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Fantasy world Oiliel 06

Fantasy world Oiliel chapter 06: Guild

The Guild is a well built building has no doors.

Suddenly a girl run out from the Guild bumpped into me. I fell back all I can see is the labyrith which extends towards the Sky.

"I am sorry." Saying she started running. 

Must be in a lot of hurry. Hans gave me a hand to stand.

Once we step into the Guild few adventurers noticed us and greeted Hans. Few look towards me then gone back to their own bussiness.

I noticed everyone who was Guild employees are females who look like from 16yrs-25yrs old.

Hans first took me to the registrar. He talk to the registrar about me.

The registrar removed a metal plate and a thick book which look like a Encyclopedia. She used magic spell on metal plate and handed me. The metal plate started glowing blue. Seeing that she nodded and said.

"This is your first time registrating as an adventurer right?"


"Now, I will ask you few questions, please answer."


She chanted a spell then the metal plated started glowing brighter than before.

"Ano, What is your name?"


"How old are you?"


"Your rank will be J. Is that alright?"


"Thankyou, Balu-san, please wait a moment."

It seems the metal plate has engraved my name and age once I spoke.

She started turning the Encyclopedia like book pages and finally stopped at a double white page. She took the metal plate from my hand and placed it on the Encyclopedia. From the metal plate a plae light glowed and my info can be seen on the Encyclopedia. She gave back the metal plate which contains Name, Age and J-Rank.

"Please do not lose the ID card. If you lost you need to pay 10 Silver coins to issue a new one."

(In this world the money goes as this 1 Lrg Copper Coin(LCC)= 10 CC= 100Sml CC (sCC), 1 L Siver Coin(LSC)= 10SC= 100sSC= 1000 LCC, 1 L Gold Coin(LGC)= 10GC= 100sGC= 1000LSC= 1,000,000LCC.)

For first time joining fee is free. But, if lost the ID plate there is a fine of 10SC from preventing careless attitude.

She also said "If adventurer goes out on a quest must hand over the ID plate. We will stamp a magic embed guild mark on his/her body to prove ID."

"Now, I will explain about the Guild ranks and other stuff. First Ranks start from J to A. For team rankings J to A and above A are S, SS, SSS ranks. For rank-J members must join an Academy also while taking punitive quests must have atleast one other person as a teammate. Guild Rank goes up by completing quests....."

The registrar explained the rules of the Guild. Like no fighting inside the Guild and other stuff.

After Hans took me to the receptionist. She was a Golden fox tribe looks like 16yrs old. Hans told her that I had monster corpses which I need to trade for money.

She look at me in surprise then smiled and said

"Hello, my name is Une."

"Hello, my name is Balu."

"Hans-sama and Balu-san, Please wait a little."

She called another receptionist to attend her post and lead us to the room at the back. It is a big room size of a Soccer stadium while inside a table of size Soccer ground. She said

"This room is used for appraising monster corpses. You can place the corpses on the table."

When I took out the monsters from storage Bracelet, Une-san made a face like in a trance.

"This is the first time seeing a Storage space Item with large internal space. Balu-san are by any chance son of a King or S rank adventurer."

"No, I am from normal house."

[No normal house would have a storage space item.] both Hans and Une-san in mind.

[and an Artifact above C-class.] Hans added to his sentence

I put all the corpses on the table. Hans examined the corpses before Une-san and look at me with strange eyes. He did not say anything.

Last time I did not pay much attention when I saw the monsters because of the Artifact. But seeing now he killed them each with single blow to the vitals causing internal damage. This kid is stronger than I thought. Further more he defeated these monsters without proper equipment.(Hans)

Une-san also examined the corpses. She also cannot hide her astonished face.

"Ano, Balu-sama did you really kill these monsters by yourself. It might be rude but can you tell me what level are you?"

Hans also expecting to know something. I think this kid must be at least level 30 to defeat these monsters.

Uwaa, her addressing changed from -san to -sama.

"Yes, I killed these monsters. I am at Lvl-1."

"Thud" Hans fell down.

[Liar] both.

Both of them look at eack other. The one who opened is Hans.

"Little friend, I get it you are strong but Lvl-1 is a bit. I have a question for you?"

I did not say anything only

"Please say."

"Why did you not take out magic cores from the monsters?"

"What is a magic core?"

Both look at eack other faces again. This time Une-san said

"Magic core is the core of a monster which contains its magic or power. If you did not take out magic core there is a 50% chance for monster to become undead."

"Since you put it in storage space they did not turn undead. If left alone in the forest they would have become a meal to other monsters or become undead." Hans

when Hans said about storage space Une-sans ears moved (pikito)

The dead had 50% of getting eaten or 50% undead chances if left alone. This is the first I have heard.

"Then what about humans?"

"Humans are no exception. Even though humans have no magic core. The dead miasma becomes magic core. So undead human magic core." said Une-san.

"If a human is dead it is best to burn or bury the corpse."

"I will remember."

I just need to use revive magic if needed.

"The appraisal of these monsters. Which includes materials, magic cores, quest rewards is 30GC."

I have traded weapons/armours of goblins for 3sSC.

I still have Goblin General's long sword, goblin's small sword, Variant goblin's magic wand, Healer goblin's cane.

I received 30GC and 3SC in the same room the monsters are placed.

Hans and I went outside the guild.

Fantasy world Oiliel 05

Fantasy world Oiliel chapter 05: Noble name Kaiser

It is a sole Mansion on the East side of the village. Behind the Mansion away atleast 800m apart a man who looks like 20-yrs old was standing, which looks like a practice area for magic.

He was reading a book. It's name is Fusion Magic.
After some time he casted two different magic spells. He tried to combine the both magic to one. But

dododooooo gagaagaaaaan.

"Ah, failed again." Kaiser was drenched in sweat and looks a little tired. 

He saw from a far a soldier guard running towards him. The guard stopped at 10m away.

"What is it? I already said unless it is absolute important not to come here."

"Kaiser-sama, there is an important report from the guard captain posted at the West Gate."

"Let him wait at the guest room."


Yes this man is Kaiser also the lord of this village. He likes both humans and other races equally. His favorite hobby is research on magic.

Kaiser wiped his sweat with a towel head towards the guest room. As soon as he arrived Guard Captain saluted to him. He nodded.

"What is the important report? Hachieru."

"Ha, Kaiser-sama it is very important report. Can we talk in private."

Kaiser casted a Wind barrier magic around. So no one can hear. Hachieru put a mask and started talking.

"Kaiser-sama, just now a kid arrived from West Gate. He possess an Artifact."

"Ho, an Artifact."

"Yes, I suspect it must be above C-class."

"A C-class Artifact. What kind of weapon is it? or is it a defensive gear?"

"No, it is a ride around the size of a royal cart which floats. Also a sturdy one at that. I tried to make a small dent on it when the kid was at office. But, it's defence repelled my attack. After he made the ride to shrunk to a size of Egg. Also he has a space storage wooden Bracelet on him."

Here Kaiser also surprised by this a kid possess an Artifact with multiple fuctions and a space storage item.

"Oho, a defensive ride with multiple fuctions. How fast is it?"

"I don't know because when it first sighted it was at a pace of walking. And the kid stopped it few meters away."

"Is he a son of Noble or well known adventurer? What is his name?"

"He said his name is Balu. I don't think so. He said, he was from a small village. And from Mt. Everest. May be he was from another country or even other world. "

"Can you describe his appearence?"

"Yes, he is a kid around age 13-14yrs. He has Black hair and Blue eyes. His skin is fair and has a smile on his face. In one word, he is pleasing to the eye."

"Oho, a good looking kid. Did anyone know about the Artifact?"

"Yes, few other guards in my unit."

Kaiser immediately send his most trusted personal guard. To make sure the info from spreading.

Kaiser learned about Hans escorting the Balu adventure Guild and other details. 


Fantasy world Oiliel 04

Fantasy world Oiliel chapter 04: Village

Once at the front of the village of distance 150m. I can see people who dressed in soldier uniform.

I stop Aur and get down from it. One who look like a Captian send someone who looks like a soldier towards me.

"W...Who are you? Where do you come from? Is there anyone inside th...that thing? Why do you come here?"

The soldier looks like he is afraid. Even his voice is a bit scared. And he is holding his sword firmly. He has a dog ears and tail on his back. May be he is from beast kin Wolf race.

My guess is the thing he afraid of is Aur.

I smiled and said "My name is Balu. I come from a small village in the mountains. No one inside it. I came here to become adventurer."

After hearng my answer. The soldier rushed back to his Captian said few words.
The Captain look at me and walked towards me. I also saw another soldier run towards the village.

"Did you say your name is Balu. Do you have ID card? What is your Village name?"

"I do not have an ID card. My village do not have a name."

After listenning my answer he was silent for some time.

"What mountain are you from? What is that thing behind you?"

"The mountain have no name. But, we call it MT.Everest. It is my ride named Aur."

After heaBracelet my answer. He remained silent. Someone who is weaBracelet even better equipment come towards us along with the soldier who ran towards the village.

The captain said few words towards the better equipped man. The man nodded towards me and said.

"Hello, friend can you follow me?"


We went inside a room which look like a office of Guard Captain.

"My name is Hans. I am a Rank-A adventurer also this unit General."

"Hello, my name is Balu."

This kids age must be around 13 or 14 yrs. Also his hair pure Black which represents Demon race but his eyes pure blue represents Gods. May be he was summoned from another world just like heroes of the past. But, he did not have any summon symbols on him.(Hans)

"Did you come from different country?"

"May be if MT.Everest is not located in this country."

He is specifically saying Mt.Everest is it really famous. Let's find out how did he come here.(Hans)

"Yes MT.Everest is not located in this country or neighbouBracelet countries. Then how did you come here? Also can you specify the details?"

I thought of giving him some truth and some lies.

"When I touched the ride it shined brightly. When I came to I was in a forest and seperated from my ride. I was attacked by a Wolf, a Tiger afterwards some green goblins. I killed them all. After found my ride I loaded all the corpses and come here."

Is he serious? Is his ride an Artifact of Gods? This is the first time I saw a ride which floats steadily. Did he say he killed a Tiger and a Wolf... don't tell me. (hans)

"Okay can you show me your hunt?"

We went to the ride and showed him Wind Tiger, Aqua Wolf and Goblins.

"These are 1 Class-3 Silent Tiger(Lvl 2), 1 Class-3 Aqua Wolf(Lvl 3), 1 Class-3 Goblin General(Lvl 3), 1 Class-2 Varient Goblin(Lvl 1), 8 Class-1 Goblins(Lvl 1). Did you really kill them all?"

Wind tiger, Aqua Wolf and Goblin General are few of the strong near the forest. He killed them without damaging on the surface.

"Yes. What does Class represent?"

"Class is the threat Level of a monster. First you do not have ID. You need to pay 1 Silver coin normally. If I am correct you do not have money. I will make an exception for you, go and register in adventurer guild. I will introduce to the Guild."


"But before that could you show inside your ride? we need to check it on regulation."

"I do not mind. But, only one should get in."

I activated open door function by touching the ride. Before that I reduced space to 3 persons seats. That is only middle 3 throne seats are visible. I do not want to show him any hidden rooms or original space.

"I will check personally."

Only Hans entered the Aur.

Inside there is enough room for 3 members and how do this kid operate it just by a touch? That shows he is it's owner. This must be legendary artifact for sure.(Hans)

"Okay, it is clear. But, you cannot bring your ride inside the village like this." by saying

I can guess Hans trying to say. There are many who want to take possession of Aur either by authority or by force.

"Got it." As I placed my hand on Aur it started shrinking little by little. In the mean while I put corpses in the wooden storage Bracelet.

The onlookers have their eyes popped out like they were seeing unbelievable scene. Because Aur shrunk to the size of a chicken egg. I put it in my wooden storage Bracelet.

I, Guard Captain and Hans started walking straight towards the Adventurer's Guild. The Guard Captain parted with us at the center of the village. He ran towards the South where there are many high buildings are present. On the way Hans showed various inns, shops, temple, Academy etc. The Adventurer Guild is at near the foot of the labyrith. So we have to go towards the other end of the town. It is a lively village with lot of adventurers.

On the way many have greeted Hans and he responded with a smiling nod. While walking Hans spoke about village with proud face.

"This village name is Triand. It was formed about 500yrs ago when Labyrith was discovered. Here main residence were adventurers and merchants."

"This village is under a Noble. His name is Kaiser Lad. Here there are three academies. To the East is Magic Academy, to the West is Warrior Academy and to the North is Royal Academy. Out of these Royal and Warrior are well funded many people opt for them. While Magic Academy is the oldest Academy."

Hans look down when saying about Magic Academy.

"Does Magic Academy have a problem?"

"No, but Royal Academy also teaches Magic and Knight training also does not allow other races other than humans, so many opt for it. Also Nobles and high class families joins first which has high funds. Magic Academy have less funds also allows all races." 

"Does other races have discrimination?"

"No, the residence in this village does not discriminate other races. Also Kaiser-sama's daughter also in Magic Academy. Those of outsiders with skill and few Noble families dislike them."

"In other words Royal Academy was built to check on those outsiders and Nobles who dislike other races. And Magic Academy for mixed race building relationship between each other."


Our conversation continued for few minutes. At last we reached the Adventure Guild.

Fantasy world Oiliel 03

Fantasy world Oiliel chapter 03: Fairy Name Fairy Aur

Right about now out of other four, 2[Nin A Nin D] by the river side found 2 villages on opposite directions. Their speed due to Divine Body/Soul skill become faster also as soon as my back four learned Space Magic they used it to get to the sky. Nin C  found a big tree(h150m w20m) which was up rooted not so long ago. The remaining Nin I went to Nin B to help collect goblin corpses.

The MP consumption in Divine Body/Soul form is 1 MP/magic and recovery speed is 10% /sec. They used Space Magic to sky from there they used space magic again to the place where they see buildings with 1 KM away from the gates. For no one to find them they casted Stealth Skill before using Space Magic to the Sky.

Out of 2 villages one village caught my eye. It has a labyrith which extends towards the sky. Nin A chose to go there so made a mark for Space transfer. After that Nin A used space transfer towards Nin(C) to make a ride.

Nin D made a mark at other village he found and returned to Nin C.

Let's check the new Unique Skills

Berserk: Goes into rage and raises STR and AGI. Out of control with anger.
instant healing power. Does not allow Level up. No MP needed.

Revive: Resurrect the dead back to life. 20% of full MP.

creator: Can create/customise tools, vehicles, weapons, etc 10% of full MP. Create living 10% of full MP.

Skill Box: Can store skills and hide Skills from others. Can give stored skills to others which are not Unique. Unique Skill (Skill Box) is not visible to any optical/Appraisal Skills. No Skill/Magic have any effect on this skill.

Since Divine Body/Soul, Divine Learn, Multi Form, creator and Revive are very rare skills. I send them to Skill Box.

Magics like Space magic and Negate magic also send to Skill box.

??? become creator Skill. With this skill I can create anything, even living things if I want. I think this is from my mother's inheritance.

We still have 1 min for Divine Body/Soul form to dispell. All the others who are away from me(Nin C) used space magic to my location. The others brought  Aqua Wolf and 10 goblin corpses with them. Nin B collected weapons from goblins.

We all used creator Skill on the Big tree which uprooted. The tree turned into liquid. We slowly converted liquid into an egg of size of a big horse cart. We given it a unique pattern around it. We gave it Sub Space. We gave it many Defensive functions but only one offensive function.

My ride is ready in 30secs. We all get in the cart impressed by our work. We put monster corpses backside dimension item storage.

We named it as Aur.

Name: Aur
Control: Balu, Fairy Aur

Owner: Balu

Class: SSS above
Rank: ???

Magic generator core

Offence/Magic: Tackle
Defence/Magic: All ()
Special/Magic: Arena magic

Logistics: Sky, Water, Earth, Space, Magma, etc.

Functions: Map, Scan, traps, etc.

Fairy Aur is a girl. I created using the tree life essence. She has no memory as a tree. But she has common sense from this worlds memory.

Name: Fairy Aur

Age: 10000yrs
HP: -
MP: 1000

STR: 1000
MAG: 1000
AGI: 100
LUC: 100

Unique Skill: Plant Manipulation

Special: fairy (changes to a solid item or spirit invisible form)

Skill: Levitate

Magic: Earth Magic.

Fairy Aur cannot talk. But, can understand words. Her learning skills are good and her common sense is better than me.

She of same height as me.

Fairy Aur used the skill and change into a fairy form. She turned into a small wooden pendant. I put her on around my neck. By seeing her I got a new idea. That is to have a storage item.

Till 10 seconds to Divine Body/Soul form to dispell. I used small amount of Liquid to make a Bracelet with wooden storage space. The remaining liquid was stored inside the wooden storage Bracelet.

The Divine Body/Soul form Dispelled. And our MP is full but if we want to use Divine Body/Soul form except Nin B everyone can activate it. Nin B needs to wait for 10mins.

I put the weapons in Bracelet. The Divine Body/Soul form Dispelled.

Before leaving we united as one. Because Multi form weakness is we cannot level up when split.

I used warp to the marked location 1-Km away from the labyrith village.

I used Orb on my right to move Aur slow at walking pace towards the village. While inside Aur I activated Divine Body/Soul form after 3mins when dispelled. I reactivated Divine Body/Soul form aithout waiting for 10mins. That means when I am in Multi form I need to wait for 10mins to activate Divine Body/Soul once used but when not in Multi form I do not need to wait for 10mins.

My Divine Skills compatibility is as follows

Multi form -> Divine Form(active 3mins) -> 10mins -> Divine Form(active 3mins)....
Normal -> Divine Form-> 0sec -> Divine Form.... (continue the form )

Multi form (-X-) Divine form (Passive) [MF has no DF passive]
Multi form -> Divine form Active (Divine Body/Soul Form - Divine Form - DF)

1 Normal <-> 4MF each left MP 10%
1 Normal <-> 2MF each 70%<-> 4MF 40%<-> 8 MF  left MP 10%   [Multiform - MF]

Fantasy world Oiliel 02

Fantasy world Oiliel chapter 02: Divine Skills

I was so excited about my adventure which is about to begin.

Well first let's see my status.

(Note: Status cannot be seen by others without Unique Skill in this world.)

Name: Balu
Race: Human/???
Age:  14
Job: -
Title: -

LVL: 1
HP: 100
MP: 100

STR: 100
MAG: 100
AGI: 100
LUC: 100

Unique Skill: Divine Body/Soul, Multi form, Divine Learn, ???, -

Skill: -

Magic: -

I don't have any Magic and Skill.

I have 3 Unique Skills. I just casually look into it.

Divine Body/Soul: Special body/soul immune to all, a body immune to physical / Magic / abnormal status / Soul attacks. Raises STR, MAG, AGI, LUC to max. Can switch between (Active/Passive). When Passive form protects vital parts and bones, no rise in stats also allows level up. When Active form Full immune, rises stats and any magic need 1MP/Magic but does not allow level up. 10% of full MP.

Multi form: Can split and unite according to oneself. When Split everyone can think sperately. Power/Level will not go down. Can unite no matter what distance. Does not allow Level up. (Active) 30% of Full MP.

Divine Learn: Learns targets Skill and also it's counter. Instant memory/permanant memory. Skill will be at Lvl 1 when learned. (Active) 10% of full MP. (This skill learns skills from targets Body/Soul.)

Okay let's try Multi form. Let's become 3.

As I activated my Unique Skill Multi Form. I became 3 individuals. What's amazing this skill has is 3 of me are originals. Let's give each a code name Nin (A), Nin (B), Nin (C)(Nin is Ninja). That means I can think seperately and if  we fight in group it will become 3 vs 1.

It took 30% of full MP for each copy form. I can become 4 individuals at Max with 10% MP remaining at once. If I want I can become 8 forms with 100% MP without Divine Body/Soul form.  

In Multi Form the skill Divine Body/Soul become Active with time limit 3 min (no Passive in Multi Form).

We thought of using Multi Form efficiently. Each choose a direction the first one to reach a path or village or human will be Main body. That means one who is safe will be main body the remaining 2 will get fighting experience in the forest.

Even we are miles appart we can contact each other and share Info. After 3 hrs Nin (A) found a river and used Multi Form to split into 2(Code name change Nin (A) Nin (D)) and started walking opposite directions to find people. By the way our MP 60 recovered in 1 hr. The mana of one used Multi Form will loose his mana will not effect others mana. That means I can become an army without a problem.

Nin (B) encountered a group of goblins and they found me.
It's a group of 10 Green goblins consist of
3 swordsmen, 2 archers, 3 magicians, 1 healer which are 1/2m height and 1 General which is 2.5m height. Out of the goblin magicians one is a variant with different color.

The attacker Nin (B) has activated Divine Body/Soul skill it took 10 MP now I am immune to any attacks so I started attacking goblins this all took in less than 10sec. The others also become Divine Body/Soul form without using the Skill. Back 4 started using Divine Learn Skill to learn the skills of 10 Goblins.

at the same time in the forest
In the forest Nin (C) was ambushed by the Silent Tiger(Lvl 2). Nin (C) used Multi form to split into 2 [Nin C Nin I]. Nin (I) learned it's Skill. Nin (C) killed it with a strong kick on its head which was like cutting a tofu with a sharp knife. Silent tiger dead without resistence. Shared info to others.

Nin (B) used Multi form to split into 2[Nin B Nin E]. Nin (E) to take distance and Nin (B) to attack eack have 70 MP.

Nin (E) who takes distance from goblins uses Multi form to split into 2[Nin E Nin F]. Both had 40 MP. and again both used Multi form to split each into 2[Nin E Nin G][Nin F Nin H].

Now 1 Attacker with 70 MP and back 4 with 10 MP. We are now 5 individuals here and 2 in the forest and 2 are walking opposite directions on river side a total of 9 individuals.

On the river side
Nin (D) encountered a Aqua Wolf(Lvl 3). Nin (D) killed the Aqua Wolf with lesser power kick than Silent tiger to it's neck then learned it's skill. Shared info to others.

If Goblins attacks I can ignore their attacks and hit their vital parts like Neck, abdomen, heart... etc.

In this form (Divine Body/Soul) Nin (B) killed 3 goblin swordsmen in 3 lowest punches their heart vest armour caved in.

My speed raised to the point in less than fraction of a second I moved back of the goblin archers when they released their arrows at me from 40m distance. I took out 2 archers with breaking their necks with chop.

Surprised when I killed 2 magicians with 2 punches to their head and remaining 1 goblin(variant) suddenly disappered to 10 meters away from me. I shifted my weight and accelerated towards the other magician goblin(variant) killed it with a kick on it's stomach.

The general goblin wants to attack me first before I killed the last healer goblin, but it was too late. The goblin general atmosphere changed suddenly this Green general become Red. I hit the general with lowest power punch at abdomen, it withstood the attack barely because of it's armour absorbed most of the shock. But, when I jump high and use my same power kick I used on Aqua Wolf on the head of General with bone breaking sound it died standing. I(Nin B) killed them without spilling any blood of Goblins.

By the way they are the first attacked me to kill. 

I killed 10 goblins consists of General less than 20 secs. I still have 2 Min 30 sec to go to normal from Divine Body/Soul.

The four in the back learned the skill and magic of all the goblins.

Now that I learned many skill/Magic. I thought of not using Divine Learn, Divine Body/Soul and Multi form skills until I get used to these new skills.

Learned skills

Unique Skill
Berserk from goblin general No MP needed
Revive from goblin healer 70% of Full MP
creator (???) 10% of Full MP
Skill Box (From Divine Learn) No MP needed

sword art LVL 1     No-10 MP needed
archery   LVL 1        No-10 MP needed
Stealth   LVL 1 (Silent tiger in forest) 1MP/min (range 0.1-???m in radius)
Counter (From Divine Learn) No-??? MP needed

also few other skills.

Fire Magic  Lvl 1 (goblin) (1-20 MP/magic)
Earth Magic Lvl 1 (goblin) (1-20 MP/magic)
Wind Magic  Lvl 1 (Silent tiger in forest) (1-20 MP/magic)
Water Magic Lvl 1 (Aqua wolf near river) (1-20 MP/magic)
Space Magic Lvl 1 (goblin) (10-Max MP/magic)
Heal Magic  Lvl 1 (goblin) (1-Max MP/magic)
Negate Magic (From Divine Learn)(range 50m-???/30mins) Need 20% of Full MP

Fantasy world Oiliel 01

Fantasy world Oiliel chapter 01: Transfer

My family:
twin Big sisters
my self.

My mother is a beauty. She looks like a Goddess. She has blond hair and blue eyes with fair never aging skin.

My father can be considered handsome. He has black hair and Black eyes. He was popular with girls when in high school.

Twin big sisters both are Blond hair and have odd eyes alt one Blue and one Red.

I am a healthy teenager with Black hair and Blue eyes.

My family has a secret. Actually mother is a Goddess who governs another world. Mother and Father fallen in love when he was summoned to her world by mistake. Later my mother travelled to this world.

When I am small, My mother before going to bed say about her world stories.

I used to say when I grow up I will go to her world.

That was all in the past. Right now I am totally confused. I am certain this place is not Earth. Because I am now standing on a thick cloud and my body absorbing lot of energy from this place. As far as I can see is nothing but white and golden color clouds. Whats more a girl who look just like an Angel right in front of smiling at me.

"Welcome Back, cousin. Long time no see." (おひさしぶりです)

Suddenly she hugged me. 


Because a girl who look like an Angel hugged me out of no where. And she greeted me with [long time no see]. (おひさしぶりです)
And whats this about cousin. May be she took me for someone else.

"Ano, Who are you? And where am I?"

"Haha, I am Reia your cousin. Well you just born when you first saw me. So it's natural to not know me. This is your mother's world."

That means I am smaller than her. This is my mother's domain that means heaven. Looking around I would be bored if I have to live here.

"Why was I here?"

"Because Aunt-sama sent you here. You will be going down to Oliel and live."

"Oliel is it the world from mother's stories come from."


"Can you release me?"

This is the first time who hugged me this long other than my mother, Asha and Aria.

"Ah, sorry I want to hug you some more. You are so comfortable to hug."

"Earlier, you said I have to go to Oliel. Why?"

"No, just Aunt-sama want you to live there.  Since she and uncle-sama will be coming back to this domain."

By saying she showed me projection of my mother. Yes it is a letter(projection).

[To Balu, go to Oiliel and live there. I know you loved the stories about my world. I want you to live freely. Your father and I will be there in 3 months. Also Asha and Aria were on Oiliel, they will find you.]

Well Oliel is my mother's home world so there is no problem.

After the message Reia-san took a little distance and said.

"You will be transferred to Oiliel in a while. I want you to know few basic things before you leave."

"1st you will be transferred at random to Oiliel, because this transfer is made of my power. So, you need to become a Hero or an adventurer of high level or a Ruler or ......"

In other words unless one would become famous we cannot find the Identity. The reason is Oiliel is 30 times bigger than Earth.

"2nd everyone on Oiliel has status to know their strength. You should never speak of your original status to anyone. Also never tell your info to anyone."

That means I should lie about my info.

"3rd Asha and Aria was on Oiliel because they was summoned by Hero summoning for Elves. It will be hard to find them."

Asha as a Yuusha. I cannot imagine that clumsy Asha as Yuusha. On the other hand Aria has would be perfect for Yuusha.

"4th you must not hesitate to kill. It will become your weakness. Oiliel is much more dangerous than you think."

Well I can guess that Oiliel is dangerous from stories. But, I may manage somehow.

"5th you should never blindly trust anyone."

Am I a kid. Well 14-yrs can be considered as kid. But, I already completed university education when I am 10-yrs. Last three years I travelled through many places on Earth with my family.

"And lastly Oiliel is not Earth. Find atleast a girlfriend other than Asha and Aria."

Asha and Aria are my big sisters not my girlfriends.

"........" she said few casual things about Oiliel.

"That's all, take care."

"See you later, Reia-san."

I was wrapped in white light and when I came to... I was in a Forest.

Fantasy world Oiliel

Fantasy world Oiliel 

Author: Masaba

         His mother send him to her world. He met with his cousin, who look like an Angel in his mother's domain. His Twin big sisters were summond as Yuusha by Elves.  His mother is the Goddess.His father is a normal human.

He must become famous to find his big Sisters. It is a game of family in another world.

Wind Novel, Fantasy Magic World

Action, Adventure, Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Fantasy, Supernatural.

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  3. Oiliel Fantasy world Chapter 03: Fairy Name Fairy Aur
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