again?"
(TL: He got a bigger blow, being weaker than his little sister by strength. Which surpassed his enthusiasm towards magic.)

... I did not expect to be said that far.
Usually, what are they thinking about me?

"No, I understood the importance of hunting, I understood that it is important to move my body and train the body from tomorrow than using Otem to hunt. I will accompany you everyday, I am sorry for the inconvenience until now. "

As she heard my words, Giselle suddenly changed her expression as if relieved.
When our eyes meet, Giselle will immediately changed her expression.

"Nii-sama, I think that nii-sama is a wonderful person as it is!"

……Thank you for your concern.
But, as a big brother I cannot forgive myself. If possible, I want her to stop concerning like that.

But after this, my declaration will also end again with in 3 days.
It pampered the body like Giselle's concerns do not effect me and once again days went back to the war between me and my father making door as a border.
Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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APS 03

Artifact planting space Chapter: 003

In the chaotic black soil space the weeds started to grow faster, even with the naked eye can see the speed of rooting, buds budding, flowering...

That is all in a few minutes of time, these weeds grown into a more than one meter tall strange plants.

"What exactly is going on?"

Ye Tian cannot comprehend the current situation. With his consciousness of a thought, his stature flashed into the chaotic black space which is in his public region.

So far, he found that his chaotic black space can be freely accessed to some benefits.

He squatted down in front of the strange plants and Ye Tian carefully pulled one of them out. When he took a closer look, he found that these plants have a spiritual energy.

Spiritual plants have a very medicinal value.

If you want to buy at a pharmacy, then you need hundreds of gold coins to buy a single plant.

"Ha ha ha... I made a fortune!" Ye Tian excitedly laughed: " These kinds of weeds can be called a chick of a chicken, if I planted some valuable rare medicine then?"

Thinking of it, Ye Tian flashed out from the chaotic black soil space.

He directly ran towards the east of the flower garden of his family.

Where a black porcelain pot inside a Ice grape vine was growing of the one feet of length. He put them into the chaotic black soil space along with the pot and he also followed into the chaotic space.

He just stepped on the ground, he finds that the Ice grape vine extends it's root to the black soil and rapidly started rooting it's roots.

Just make Ye Tian feel strange is.

Potted black porcelain has no reaction, he thought that the porcelain basin may block the growth, incredible scene took place.

Chaotic black soil space's black soil on the ground in an instant set off and covers the pot with black soil.

"My god, what's this?"

Looking at the front of the scene, Ye Tian stunned.

At the same time, he discovered that his awakening of the field is not just simple, but also very strange.

Just to be buried in the black soil of the porcelain basin with black porcelain dug out, the ground suddenly uplifted and then, never seen a black vine plant from the black soil drilled out at the speed of blink of an eye, scattered leaves, bloom and bear fruit.

And the black vines bared out of the fruit, turned out to be black porcelain pots and the number more than one.

Ye Tian keenly looked and counted to nine.

"Do you say that I awakened this chaotic black soil space, not only can plant any plants, but also I can plant pottery or may be the artifacts?" Ye Tian heart set off a storm of waves: "If the cultivation of immortality with the strong artifacts? Isn't that something?"

Think of this leaf Tian's breathing speed risen rapidly.

He knows that.

If it can, what does that mean?

Means that all the things that can be used in his awakened chaotic black soil space can be planted out.

But then Ye Tian is making a self-deprecating smile: "It seems that before my guess was right, my talent awakened the field, is a common field can only grow things, in the face of an enemy with no attack and no power. I am afraid I can only use it to escape.

And... look at the origin of the mainland, there is not many number of artifacts, the spirit of artifacts only hundreds of pieces. My father has only first-order mystery is also valuable, that I go where to find samples for planting?"

But I can only spend money to the alchemist hands to buy! But I was 16 years old, there is no gold on my hand, if I ask mother, it is clearly irrational, chaotic black soil space can grow things, in the absence of Before you figured out, but cannot tell her. Ye Tian took a deep breath, tried to calm his feelings calm down: "What should I do next?"

Ye Tian thinking...

Time unknowingly in the passed few minutes.

"Hey..." Ye Tian of the eyes suddenly bright: "Artifact with the immortality I temporarily cannot get to plant experiment, but the home is not there is a broken second half of the mysterious [origin bracelet] I'll pursue my mother and ask her to take it out.

Think of this Ye Tian, was about to go out, but he accidentally discovered, before the cultivation of Ice grape vine, even bears a dozen stacks of mature purple Ice grapes in the space, which are shining and flashing crystal Light by the Sun rays.

"This is a good thing! Father planted for decades did not bear any fruit, but in my chaos black space suddenly there are results!"

Ye Tian watched the Ice grape vine and saw bunch of grapes hanging down, he took a string of grapes to his hand and eat it, suddenly coolness flowed throughout the whole body, even the tiny pores on the were not let go.

Ice grapes.

Belong to the second-order precious fruit, you can use it as medicine, eat and can enhance the resistance to the Field of fire's fire resistance and immunity. One of the money cannot buy good things.

These grapes can be found in the origin of mainland in some of the underground black market, but the price was pretty high, the traders spend a hundred Lingshi(spirit stones) for one grape, which shows the short supply of these grapes.

One hundred Lingshi(spirit stones), if the origin of the mainland for the universal currency coins, but that a full ten thousand gold coins, enough to buy a street in the town of lava shops.

"I really did not think that I just ate a million gold coins worth of grapes!" Ye Tian sighed will take off a string of ice grapes into the hand of the space ring and his stature flashed out of the chaos black space.

He wants to share the good things like purple Ice grapes, that is with his parents, brother and sister.

But his father and brother went on an adventure to the mysterious days yan secret and has not come back for 3 yrs. "These purplr ice grapes can only wait until they come back and then give them a surprise!" Walking in the woods Ye Tian revealed a smile.

He just about to ask the guard of the family, about his mother's where about, he saw his sister Ye Qianqian is running towards him crying.

"What's going on? Who offend my sister?"

Ye Tianyi said, then quickly greeted up.

Ye Qianqian Although the father picked up the abandoned child on the roadside, but they are never treated Ye Qianqian as an outsider, in this town everyone knows.

"Ye big brother!" Ye Qianqian rushed to the Ye Tian's arms, sobbing and complained: "I do not want to marry, I did not marry Zhou Zijiang."

"Ah... What is going on? Mother did not mention anything about you going to be married?"

Ye Tian stroked her head and said to her.

Ye Qianqian softly said: "I do not know how the matter, but now Zhou's patriarch Zhou Luo Tian is proposing this matter to our mother! I overheard and came running to you."

"Ah..." Ye Tian slightly stunned.


In this Lava town there are only 3 major families, they are Lei family, Zhou family and Ye family.

Where Lei's Lei Tian Bao, Zhou's Zhou Luo Tian, with his father Ye Kong are the initial state of the law, these three of them are the highest strength of the town of lava.

Talent, Awakening, Field, Law, God of War, God king, is the origin of the mainland realm strength level.

But Zhou's power was a little bit higher, Ye cannot match the place, that is they operate in the Lava town of a unique Dan drugstore, the Zhou family's largest heritage is able to refining the third order of the following strong use of immortality is a [Mo school] the teacher, have to respect the three points.

So in general, in the town of lava, but no one would dare to provoke Zhou's people.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again.

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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 14: 11-yrs old [1]

Another 2-yrs have passed.
I am already 11-yrs old and Giselle is 9-yrs old.

Before, when I caught the cold, in the heat of the moment I swore in my heart that I should stop magic training at once. But after passing the hurdle I totally forgotten about it. When I think about it, it was not more than next day. Today too, I was doing my best at practicing magic. 

I already exceeded the Chief in some fields of magic. The limits are beginning to appear in what I can do here.

As I thought, I should know about the world outside.
I must not stay in this village.
Recently, I sometimes feel such things.

"Abel! Let's go hunting, Abel! Get out you social withdrawal!"

My father hits the door of my room.
However, it is useless.
There is a solid barrier put on my room.
It is impossible to release from the outside unless it is same class as chief.

It is bad for my father but I have decided to withdraw for several days to study magic.
Since I knew that there is magic in this world, there is magic that I had wanted to use someday.
It was completed up to 80%.
I want to finish it at once.
My determination is hard.

"I am really sorry, I am busy right now, if it's hunting I will lend you an Otem if you want."

That's right, I succeeded in developing a magic circle which can let Otem hunting.
Since I incorporated a number of complicated responses to the magic circle, it can respond to simple commands such as "Come with me" or "Wait".
Since it only takes action in response to voice, I can add any number of instructions depending on the magic circle.
If made the arms larger in advance and make the joints move, it can even shoot arrows from the bow.
Because I made it possible to move efficiently with less magical power, it will be able to move for five hours after giving magical power.
The precision of archery is also high, so much that it does not oppose the user.
It should be much more useful than a single child.

When I showed this magic circle to the chief, he was delighted by saying "Shindou ja! Abel is a shindou ja!"
Recently, the chief seems to use this magic circle as well.
Just because the magic circle is complicated and it is difficult to adjust the magical power, it seems that people other than the chief cannot use.

"Abel, that's not the problem! How many times should I tell you to understand!"

"Do not disturb my concentration as I am now in the process of an important magic study! Unfortunately, if you hit the door any further, I will use the soundproof magic as it is!"

"Giselle is missing you too!"

"It is a lie! I said to Giselle that I will withdraw beforehand for about three days! Giselle is a good girl who can endure!"

While I say it, I take out a wooden cane.
Magic can be raised in accuracy and power by using this wand.

This wooden cane is what I made.
It is engraved with magical powers and it is able to transcribe the magic circle to the air without chanting.
This can save a lot of time.

Originally, when I made this I thought that I did very well, the chief said "A wand that incorporates a transfer technique is a common type. It was truly wonderful that you made it on your own."
Although it was a bit frustrating, it is reasonable to incorporate the transcription technique that forms the basis of most magic.
It is not strange even if someone doing other than me.
At the same time I was convinced that I wanted to see the world outside of the village again, I thought so strongly.

Well then, let's add soundproofing to the barrier that covers the room quickly and block it completely from the outside.
I swiftly swung the small wand and created a magic circle.

"নী ตততদদ দি ......" "

"It's true! That Giselle was crying! She is saying that it is painful to not able see Abel for 3 days!"

...... If said that far it is painful for me too.
I handed out an Otem which resembled my face as a substitute for me, but that seems to be useless.
Let's go out to see a little bit.

"But, when I go out of this room, you are going to drag me to hunt as it is, right?"


"Is that supposed to be a toss-over... then, do not you think it's unfair to Giselle?"

"You can play with her after you returned from hunting."

"Hunting will take nearly half a day, right? You said I should come out for Giselle's sake, but is not that something a bit strange?"

"Abel is the one who is strange, trying to close inside your room for 3 days."

"It is reasonable."

I am convinced, but I do not plan to approve of it.

"By the way, what are doing about toilet?"

"If I said you will take measures, so I will not say, there is no need to worry. "

If I use the magic of transfer magic, I can move instantaneously to a place where magic circle prepared in advance.
In the toilet and this room, I have left Otems with carved magic circle of transfer.
My father do not know that I can use transfer magic, which was a high level magic.
I carved magic circle on an old Otem which was originally in the toilet. so it will not be noticed so easily.
So it should not be exposed.

However, if there is no magic power, it will not function as a transfer destination, so I need to go there to recharge magic every 5 hrs.
A lot of magic power is necessary for the transition, but if it is a distance between the toilet and to my own room, it is enough to replenish magic in regular intervals.

With this it should have been perfect, but I seem to have underestimated Giselle's bro-con. I cannot afford to leave that cute little sister crying like that.

"When father goes hunting, I will go out in the meantime."

"I decided not to go hunting until you came out today."

"I am fine by it, but mother will get angry."

"If you do not want to get scolded by her, then come out."

It cannot be helped even if we kept asking questions.
I swung the small cane and the magic circle floated in the air.

"There is no helping it, I will come out after completing this single paragraph, please wait a little."

"পুতু দখ দখ"

I put magic on Otem that I had put on the desk.
I picked up that Otem and put it in front of my room door.

"Did you cast a spell now?"

"Please wait a while."

The Otem's mouth moves and imitates my voice.

The gesture moves the Otem's mouth and imitates my voice.
It is an Otem that talks with a special mechanism in its mouth.
It was created by arranging the theories written in the chief's library book in my own way.

It is a bit off tone, but it cannot be helped because it is a magic circle arranged in a hurry.
In order to improve the accuracy and variations of the voice more, fine adjustment is needed.
But for now, it could attract my father's attention in front of the door.

"Father-sama, where is Giselle now?"

"Giselle, Giselle is out in the garden now..."

Mother seems to have gone out to buy in the square and if it is now toilet will be available.

I moved to the corner of the room and then shake the small cane and a magic circle floats in the air.
I lowered my voice and cast a spell.

"আম বহন"

Light coming out of the cane's edge covers my body.
I closed my eyelids due to the dazzling of light.
I opened my eyes after a floating feeling and I was inside the toilet.

OK, this will be fine.
Let's go to see Giselle.
If it's like this I should have let Giselle into my room.
My father would get noisy if I made Giselle into a hikikomori life(of these 3 days). But, instead of making her cry, I should have done this from the beginning.

"Abel! Not yet!"

From the second floor, my father's voice was heard.

"Wait a while."

"You are saying the same thing for a while!"

"Wait a while."

... I should make it quick.
If not the situation may go out of control.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again

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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Isekai Cheat Extra 09 (Gossip final)

Isekai Cheat Extra Chapter 09: Gods (The concept of Gods) and their thinking (Annoying)

Extra Chapter 09: Final Gossip (Next Ark 3: Prologue)

〓Creator God〓
I am the one who is assigned to manage this Avalon and is called Creator God.

I have been watching this world as usual. Then (The concept of God) which was possessed by Yuri-sama, I heard something wonderful things from him. That was the person with the concept of [existence] and the original concept of [all] came to this world, who was created by Yuri-sama.
And that person came to this world.

The days passed and that person grew and came to the church. We invited that person Akatsuki-sama to this place and greeted him.

And then I decided to hold a certain meeting.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

"Then, [The first meeting of Akatsuki-sama as our god, the highest person! I will start a meeting to think what to do to make Avalon people understand it!] I am the moderator and I will serve as Creator God."

"Sho-chan, it's too long♪."

"I am sorry. Yuri-sama."

"It's fine."

"So, what are you going to do specifically?"

"Take-kun, what do you think?"

"That's right, Avalon people will not know the magnificence of the people who govern the [concept], they believe in us because we are top-ranking gods. So, we should tell them that he is higher god than us and can order us as he please. If we made an oracle through pope and archbishop of each religion of Avalon? Akatsuki-sama is our absolute highest god and he is the most respectable god for everyone."

"Good, but will they hear it?"

"About that, if they do something funny we will crush them seriously♪. It's fine if we say that right♪?"

"I understand, let's go with that."

"Also Sho-chan, let's say that he is also god for them, so let's think about the title of Akatsuki."

"Yuri-sama, do not take work..."

"Well then, Ma-kun."

"Ma-z..." "Rejected" "... Yes"

"Next is a sword-kun."

"How about [super god]?"

"Somehow like a Ssgssj (super → super, god → god) So dismissed."

"Next is Take-kun."

"The one who has taken everything and stands on top of the heaven, then how about [ha-shin], what do you think?"

"Sounds good, let's go with that, Sho-chan you know how to do, right?"


"But, make sure you do not name out Akatsuki-sama."

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

On that day an Oracle was descended to every Popes, Archbishops, Saintly saints of all religions.
"He is the god of all of us gods, who is at the highest peak and absolute virtuous being. He is the highest god for all the Avalon. This person is now descending into the land where everyone was. His tribe is [Ha shin], also job and title contains [Ha shin]. Also, a numerous priests follow him. Always have a god wolf on his side. To devote more respect than we to this person."

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇
〓 Akatsuki 〓
"Special skill [divination] has changed to [divine]"

What is going on? Well, it's fine.

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again.

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Isekai Cheat Extra 08

Isekai Cheat Extra Chapter 08:  Status

Chapter 8: Status

It is the status at the end of Mythology forest.
It is long.
From next time, only the changes will be displayed.

Akatsuki Yuuki

Sex: M
Age: 10
Race: God Human (Mythology Human, Transcendent)

Lv 850
Civil service: divine beast ... 99999 +, god of god, spirit ... 99999 +
In case
HP 99999999999 + / 99999999999 +
MP 99999999999 + / 99999999999 +
STR 99999 + / 99999 +
AGI 99999 + / 99999 +
VIT 99999 + / 99999 +
INT 99999 + / 99999 +

Job: The transcendent of the sword God, the transcendent of the magic god, the transcendent of the gods, the strongest, the brave? What is that, is it delicious? , Master craftsmen, the best tamer, use Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen, use Kamiokami, use God Beast, God Beast our God, ruler of the mythology organisms, use spirit of God, ruler of Mythology forest, Mythology type of ruler, the ruler of the sanctuary , Ruler of the mythical world,
Conceptual top level martial art Lv 15+
Conceptual top level dentistry Lv.15 +
Top marks domination Lv 15+
Top precision magical power domination Lv 15+
No chant
Conceptual top level monster Tame Lv 15+
Top level appraisal Lv 15+
Top hiding Lv 15+
Top creation skill Lv 15+
Cooking Lv 15+
Top level armor technique Lv 15+
Top body strengthening Lv 15+
Top magical body strengthening Lv 15+
<Unique skill>
Breakthrough limit
Yuuki flow Lv 15+
True Yuuki flow Lv 15+
Sakurami Kazari flow Lv 15+
Myth Akatsuki Lv 15+
Swordlessge Lv 15+
Mineral separation & fusion
Metal separation & fusion
Special creation
Basic Attribute Magical Suitability: Fire Feng Shui Light Dark Ice Crime (Total)
Concept Top level All basic attributes Magic
Concept Top level tree attribute magic
Concept top level no-attribute magic
Concept top granting magic
Concept top level recovery magic
Concept top-of-the-top spirit magic
Concept top level sacred magic
Concept top dark magic
Concept top level spirit magic
Concept top level missing magic
<Unique magic>
Dragon magic, God magic, poison magic, alchemy magic, decomposition magic, creative magic, playing magic, nothingness magic, dimension magic, time magic, space-time magic, gravity magic, transition magic, concept magic, causal interference magic
True eye, beans, magic creativity, skill creation, full memory, complete imitation, structural analysis, structural understanding, parallel thinking process, mind public speaking, Kyokushin magic, world memory connection, all language learning, the most significant reduction, conceptualization, dragon God, divine, fusion (full capacity copy)
Concept level top level physical attack resistance Lv 15+
Concept level top level all magical attack resistance Lv 15+
Concept level top level all-mind attack invalidation Lv 15+
Concept level top level all state error invalidation Lv 15+
<All derivatives>
HP automatic complete recovery Lv 15+
MP automatic complete recovery Lv 15+
Superior attack power Lv 15+
Attack power is doubled Lv 15+
Moving speed super high rise Lv 15+
Incarnated person, transcendental person, all of the viewing person, a person that leads to truth, genius, natural disasters, the strongest, who governs all, superiors of the gods, the gods of the Creator, follow the gods and who, who read the world, mythology Ruler of the Lord, ruler of the whole spirit
Blessings of creation God, the gods of the car, respect of the creation of God, honor of the gods, the meaning of submission of the creation of God, the gods of the meaning of obedience, spirit God our refuge, submission of the spirit of God our

<martial arts>
Weapons art, martial arts, art skills integrated skills. Acquisition is possible with a certain number of skill levels. There are no holders who are not unique or special. When you acquire all weapons techniques, martial arts, body skill liberation. However, swordsmanship skills are not released.
<Dark operation>
Integration of assault equipment, assassination skills. Acquired the assault machine, assassination skill level maximum.
<All basic attribute magic>
Basic eight attributes Acquired that there is a magical aptitude. Normal skill, but no longer special skills.
<Lost magic>
Space, summoning, ancient magic integration.
<Ultimate Magic>
It becomes the ultimate and true magic at the limit. The power will be panned!
<Heart speech>
Reading mind, spiritual integration.
<Dragon magic>
Magic that can be used only for the topmost Shenlong. Akatsuki is an exception.
Dragon man, upper compatibility of <dragonization> which can be used only by dragon people. <Dragoning> can only use Akatsuki which incorporates and fuses the power of Shinryu. Also, because it uses nothing but a force, it does not matter where it is. If you want to do, you can extend your nails, make your teeth sharp like fangs, wings can grow etc. It can also be converted into a dragon. I do not do it.
Effect: All status 3.5 times. Hardening the skin.
<Dragon man>
It is regarded as the descendant of the dragon. Basically human form. It is said that he is able to dragonize and is a servant.
<Dragon man>
Descendants of the dragon. The upper rank of Dragon man. Battle power draws a line with Dragon. <Dragonification> also completes perfectly in one week after birth.
<Dragonization>Dragonize it. Status 1.5 times

Thank you for reading.

Let's meet again.

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