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Fantasy Magic World 02

2) Fantasy Magic World CH 02: Special counseling!?

SunRay City, SunRay Magic Academy is the biggest Magic Academy, the College occupies over 25,000 square meters, there are a lot of school buildings and grounds Trial faculties, and I, Lisa and Oat are in Class 2.

"Fortunately not be late, or have to let the old witch we three left standing." Oat muttered to us.

"Shut up, old witch to come."

Old witch is our class teacher for two years because of her I have to study all the primary Basic Elements (T-T).
She does not know If I learn once never forget. To keep my low profile I intentionally make some mistakes.
She has very short temper may be because of born Fire Element.

"Hello students!"

"Hello teacher!"

Old witch came in, the class suddenly fell silent, because no one wanted to volcanic eruptions.

"The students want to choose their own school of magic does not?"

"If you want good!"

"Well, you come to me one by one to register."

When I registered, the old witch look at me said: "You Born with Wind Magic and want to Learn Water Magic!"

She looked surprised of my choice.

"Yes, teacher!"

"You know, If any were born with Wind Magic, they choose Fire Magic or Earth Magic as secondary."

"Ah! Why, ah, I do not know ah?"

"Because, Wind supports Fire Magic for Power-up fast. For your personality Earth Magic can be used for escaping below earth and Wind Magic for Flight. Well it's your choice."

Well I thought about Earth Magic but Water Magic has many uses than Earth Magic. I was born with all the elements so no need to specifically learn any Magic. For low profile, I choose Water Magic.

For me a child for seven of these certainly do not know, the teacher explained later to finish my 'safety first' I was very sure that choose to learn the optical system.

"Well, all the students have been selected to repair his own magic, early dismissal today, tomorrow, according to the categories you selected magic placement, class."

"Thank-you Teacher." All.

Full of a sense of accomplishment came home, my mother has dinner ready.

"I am back."

"How was class today. Did you behaved well."

"I behaved well, mother today I chose. What I want to repair the Magic."

"Ah !!, what, father of the baby you quickly come to our son chose the want to learn magic."

"Really? Did you choose the Fire Magic."

Hearing the news, the father quickly ran over.

"Definitely not, we must choose son is Earth magic, right, son?"

Mom with hopeful eyes looking at me.

My mom is a magician of Earth Magic, Dad is a magician of Fire system, what they majored magic for me when I was born began arguing.

Watching their eyes full of hope, wow, how do, forget them too, I head a little turn, right, so answer them now.

"No, no, no, I chose major magic is neither Earth nor the Fire."

"What?" Together they looked at me with surprised eyes.

"That is what you choose? Is it the Water department."

My choice of Water department is such a surprise to them. They lost their voice. They went silence for some time.

"Well, later you can learn our Systems." said dad.

"Yes don't worry about it." Mom also nodded to that.

"Mom, Dad, I chose Water system for our family sake."

Listening to me "Ho ho, can you explain." said Father.

"Because, there are many Magical Beasts lately increased. So, if any of us get hurt, we can heal it with Water Magic."

I said as tears while I watched Mom and Dad.

They looked at each other, my mother came to hold me gently.

"Well, Balu good clever Oh, Well for the sake of Mom and Dad."

Dad came over, we were surrounded in his arms. This harmonious atmosphere I really like, ah.

"But, baby you should think of yourself first for your future. Earth Magic can defend you with any other Magic." said Mother

"Yes, but you are a boy, so you should learn Fire magic with Wind magic a real combination power attack." said Father.

"I can always learn those two systems even when I grow up." I said lightly.

"Balu, the future must learn ah, at least you have to become senior magician Oh!"

"Yes, Dad, I will not let you down."

"Well, it's your choice we will not say anymore." They both agreed.

"Let's celebrate your choosing of Magic." "I will cook chicken your fav food."

"Thank you, Father, Mother."

Mom seemed suddenly remembered something. "Balu, Water spells at the primary, intermediate stage seems to have no attack magic ah."

Water magic don't have any attack based spells for Primary and intermediate Magician.
Wind has only one Wind cut Spell for intermediate Magician.
That means I don't have any attack based spells as Primary Magician.

"Don't worry mom, I will become a senior magician."

Senior Magicians can learn other two Elements. For me Fire and Earth are other two Elements.

For me I can learn any magic. So, even if I am an Intermediate Magician no problem.
But, for a Lazy guy like me Senior Magician will be a long future thing.

Night without words.

The next day, a long time after the sun rise and mother jointly called up, eat breakfast, Oat and Liza came to me.

"Balu, go to school, and today the placement of."

"Yeah yeah, let's go!"

Like yesterday, we are also stepping point into the classroom. Barely made it.

Old witch come in.

"Well, the students quiet, let's begin placement,

Earth Fire to class 6
Wind Fire to class 5
Earth Wind to class 7
Water Earth to class 8
Wind Water to Class 4
Water Fire to Class 3
Balu you follow me."

In my class there is no born special Magic users except me. (Special magic Light, Darkness, Thunder, nether etc.)

In addition to all of my classmates have their own class, one by one to their own reports to the department. Only I am left alone.

"Balu, you come with me, I'll take you to see your teacher, since you are the slacker. The school specifically for you to arrange a teacher for your specialized counseling."

[What? Why me? I kept my low profile till now. No my easy going life.
Did choosing Wind Water system wrong choice? No aside me there are 2 others who chose Wind Water system. 
Then why me?] {my thoughts are thinking at the speed of light.}

what! Oh, no, specialized counseling, it must be a good teacher with temper ah, do not be like the old witch, or I'll be dead, while thinking, I along with the teacher out of the classroom.

College teacher came to office, Hey, this is not the principal's office it?

"Go on, Balu, I said to go." I looked hesitant, old witch pulled me.

"Oh, Shaw teacher in." said Old witch. Knock the door.

I entered the principal's office to see the kind of president like a Woman standing, she smiled at me.

"Hello Shaw teacher, this is the student, who choose to learn Wind Water system. Balu let me introduce to your teacher, who is the great magician Shaw teacher. She was born with Wind then learned Water, Fire, Earth and Thunder."

Wind Water system not only me there are 2 others. I want to say but I cannot.

I followed the president's hand a look, ah, which I'll teacher? Around a 20-year-old woman, covered in spotless, full of energy, wearing a purple robe magician, 6 stars, with a face plate of the magician badge on her chest, as if the ferocious lioness.

"Shaw teacher Hello, my name is Balu. From now on take care of me."

"I'm Shaw teacher, you're welcome."

"You are the Balu. Later follow me to learn magic, I'm very tough, I hope you study hard, I'll try to put my learned to teach you. Tomorrow morning meet me at Class 9."

What can I say, I have eyes dull, why I forgot about that, it seems that they wanted me to work hard. Miserable! God of creation, ah, you told me is really not fair ah.

"Thank you teacher, I will try."

"You may leave early today."

It seems, my day of hard work begins. I left the school with my head down.

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Fantasy Magic World 01

1)Fantasy Magic World CH 01: Lazy Genius!?


My name is Balu. 7 years old, living in Sun kingdom's second largest city - in a small village edge of the Sunray City, due to the fairly well-off family, Mom and Dad, was very hopeful of my future.
So, put me to the City Sunray Magic Academy in primary school, is now a junior.
I grew up very interested in magic, but by nature lazy, more than two years time only learn some simple and basic primary magic magical theory of all elements. I learned these Element Magic.

It consists of Primary Elements Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Thunder, Space, Nether, Light, Darkness.
In them Fire, Earth, Water, Wind can be learned by any Magician.
Thunder can be learned if affinity is good.
But Space, Nether, Light, Darkness cannot be learned that is by born talent or by Blessing or by special circumstance can be learned.
combination Magic Secondary Ice, Wood, Mist, Etc can be cast with combining 2 or more Magic.
Tool Magic like Tags, Magic Weapons, Magic Scrolls etc.

A person will born with 1 or 2 Elements. If born with 2 Elements he is called Twin Element User can also be called a Genius of the century.
But I was born with all the primary Elements include Thunder, Space, Nether, Light and Darkness.
My some friends have never slack always meditate. But, they are at Lvl 3 Magic.
Where as my Magic Lvl 1. To be frank I am Lazy. But, I like to play tag, sword play, hero, etc.
I enjoy my childhood pretty well.
Then how do I learned about the basic theory? Simple, I do not forget anything.

Out of the four Elements (Fire, Earth, Water, Wind)

I'm so smart, what minor magic election? I choose The very own every human once dream in the life time.
That is to fly. So, I choose Wind Magic system.
Listen to my mother said there was a Great Mage, who can magic space shift about 10 kilometers.
So, I choose Space Magic to learn. I like to hear stories about Heroes from my Mother and Father.

It is a secret that I can learn Space Magic and other Magic except Wind. There is an older brother next door neighbor 2years older than me grown with him. who born with Twin Elements. He happily reported about it to his parents. So, he became the Genius of the Village. Every day he has to push his limits in both martial arts and Magic for the simple Genius status(T-T). Also, he had to pick another element from the other two (Water and Wind) which means no time to rest(18 hrs/day 6 hrs sleep). Due to hard work he is now

Magic Lvl 10 (o)(o) [(o)(o)2 Magic cores]  {Every 5 lvls needs a Magic Beasts Magic Core to enhance power.}
Fire: 7 (o), Earth: 7 (o), Wind: 2
Magic Beast
twin tailed Lizard Lvl 5
Plus Everyday at least 1 person will challenge him for practice match even Adults.

Looking at him, I decided never to reveal my constitution.

Out of other Elements wind is weakest Element. But, I want to fly just like Heroes in the tales.
So, I chose Wind. Also for Low profile.

Also, I don't Like fighting so Wind Element is good for running away. If you do not catch you cannot win.
And my secondary Magic is Water Element. Because it has heal and can also used for defense.

From two days This is all well planned by me.


"Chirp, Chirp."

"Hurry up, do not be late, do not leave a bad impression to the teacher, learn magic, road safety, from school to go home ......"

Mom really powerful, every day these words when leaving to Academy, but she's concerned let my heart warm.

Last night I did not sleep much. Today, I eat my breakfast then left.


"Oat, you scared me!"

My best friend and neighbor and schoolmate. Son of mayor of Oat bounced at me.

"Did you decide the two systems of Magic?"

"Well yes, 1st system Wind and 2nd System Water." (Here 1st is Born with Magic and 2nd is to Learn Magic.)

"Oh! Are you thinking about girls?" with a Grin.

"What do you mean?" I glared at him.

"I mean water system have more girls than boys."

"It's not like that."

Before I speak he said.

"I know for flying like heroes and running away with defense." Oat said with a grin.

(Oat in mind: I don't know Balu is Genius or Fool. Well he born with Wind magic has Flight. Water has Defense which is lighter than Earth Magic. For his personality I thought he would choose Wind with Earth. Earth has Absolute defense. And Fire has Good Attack with wind assist. But, Don't forget Balu is Lazy but speed of running away is good.)

"What do you choose?" I asked

"Well, guess." he said with grinning.

"....." (Annoying).

"Well, I will say. I chose my 1st Earth and 2nd Fire."

"You chose fire? If you are not careful you will burn yourself."

"You do not understand it." Oat like little adults are looking at me.

"Quickly say don't pull." I said.

"Haha, I know fire Magic is powerful. But, to girls Fire user is more cool than any other."

(Balu in mind: Well fire is good choice for a Earth user. It has both good attack and good defence. Wait what did he said........)

"You are the one chose for the girls." I retorted.

"Haha, Well my good friend. It was a joke, a joke. Hahahahaa."(Though it is half truth.)

I sensed someone from the back without turning back. And said.

"Stop don't.....Duh... jump on me."

Suddenly someone jumped on me from the back saying. These siblings .........

"What are you guys talking about?"

"Lise, don't suddenly jump on me like that. If I dodged you would have hurt yourself."

"But, you will not dodge me, right."

She is Oats little twin sister.

"Hahahahaa, as always Lisa. Why don't you jump on your beloved Big brother instead."

"Yes, jump on him."

"Did you say anything?" Looking at Oats.

"Nothing." Both.

"Then, What are you guys talking about."

We said about our previous conversation about System choosing. Then her turn.

(Lisa: Just as I thought, Balu don't like fighting. While my Idiot brother likes to show-off.
 Well my choice of Water Magic is correct decision.)

"I choose 1st Earth and 2nd Water system."

Here looking down Oats said.

"Lisa you should have chosen Fire instead of Water system don't you think it is cool."

"No way, I always thought Water is coolest than Fire System."

"What did you say, Fire System is way cool than a Water system." They two started arguing.

"Hey, if we don't hurry, we will be late." 

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Balu Fusion Magic CH- 4) Transfer? Forest? Village?

4) Transfer? Forest? Village?

I met a Goddess Named Ira-sama. She said to me to seal memory of my planet and my power.
After that She sealed my power. She remind me of how to unseal my power she sealed.
Right now I have no memory of where I come from so that start of new beginning.
She informed me about some details of the planet.

I draw 2 cards from the Ira-Box. I chose following Stats card.

Masaba Balu Lvl 1
Age: 10
Race: Human M

HP: 100/100
MP: 500/500

STR: 30                 (Body Atk and Def)(Can increase by using Magic or Skill)
Magic: 30               ( Magic power increase by INT) (130 10Mp or 3000 100Mp or 30 1Mp)
(i.e., Magic + or X INT = Magic power of choice. If + is 10Mp X will be +X10 = 100Mp without INT 1Mp )
AGI: 30                 (Agility of Body)(Can increase by using Magic or Skill)

EVA: 100                (Dodge)
INT: 100                (Mind Strength)
LUC: 100                (Luck)
REC: 100                (Recovers HP/Mp)        

Divine Bless                    (Divine Skill) LVl 1
MAGIC PLAY                      (Special Skill) LVl 1
Magic Absorption Passive/Active (Unique Skill)  Lvl 1



Element Storage Bracelet Rank S   LVL 1    (ESB)
Geo Magic MAP        Rank S   LVL 1      (GMM)  

Money: 0

" Where am I?"

This is the first thought that got in my mind. I know that Iam in a forest but the surrounding air is a lot different from before.
This forest has lot of energy flow. It is no ordinary forest. I felt someone or thing from the Ruins behind me. There is a breath of powerfull breath in the ruins.
I better move away from here. I walked slowly away from the ruins. After walking few minutes I don't know where to go.
But luckily I got the Map from Ira-sama.

I checked the Map it shows it is a magic forest called Drawood forest. I can see rough Map of 5KM radius from my position.
The ruins behind me is called Dralong ruins.

The monsters surrounding area are very strong. 

So, first I should know my strengths and weaknesses

Divine Skill: [Unique Skill]
Divine Bless:
1)Self: Gives 3 min invincibility, Recover HP/Mp/Status full instant, Revive when dead, etc. Cooling time 1-5 HRS.
2)Other: User choise. Cooling time 30 mins. 

Special Skill:
Magic Play:
1) Can change stats, pass magic through objects, Can learn different magic, Can Fusion Magic, etc No cooling time
2) Can Multiiply objects 10 min

Unique Skill:
Magic Absorption:
1)passive: Auto-Recovers Magic. No cooling time.
2)Active: Absorb Magic from target. Cooling time 5 Mins

Skill: Can Learn any Skill
None at present

Magic: Can Learn any Magic
WIND MAGIC  Basic LVL 1 : Basic wind magic
FIRE MAGIC  Basic LVL 1 : Basic Fire magic
EARTH MAGIC  Basic LVL 1: Basic Earth magic
WATER MAGIC  Basic LVL 1: Basic Water magic

Magic Map Rank S  Invisible/untouchable to anyone except owner.
By passing magic 10Mp = 1km can be seen. Map will update automatically surrounding locations.
The Map shows where the monsters are located and their movements, water and food sources, treasures directly projected in a 3d image.
but for directions need 10mp no limit till encounters the target. Destination will be projected as light arrow in front of owner.

Element Storage Bracelet:(ESB)
Storage Bracelet Rank S Invisible/untouchable to anyone except owner
1)Bracelet with 4 subspace. The owner can manipulate time, weather, etc. 50MP per setting one Subspace.
2)It auto collect treasures, Herbs, Fruits etc which are not belong to others with in 1KM radius. Need 200MP per 30mins.   

While walking.

After seeing ESB I put 200MP of Magic. It collect items just as described.

In less than 1Mins my MP recovered to full. Seeing this my heart full ecstasy. This means I can use Magic without break.

(reason Unique Skill + REC.)

Then check the MAP (GMM) it is 130KM to long wagon trail(Road) from here.
By walk it only takes 12-20hrs but it is Magic forest there are many dangers other than monsters. So may take much longer.

I set a destination point on the map.

So I put on my leather robe removed few fruits and Herbs from the ESB and put them in the robe pockets.
If I see some humans it would be hard to explain my ESB. Also, I don't feel any weight.

When I about to encounter a Monster. I hide myself near a tree by holding my breath. Once it left, I got my first Skill Conceal.

Conceal LVL 1
1) Masks presence of one person. No one can find unless you move 1 meter from the place.
2) No time limit. Cooling time 5mins.

I want to avoid a fight with monsters at any cost. Because it would only tired me out.
With this skill it became little easy to move in the forest. But I need to wait till 5mins or more to move from the place if encounter a monster.
So, no choice but to use monster warding Beads(high) to ward off monsters (collected by ESB).
When encounter a monster other than Conceal I did not use any other magic. Because of thorn plants my new robe become worn out.
It took nearly 15hrs to reach the destination.

Once I reached to the Long Wagon trail I put lot of leaves together and slept after eating a fruit in my robe.
Here I used my [Magic Play] to keep [Conceal] effect only to monsters. Which means when humans come here they could find me.
Also monster ward-off bead (high) will keep monsters away from me.

When I wakeup it was already Noon. I sensed someone near me. They are humans who are camping.
There are 5 people all are well equiped like adventurers. Three men Two women.

"Hey, kid finally awake." One man looked burly said. (Warrior with Battle Axe)

"Oi, leader he was awake." Said another man.(Archer)

"Luckily I found you other wise you might be in a lot of danger." said woman. (Thief)

"Thank you."

"........" a girl may be same age as me. She did not speek just staring at me. (Magician)

"Boy, what is your name? My name is Kyle. I am the leader of this group." (Warrior swordsman)

"My name is Balu. Nice to meet you."

"Where did you come from."

"Taiyo Kingdom, I think."

"This is also Taiyo Kingdom. Which region are you from."

"I don't remember."

My robe is all worn out even though it is new. And I have expensive fruits and herbs in the robe.
In them monster ward-off bead (high) is there.
Looking at me they thought of one possibility. So, they did not pry anymore.

"Okay thats enough with the questions. First let him eat some food." said Woman thief.

"Before that. Let me introduce my present party members."

Party Name- Horn of Pegasus Rank- A

Kyle- M- [Warrior] Leader - Rank -A- 35
Hachieru- M- [Battle Axe Warrior]- A- 45
yasuka- M- [Archer]- B- Age 32
Kyasuka- F- [Thief]- B- Age 25
Sumi- F- [Magician]- H- Age 11

So, Sumi-san is 1 yr older than me.

After that it took us nearly 1 week to reach the Daguna Village. The purpose Kyle and others come to forest was for Sumi-san experiance.

Hachieru-san despite his looks he is a kind man. Kyle-san is a good leader. There are others in Horn of Pegasus party.
But, they did not participate in this Quest. This Quest was given by Magic Academy in Daguna Village.
While on break yasuka-san gave me some tips about Archery. And Kyasuka-san and Sumi-san give me some snacks and dry food.
I gave them each 3 fruits which were hanging inside my robe. They did not eat them put them in Ruck sack.
They said these were expensive fruits which can be exchanged for Gold.

We were attacked by monsters few times but nothing serious happened. Monsters and materials are put in Ruck Sack.
By the evening we reached the Daguna Village.
A large labyrinth is on the east side of the town also surrounded by a huge walls. and on the west similar Huge walls but nothing can be seen.
This village also has Huge walls and many small exits can be seen. The small exits were built with magic no one can enter from them. 
The Small exits are for escaping from the village if any thing happened inside.
The only entrance is main gate which we were heading. when we were 50 meters from the entrance a person and 5 soldiers.

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