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Desumachi 03

3-1. To Daily Life


Satou's here. Not wanting to experience the real dungeon attack again, Satou's.
The arm demon who's missing with the appearance of the labyrinth is on my mind but...
For now I'd like to enjoy a peaceful life for once.

We've come into a vacant lot about as wide as a school yard when we come out of the labyrinth.
Surrounding the edge of the lot, are two-meter high fences. It look to be hastily made.
Since the outer wall can be seen from there, it seems that this is the square where the commotion was.

Looking back at the labyrinth's entrance, it's a 3 meter high of sharp jet black rock with a hole. I wonder if it's made of obsidian?

There are 3 turrets 50 meters away surrounding the entrance. Wooden barricades with sharp pointed tips lined up on the places where they don't obstruct the turrets' line of fire.

"Satou-san, come here please."

Zena-san is calling from a tent across the fences.
When we reunited, Zena-san hugged me without letting go, but her co-worker, Lilio, who was late, teased her so she jumped out in panic. ...She was definitely very worried. Did she favor me that much~?

While Pochi and Tama hanging on both of my hand, we go toward the tent. Liza follows 3 steps back from me. Are we a master and his pupil.

I give our luggages to the woman official on the entrance and go inside the tent. Liza didn't want to leave her spear, but once I urged her, she reluctantly let it go.

The inside of the tent is unexpectedly wide. It's about as wide as a school classroom.
The handsome middle-aged priest who got out earlier is inside, being questioned by officials while getting medical treatment.
The viscount and his daughter aren't here. Are they on another tent?

Since Zena-san beckons me, I head to her.
The handsome middle-aged Garleon priest, Nebinen-shi and the slave trader, Nidoren are also over there.
<TLN: FINALLY, can we stop using his title now please author?>. The last person is a gray haired knight with bulging muscles and metal armor. The knight looks over here, and laughs. His expression looks like a mischievous boy even though he's already middle-aged.

"Hoo, so you're magician Zena's dearest."
"N, no."

Zena-san attempts to cover and deny the knight's word, but the knight ignores it and continues.

"She was haggard until your safety was confirmed you know. If her squad didn't watch over her, she was sure to jump into the labyrinth alone, it was that dangerous."
"That, for all the trouble I've caused, I'm very sorry."

I think it's a bit strange for me to apologize, but it's better than being awkwardly silent.

"Hahaha. You don't need to apologize. I just want to look at the person who got the straight laced having-no-interest-beside-magic-training to fall."
"L, like I said I don't..."

Zena-san tries to intercept again, but in the middle of the way, she begins to murmur her words and hangs her head while looking really embarrassed. Experiencing romcom in this age is painful ...No wait, my body is that of 15 years old.
The knight looks at Zena-san amusingly, places his hand on his chin, and turns his head to me with appraising gaze.

"However, even though he does look nimble, to be able to break through a labyrinth with such small number of people, even a great man can't dot that."
"If the girls weren't there, far from escaping, I'd have been in the belly of a monster by now."

And so I said that to make a good impression of Liza and co. Pochi and Tama who are quietly crouching beside my feet look up curiously, I pat their heads to deceive them. Liza quietly bows but wisely chooses not to say anything.

"They sure looks strong. I would like to make them my subordinates if they weren't demi-human."

This knight, even though he looks like a nice-guy who doesn't care with racial difference, the discrimination against demi-human is really deep-rooted~
I respond while smiling wryly.

"They're good comrades who've been together with me though."

"Fumu, if they weren't, it'd be impossible to break through the labyrinth. I'm sorry, this territory's people are always at odd with demi-human tribes, so they're incompatible no matter what."

So it wasn't just simple prejudices but disputes between race huh... no wonder it's deep-rooted.

"Commander! The preparation is complete."

A woman who wears magician-like robe call out.
What preparation?

There's a lithograph put on the pedestal. Yamato stones again after 3 days huh? It's bigger than the one I've seen back then.
Commander-san calls out people who has escaped from labyrinth with loud voices.

"I know that this might be rude, but everyone who has escaped from labyrinth need to be checked with this Yamato stone. This is the original Yamato stone specially loaned from the earl. Even abnormal status will be displayed. This is for the sake of proving that no one is possessed by the demon."

Everyone initially looks displeased, but they become quiet after being told that it's to find out whether they're possessed by demon or not. Since everyone here saw the moment when the demon arm came out of Uusu in the square back then.

Still, leaving my level to 1 and no skill even though I've broken through a labyrinth is bad.

It's been a while since I operate the menu with thought, I open the exchange tab. Since the beastkin girls are level 13, let's make me a bit lower at 10. Make the skills merchant-like with [Arithmetic] and [Estimation]. Would it be strange to have no battle-related skill? Let's put [Avoid] then.

When my turn come, I put my hand on the Yamato stone. Yep, the stats has been updated with the previously set information.

"Indeed, the [Nimble Merchant] huh."

"...You heard that from Zena-san right?"

"That's right, you know well. Still, even though you're not a soldier or an explorer, to have that level at that age, you must've been through a lot."

"It's not that amazing."

Humility? It is.
In fact, this person is level 30 at 29 years old. Being level 10 at 15 years old is nothing to brag about. Is it because that it's hard to level up beside for combat-related professionals?

Small shouts are raised from behind.
They seem to be surprised that a slave is so high leveled at level 13 and even has 4 skills.

Liza is wearing a hard to read expression like always, but her tail is twitching a bit. She's probably a bit proud.

Next is Pochi. Since her hands didn't reach, Liza lift her up from behind. She looks really happy having her hands and feet loose in the air.
The Yamato stone official tells her to place her hand. Shouts bigger than the time with Liza are raised. For 10 years old to be level 13 is probably amazing. Her skills are 4 too.
Pochi's tail are waving with a buzz. She looks over here and make a noise with her nose.

The last one is Tama. Just like with Pochi, Liza lifts her. Did she also want to have her hands and feet loose in the air? she looks really happy her tail swinging on Liza's legs.
When her stats are displayed, the shouts are quieter than the one with Pochi. Her stat is as good as Pochi, but since it's the third time already, the surprise factor is already fading. Tama looks dissatisfied.

"It must have been hard to train demi-human slaves to that degree."

"It's not that much. Because the girls are excellent."

It's true that I struggled, but the girls' excellences is a fact too. Although I wouldn't die even without them, I would undoubtedly have an unpleasant time with the traps.

The inspection with Yamato stone end with Tama's turn.

It seems that everyone except Nebinen-shi who's in deep talk with the white-haired official is allowed to go home.

"Now then, since the inspection is done, is it fine for us to go home?"

"I'm sorry, I'd like to hear the time when the demon appear from you for a bit more."

Me, Zena-san, and Nebinen-shi, the three of us tell the event which unfolded until we were swallowed up by the labyrinth in detail to the commander and white-haired official.

I was embarrassed when Zena-san excessively praised me for the handling of Uusu. Even Nebinen-shi concluded that I've subsided the possibility of rebellion and dealt with the agitator inside the crowd... Well, it's the truth though.

Since I remember the words of the demon when we got into labyrinth better, Nebinen-shi passed it to me to convey.

"For the sake of full revival huh..."
"I don't know how much magic power is needed for demon's revival, but here is close with the dragon line."
"Right, since it's near the earth veins... Even then, it would still take several months right? Before that let's call high level explorer clans from the labyrinth city, Ceribila, and bring it to an end."

Yup, lots of unknown words making it hard to follow the story. On the side, Zena-san who's clenching her fist is nodding with serious expression.

Let's summarize the words that I understand for now, it's fine to leave the demon alone for a few months, before that, defeat it by calling the high level explorers? It's like that, OK?

After that, what kind of monster appear in the labyrinth? How many of them appear at the same time? What kind of traps are there? various things like that were asked.
I only report half of the battle we've been but I don't hide the type of enemy of who came out.
At first it was just common fact checking, when the story arrived at the time we meet viscount Belton just before the bone hall, the official's face became strange.

"What's wrong?"
"No well~. Did you really fight that many battles without a spellcaster? Furthermore judging from the time the labyrinth appeared to your escape, each battle's time is really short I think? Did you properly take breaks?"
"Of course. Since we're not machines."
"Yeah, of course you are." (Most likely Zena)
"Yes, we took 3 rest, each for about 3 hours."
"It doesn't look like you're just bragging."

Huh? Did I make a mistake?

"It must be a party with exceedingly good cooperation. You did well not to get annihilated fighting to the bitter end even with that high pace."
"That's right~ If even one people incur serious injury, you'd have been annihilated... If I was with you then I could have became the role of support or healer."

Ah, Zena-san's eyes begin to turn teary.

"Along the way, we've found an alchemist hideout, and we found a lot of magic potions. It's partly thanks to that~."

I'll sully myself to stop a girl's cry. Deception skill come on~.

"Umu, as expected if there were no means for recovery, that many battles would have been impossible."

Yep, we went through hardships.
Whenever the beastkin girls were about to surely got hit, I immediately dash and parry the attack. If they are about to get surrounded, I aggro the enemy.
I really want provocation skill. Let's try to see if I can get it or not next time.

Oh right, I should confirm it before I forget.

"Um, can I ask something?"

"What would that be? I don't mind as long as it's not military secret. By the way, my daughter is 15 years old with beautiful buttock and very popular."

What is this person saying? Let's magnificently ignore!

"It's about the labyrinth, I think it's spreading considerably. Is it fine to just let the labyrinth spread out like this?"

"Oh, did I not explain it?"

You did not.

"The labyrinth won't spread to anywhere beside to the outer wall of this square. I can safely declare that there is no danger of the city collapsing."

"I want to hear the reason for that safety if possible..."

"Umu, right. The army, collaborating with the town's magicians and alchemists have set up barrier. A consecration ceremony involving all the town's temples is being held. With this double shields, the labyrinth has been restricted from encroaching the city's underground."

I see.
Still, I thought the temple and magicians look like they're on bad term.

"I understand what you're thinking. For the temple and magicians who are in bad terms to cooperate together so quickly, it's because of the earl's edict. Even so, this quick isolation of the labyrinth is thanks to the fast report of magician Zena."

"That was thanks to Satou-san giving priority to reporting."

Then, me and Zena-san's concession and credit passing continued, but the white-haired official and the commander skillfully dealt with it.  If left alone, I don't know how long it would continue... GJ white-haired official.

"That's why, As long as the barrier is seriously maintained, the labyrinth won't endanger the city. Have you understand that?"

"Yes, I'm relieved."

What a relief. Since I'm afraid if the inn collapse while I'm asleep!

3-2. Master of the Beastkin Girls

Satou's here. Even though slaves are common here, still not getting used to it, Satou.

It would be hard to spread fundamental human rights on this world.

I don't have any intention to do so though ...

After several sessions of questions and answers, we're finally released.
The onee-san official who was given our luggages passes it back to us.

"The things over here are fine to take back. However, the magic cores over there will be bought by the earl."

Can I deny it? I tried to ask, but she answers me back with a [No] and a smile.

"Since we can't completely confirm the safety of this monster's meat, we will confiscate it. And since this spear is made from monster's part, we can't allow you to carry it on the town."

Liza over-reacts to that and turns over here. T, the rarely mad Liza, is angry?
Since she seems to really like it, let's negotiate for her.

"Since that spear is  powerful, couldn't you ask a person with appraisal skill to check for any danger? Of course, I will bear the cost for the procedure, but could you give it back when it's finished?"

Liza, you're scary. Scary. Look, even the onee-san's smile is cramping.

"I, I understand. I'll arrange it. The new custody receipt will have to be issued and will be ready by tomorrow afternoon, please bring this temporary receipt to military post then."

"Yes, I'm counting on you."

That's right, let's ask about the treatment for the beastkin girls.

"Um, I have a question if you may..."

It's about the beastkin girls.

"...I see, the slaves' master was dead so you took care of them, and brought them out of the labyrinth is it?"

"Yes, that's right."

Liza also nods. Pochi and Tama lean against Liza feet listlessly ...Bored, are they?

"If it's like that, then these demi-human slaves are yours."

Is that so? I thought of buying and releasing them if they were brought to slave traders though.

"If slaves' master is dead in a labyrinth, except for the murderer, anyone who found the slaves will take their ownership, just like lost item. Therefore, customary and legally,  you are these slaves' master."

Onee-san writes something on a certificate, and presents it to me.

"It's a certificate which claim that you're the master of these slaves. Since this is only valid within the town, it's better to make official contract on the slaves traders on the castle's plaza as soon as possible.  It's not enough for thanks for the large quantity of magic core we've received, but there is no fee for it."

I receive the certificate and give my thanks to her, and along with the beastkin girls, we get out of the tent.
Oh yes, since the magic cores are used as materials for the labyrinth isolation barrier, we're obliged to sell them.

Outside, Zena-san and the three noisy girls from back then are discussing something.
It's bad to disturb their work, but for them to only nods for my greeting is rather cold...
While thinking what's happening, Lilio grins and pokes at Zena-san while laughing, then she points at me.
"Good luck~", While receiving Lilio's support, Zena-san is coming here.

"Satou-san, I see that the procedure is complete. Are you going back to the inn after this?"

"Yes, I'd like to have the slaves rest at the inn too."

"You're really kind. Though, I guess even the stable's barn is more comfortable than the labyrinth's floor."

...Huh? There were some strange words mixed in.

"No, I wouldn't make comrades who stuck together in hardships with me to sleep in the barn. I intend to reserve proper room in the inn for them."

"Umm. Satou-san. There is no inn who will allow demi-human to lodge in this territory you know. If the master stay in the inn then the slaves will be put on the stable's barn..."

Are you serious? I thought it's just disagreeable at best, that they would let it if I pay more.
Since Zena-san looks so sorry, it doesn't seem to be a joke.

"Zena-san, you don't have to put that face. Thanks to you, I won't dispute it on the inn."

She still looks sorry, but I keep saying to don't worry about it.
Since Zena-san and her group are going to be on watch here until midnight, I thank them for teaching me and get out of here.

Even so, if I didn't get the information from Zena-san beforehand, and is told to put the beastkin girls on the stable, I would probably get out of Gate Inn.

Should I buy a house? Or do I get out of the earl's territory?
It's different from when I first got here, I met Zena-san and many acquintances in this city so I'm starting to get attached to it. Although I don't intend to stay permanently...

On the way back, let's go to the worker's guild and ask Nadi-san if she's able to arrange for buying a house.

"Master, it's presumptuous of me to say this, but we're satisfied just sleeping on stable's barn. Since we slept on the outside ground under the roof before..."

"That... even for slaves, that's some excessive abuse."

"I'm sorry."

Why is Liza apologizing? I want to hear the reason.

"No that, I didn't want for master to make that face... I want master to not worry even if we sleep in the barn, but my vocabulary is not enough..."

"So that's it, you were taking me into consideration. Thank you."

Pochi and Tama who are dangling on my hands are pulling my sleeves.
I look at where their finger point, a girl wearing one-piece clothes seems to want to talk. A short stick is held in her hand. A spell-user huh?

"Can I help you with something?"

"Yes, how about some junction magic?"

Is it like the junction healer in MMO?

"For treating injuries?"

"Full treatment is impossible~ how about hemostasis and cleaning? It's refreshing, and if you don't clean your wounds then the meat will rot you know~? Ah, and if you're tired, then I can also use invigoration magic, although it's a bit expensive~?"

"How much is the hemostasis and cleaning?"

"[Soft Wash] and [Dry] set is 12 copper coins. One performance of [Bandage] is 3 copper coins."

Fumu, I guess there's no need for hemostasis. Since any wounds were immediately treated with ointments.

"Then, please 4 sets of Soft Wash and Dry."
"Eh? The demi-human slaves too?"

The spell-user girl is surprised with wide-eyes.
She's counting with her fingers with a pensive look.

"Err~ 40 copper coins and 3?"

"It's 48 copper coins."

Even though you can use magic, can't you do mental arithmetic? Since it looks like I have to pay in advance, I give her 3 silver coins.
The spell-user girl began to calculate by writing on the ground... Are you serious?

"1 silver coin is equal to 20 copper coins."
"U~, I know that, I'm properly calculating now because I know!"

The girl furiously calculates with one hand on her head. After a while, she finally finishes the calculation, and gives back the 12 copper coins change.

"Thank you for waiting~ Well then, let's quickly start~! To keep the small children stand still, please hold their shoulder well, okay."

I wonder if it's in the manual for this regard, even with demi-human, she's being careful to be polite.

Pochi and Tama who were surprised with Soft Wash tried to get away but I grabbed them as not to move.

When the Dry spell begin, Pochi who seems to be feeling good looks happy, enjoying the drying sensation. In contrast, Tama looks even more displeased than the time with the wash, and tries to get away from Liza who hold her shoulder.

"Thank you, I feel really refreshed now. Do you always perform the magic around here?"

"Today there are a lot of people who look like they've played around in mud coming out so I went to get some extra income. But I'm usually going around some brothels. The income is good since a lot of people there want refreshment."

I see, that's certainly true. She's sharp.
After I tell her that we're the last group of the people who played in the mud, the girl goes back to her usual routes.

The day is coming to an end, I guess it's fine to take the official slavery contacts tomorrow.

While thinking about that, I bought 4 serving of delicious looking skewered meats.
Is it goat meat? The meat tastes a bit quirky but the green powder which tastes like pepper stimulates my appetite.
The beastkin girls are eating frantically, hagu hagu sound effects seemingly coming out. Come to think of it, the time with the grilled frog meat was amazing too~.
Even the usually restrained Liza, become intense when it comes to meat. Seeing her tasting the meat is a sight for my eyes. Her bashfulness when she realized that she was observed is good too.

When the day is becoming dark, the lamps on the main street are being lighted by spell-users holding short canes. Is it just my imagination or there are a lot of people.

Since I don't like to shout when some drunkard tried to touch Liza and Pochi, I buy the three of them hooded mantles. Curiously, Tama skillfully walks without getting herself tangled by anyone.

We proceed through hustle and bustle and find out that a stage has been installed in the square. Various carriages with cages are scattered around on the square beside the stage, some merchants are giving speeches here and there.

...Oh yeah, since yesterday, the slaves auction has started.

3-3. At the Slave Market


Satou's here. There's this so called uncanny relationship, even though I didn't want to, we meet again.
It seems to be fate.

The slave market occupies around 200-300 meter in diameter of the square, bonfires are lighted every 20 meter away.
Just like in a festival, several slender pillar of woods stood, they're connected with string tied with innumerable thin metal plates which glitters from reflection of the lights from magic. If this wasn't a slave market, this fantastical feeling would have been perfect for dates...

A rope is stretched in the place that looks to be the center of the auction.
The slaves auction hasn't been started yet, but several musicians on the stage are playing a tune that feels obscene.

We don't enter the square, and just walk along the square's street while sightseeing it.


Dono? I don't know anyone who call me...
It was the slave trader whom we saved from the spider on the labyrinth, Nidoren-shi. Coming out from a small tent across the the slaves carriage, he's coming here. Girls, who are chained together, are lined up on top of the carriage.

"The slaves on that carriage are the exhibit for auction today. There are are those who have arithmetic and secretary skills among them, how about hiring one, Satou-dono? Since they are all properly educated, they're all virgins, but I can guarantee that no one will refuse for the night time."

...Educated huh.
Oops, rather than thinking the irony, I have other business.

"I'm sorry, but I must make our slaves here go through formal procedure first before thinking of new one..."
"Oya? Do ou want to sell them? If so, please do use our firm! If it's now, you can exchange for beautiful virgin slaves! How about it!"

He sure pushes hard. I don't have the slightest intention though.
...Not one bit, so please don't hold my sleeves while looking up so anxious. I brush Pochi's and Tama's head briskly. I can't see behind, but I can feel Liza being nervous.

"I've said this before, but I don't have any intention to sell them."

Yes, I do want to release them though.
Pochi and Tama relaxes their grip on the robe.

"Is that so, that's regrettable. Then what kind of procedures do you want? It's not about releasing the slaves, isn't it?"
"Since we're still on temporary contract, I thought of doing official one. Do you know the place where the procedure can be done?"
"If it's that then I can do it. Since I have a subordinate who have the [Contract] skill."
"Then, could you do it?"

We're invited inside Nidoren-shi's tent and offered chairs. He instruct a subordinate man to prepare for contract.
Since the document's content are already fixed, we only need to write the master and slaves name to complete.

"Then, please write your name here. The slaves name are not written, so please put their thumb marks using this ink."

I sign at the place the man directed. The fixed text's lines are [To whom the slaves belong],[Slaves can't injure their master],[Slaves follow their master's order],[Slaves are to maintain their own body], just 4 of those. It's like the three principles of robot, although the last two order are reversed.

When we finish writing the written contract, the contract ritual begins.

"■■■■■■■■■■■ ■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■■■■■ Contract!"

What did... he?! Is this magic?
After the last (Command Words) is uttered, the documents burnt and from the ashes a blue light wraps me and Liza in a halo then twinkles for 2,3 times and disappears.

When I look at the man's stat, he certainly has [Contract] on his skill column.
Maybe it's a skill that has only one magic?

>[Contract Skill Acquired]

Alright, let's try if this skill is usable later.

"With this, the slave contract is complete. If you wish, you can confirm the contract on the simplified Yamato stone on the auction center."

After the contract for the three is complete, I wanted to pay the fee, but it seemed that it's Nidoren-shi's authority, so he asked me to wait. Come to think of it, he came out when the first ritual begun. He seem to be back immediately, he sure is busy.

"Thank you, could I ask you something for a bit?"
"Yes, what would that be?"
"Is it rare for a person to release slaves?"
"Right, putting aside the general slaves who have their sentences time decided, I have never seen people who release lower slaves. I've heard story of people releasing slaves who have worked for years, but I have never seen it in person."

Is it that rare?

"It's possible to release them then?"
"Yes it's possible. Except for criminal or war criminal slaves. For those kinds, only state official or senior noble who are allowed to."
"For releasing, is it the same as the contract earlier?"
"That's right. I've done releasing general slaves several times before. With the [Contract] skill earlier, it's possible to annul the contract too."

Since we're here already, should I release the beastkin girls too now?
I can just employ them if they hope for it after the release.

"Master, it's presumptuous of me, but allow me to intrude on the conversation."

Liza who was lowering her head in silent while listening to us begins to talk,  I wonder if Pochi and Tama were nervous with the ritual, they're sleeping while hugging Liza's legs.

"It's okay, what is it?"
"If it's no trouble for master, then please don't release us if possible."

She's saying slowly and clearly.
Are you an esper!
Or rather, why doesn't she want to be released? Isn't it better to be free?

"Certainly, in this earl's territory, Beastkin and Lizardkin can't exist unless they are slaves. If they're seen by the army then they would be exiled, there's also a high possibility of getting lynched to dead."
"Yes, furthermore, my tribe is no more, and just like you've heard back then, Pochi and Tama are in similar circumstance."

They can try to rely on their tribes, but for people who have no relatives, they will be treated lower than slaves.
I'm glad that Pochi and Tama are sleeping.

Seemingly to break the heavy atmosphere, Nidoren-shi brings 5 girls in.
The five of them are quite the foreign beauty. They are all wearing thin clothes stopping at the knee. Since it's quite thin, the breast area is transparent.

"Have you finished your contract? Please take a look at them for now."
"Before that, I'd like to pay the fee for the contracts if possible?"

Let's just quickly pay the fee and go home.

"No no, since I was kindly rescued from the labyrinth by you, there is no such thing as service fee. Of course, since that wouldn't be enough, I'll give you 30% discount for the slaves."

Kuh, he made the first move. Giving small benefit first to make you easier to talk into next time, it's the same solicitation technique from some shady new religion.

Since it wasn't possible to refuse, it has been decided for Nidoren-shi to introduce slaves in rotation.
Since I'd doze off if I'm just listening to him, I decided to practice appraisal skill on this occasion. Appraisal is an always-active  skill but I need to think [I want to know] or [I want to appraise] while looking at an object, then the result of appraisal will come into my mind.
Since the detail would be displayed on the AR no matter what I do, I turn off other indicators beside radar.

During the rotation of two set of 10 people, I was just half-heartedly replying to give proper responses.
Still, their appeal point were nothing but virgin or their skills, why is that? Do the people of this country love virgin that much?

"Are you tired? Please bear it for a little more, the next one is the last."

So he says while bringing the next set, a black-haired oriental-looking beautiful girl from several days before is mixed among the six girls.
I see, so he brings the best for the last, truly a skilled merchant.
The others are... there. The violet-haired little girl with dangerous-sounding title is there too. Furthermore she looks here. She's really giving a hard look here.
Not matching her gaze, I look at the other girls. A blond freckled 15 years old girl with disgruntled look, a tall brown-haired woman who looks to be in her twenties with oval-shaped face, and a dull blond less-than 10 years old little girl that looks too thin.  A braided red-haired 15 years old who looks like a plain literature girl.

A lot of them looks inferior to the 10 before them. Do they have some kind of special skills?
When I try to look with appraisal, the freckles girl has [Negotiation], the oval-faced woman has [Sex Technique], the thin little girl has no skill, and the braid girl has [Collecting].
While I'm at it, the violet-haired little girl has no skill, and the black-haired girl has [Etiquette].

What kind of line up is this?

"They are all may have inferior looks, but they will work hard for their master."

While saying that, Nidoren-shi explain about them one by one. Subjectively, does he think the black-haired san to be plain too?

"How about it? I could give you 6 set for the price of 3 gold coins if it's now!"

Nidoren-shi is hard at work promoting them. No matter how you look at it, that's too cheap. That mean each is worth two and a half silver coins.

"It's been decided that those who doesn't sell well for today and tomorrow will be brought to the caravan heading to mining city."

Hearing the words of Nidoren-shi, the unmotivated slave girls rustle behind me. The panic begin when I look behind.
Shifting the clothes on the shoulder to expose the breast, rolling the skirt, taking strange pose, everyone tries to appeal with various method. The only two who didn't change are the violet-haired and the black-haired girls. The violet-haired little girl is staring intently like always, while the black haired-girl is downcast.
When the slave girls understand that their appeal isn't working on me, they give up one by one.

Just as Nidoren-shi instruct them to withdraw, the violet-haired little girl regain herself.

"Master! Master thinks that since you have those excellence demi-human slaves you don't need other slave, aren't you?"
"That's right, I don't need other slave."

Particularly, I don't want to buy you who have such trouble-sounding title. Absolutely!

"However, those girls are demi-human."
"That's exactly right, but I'm not dissatisfied with that you know?"
"Yes, just by looking at them, I understand that they're cherished. That's why! Please purchase me."

I don't understand the reasoning.

"Demi-human are shirked in this city.  If you only have those girls as slaves then you wouldn't even receive a bread if you make them go shopping."

I see, I didn't think about that before.
However, I don't have to buy slaves just for chores, I'd just ask the maid at the inn. Yep, don't need it after all.

"If I was there, I'd do chores in place of those girls! The price is reasonable too, so please by all means, purchase me."

The violet-haired little girl look up for appeal. Hair that has been cut to shoulder-length, moist violet-colored iris, thin small lips, trembling small shoulders. If I'm into little girl, then I probably wouldn't hold up.

...I guess I'll buy?
Even though I'm not into little girl, I thought that she's charming. No wait, I don't need it, do I?

But, I feel like I absolutely have to buy her.
Then I purchased the violet-haired little girl (Arisa), and per her recommendation, I also bought the black-haired girl (Lulu).

Despite still questioning myself, I become the master of the two slave girls in addition to the beastkin girls.

3-4. Little Girl and Night Turmoil

Satou's here. I think this is an unfortunate fate, to have an inseparable relationship with a person I'm not into.

I'd like to be together with a person of my type for once.

A stark naked little girl is straddling on top of my waist.

...What the heck is this, a dream?

I've experienced similar situation with my younger cousins during a long vacation on my grandfather's home in the countryside, long ago.
The difference is that the little girl who's riding me now is naked, she doesn't have the same innocent atmosphere as my cousins.

The little girl moves bit by bit, then she greatly trembles, and snuggle against my bare chest. Her expression looks more like an adult woman rather than a little girl.

While looking very calm, I am actually really shaken inside. I'm not a lolicon okay? Absolutely!
Yet what's with this situation!

After purchasing the two from Nidoren-shi the slave trader, we were...

"I will vigorously attend to master without rest, day and night."

The violet-haired little girl--Arisa said such thing during the ritual of contract. Even though Liza et al and the black-haired girl--Lulu were silent, did she want to appeal to me?

After the slave contract is finished, I pay 1 gold coin to Nidren-shi. Until the morning on the day after tomorrow, he'll be on the place earlier so he asks me to call if I ever need another slaves.

We're doing self-introductions outside the tent.

"Then, please let me introduce myself. I am from the now-extinct kingdom of Kubooku, Arisa. My age is 11 years old, there are still 4 years before I become an adult, but I'll gratefully accept to do night service even while I'm clumsy. Please cherish me forever."

While finishing the greeting with fluent words that doesn't match her age, Arisa slightly picks both end of her hem and bows.  Although that's an elegant gesture, her hem is already short, coupled with her simple clothes, her lower body parts become almost naked.
And so I put my gaze to her face and simply reply "Please take care of me too, my name is Satou."

"...I'm Lulu desu. 14 years old desu. Born in Kubooku kingdom desu. Since I'm plain looking and thin... I'm not fit to be your partner at night, but I'll work hard like a horse... so please don't abandon me."

Lulu introduces herself while looking down and covers her face with her bangs. That clear voice isn't the type for seiyuu but it's a good voice with soprano feeling. It would have been better if it was not accompanied with trembling.
Though the person herself said thin, she looks to probably be B-cup, being B-cup at 14 years old is quite promising for the future I think, or is this world is of the big-breast faction? As long as it's soft, anything is fine!

Putting that aside, for this beautiful girl to say that she's ugly, that's too much even for humility. Covered with bangs, she looks like Sadako, but if I was to compare her with a beauty contest winner I've seen on TV back then, she would win with a big margin, that's how orthodoxly beautiful her face is.
Frankly said, she's my type. If her personality is agreeable, then I would think of proposing her when she turns 20.

I wonder if Arisa and Lulu don't have any prejudice against demi-human, even after the beastkin girls took off their hoods, they don't show any disgust. Although Lulu looks afraid of Liza, I don't sense any feeling of disgust. Do people from other kingdom not dislike demi-human?
Pochi and Tama initially act shy around stranger, but since Arisa and Lulu act normally to them, they immediately become familiar.

"Well then, let's get back to the inn."

I call out to the five and we return back to the street. Arisa smoothly and naturally clings to my left arm. The remaining other is being contested by Pochi and Tama. Since it doesn't seem that it's going to end, Liza carry both of them in both of her arms like luggages.  Seemingly giving up, the two quiet down after their hand and legs are in the air ...so they like that pose.


A cute sound resounded. When I look back, Lulu blushes. Figure of bashful beautiful girl is lovely. I don't think of her as a romantic interest now, but I'm looking forward to the future.

A lot of stalls exude good smells but there aren't many customers. It seems that the auction has started, so the riches and the curious onlookers who want to look at beautiful slaves have flowed there.

Since it's convenient, we go to a stall with tables. I bought chicken soups and flat breads, assorted intestines and vegetables, and enough meat skewers for this number of people. I ended up buying a lot of meat skewers.

"Itadakimasu." and so the meal starts.

After the beastkin girls started eating, the two newcomers follow. Arisa stuffs herself with meat skewers, saying, "Ah~ Proteins after a long time♪" while holding her check. So this world has the concept for nutritions too huh, I ignore that while enjoying the scenery of the meal with everyone.
Lulu eats with all her might while still being reserved. But, the two's eating pace is slow compared to the other four, so they didn't eat much from the big combined platter. Next time, let's divide some small portions for them first.

Since I'm not really hungry, I finished my meal in the middle but since Arisa and the beastkin girls doesn't look like they've had enough, I order for more intestines and vegetables platters.

"Continue your meal as it is, I'm going to buy cloaks and shoes at the stall for a bit."

"L, let me go, if it's for shopping" "I will go"

Lulu and Liza stand up. Pochi and Tama stop chewing at the meat, and look here if only their eyes.

"Everyone keep eating as you are, this is an 『Order』 you know."

I could have gone when the meal is over, but I keep accidentally see Lulu's breast who sit in front of me, I can't calm down. I can clearly see the nipple of Arisa who's sitting beside her, but I don't care with that one.

I give cheap cloaks and sandals to the two, bought from the vicinity.
Soon after, the five eat through their plates leaving not even bread crumbs, so we go back to the inn.

>[Service Skill Acquired]

Just like Zena-san said, the inn refuses to let demi-human enter.
However, Martha-chan makes a bed from new straws inside the barn for the sake of the three, Pochi and Tama are overjoyed and even Liza reservedly gives thank. I wonder if it's warm to sleep on the straw covered with the blankets from the labyrinth.

I take out the cookwares and foods from among the lot bags of the labyrinth, and leave it to Liza. I also put the short swords of Pochi and Tama inside.
It's forbidden to equip demi-human with arms inside the town, but since it's the things taken from labyrinth for self-protection, it's probably fine.
As for the foods, "You can eat if you're hungry okay.", I give permission to Liza. With this, I can wake up late tomorrow (lol).

Lulu is going to sleep here together, since the inn accepts them anyway, it's better to sleep inside the room.

I tried to book an additional room from the landlady but there was no free room, so it was decided to add a spare bed in my room.
Since the room is wide being originally a twin room, even after two beds occupy it, it doesn't feel cramped.

I make Arisa and Lulu to sleep together on the new bed, and I sleep on my own bed.
Inside the labyrinth, for the sake of letting the beastkin girls rest, I was the sole watch guard so I didn't even take a wink of sleep. Is it because of that my eyelids feels heavy.

I surrender myself to drowsiness, and sleep after a long while.

And so we fly back to the beginning.

Why am I sharing a bed with a little girl?!

Calm down Satou! Let's cool down here.

Arisa who notices me wake up says "You're awake?" mischievously while whispering and uselessly kisses me.
While receiving that, I comb her hair...
No, wait! I should have pushed her!
...I'll be branded a lolicon if this continue.

Arisa does not stop with my mouth, she kisses my ear, collarbone and chest in turn. Her small hands lightly, very lightly caress.
Respoding to that, I gently stroke her nape...

Why---! I don't feel like myself.

Arisa captures my hairless chest, putting her check on my thinly cracked abs while her finger is crawling.
Feelng that lovely actions, I feel like it's okay to let her violate... me?

This thought is strange. No matter how you look at it, there's something wrong.

My blurred mind become a bit clear. I operate the menu with thought, and make the log display ON. Found it in the log!

I slowly raise my body, lift Arisa who looks here, and put my face on her nape.
Arisa hugs my head while panicking for a bit...

Close to her ears, I 『Order』 gently but firmly.

"Arisa. I forbid the use of magic and skill. This is an order!"

Arisa loosens her hands, and looks at me with a shocked and distorted face.

"Furthermore, cancel the effect of magic and skill that you've used on me. This is an order!"

The order seems to be accepted, the log shows the cancellation of magic effect. The information displayed on AR changed too.
Just in case, I get the [Mind Resistance] skill which comes out in the log to maximum. It seems that I also got [Mind Magic], but it's fine for now.

"Isn't that my line?  Using mind magic on me, what's your goal?"

Yes, the time when I bought her and just before this, she was using magic. The first one was [Charm Person] and [Fret] magic, and a little while ago [<<Temptation FIeld>>] and [Heat Heart] were used.
When I used appraisal skill her skill was [None] but the first time I see her the AR displayed [Unknown]. If only I remember earlier...

"...Even if master said I'm using mind magic"
"I also forbid the act of deceving and playing dumb. This is an order, state your goal."

I close her escape route and press for answer.

>[Questioning Skill Acquired]

Alright, let's allocate point and activate it. Let's make the level to be 3 for now.

"I repeat, don't lie and speak your goal."

She seems to have resigned and answers truthfully. She stops using polite language.

"...my goal was to become master's slave."
"And the goal for the second one?"
"I wanted to serve master."

She becomes a bit sulky while saying it.

"I don't understand the point, talk a bit more clearly."
"Mou! like I said. I fell in love with you when I first saw you. That thin and soft looking black hair! that defenseless expression! That outlandish baby-face! That delicate-looking body! If such a person is to become my master! And even though such dreamy boy was before my eyes, he was going to plainly pass by! I can't forgive that! That's why I used magic! To be purchased!"

She piles up her words like a machine gun. Since she looks a bit desperate, I keep listening.

"So, after you've been bought, you intend to brainwash me then?"
"No! Completely false! I've said 『I will vigorously attend to master without rest, day and night』 when I became your slaves right! That's why I seduced master since it's slave's job to make her master feel good!"

What kind of reasoning is that? It doesn't look like she's just lying to get through troublesome thing.

"I understand the facade, so what's your true intention?"
"Even though I was waiting for master to call me, you really went asleep... Since it can't be helped, I slip into your bed, and when I see your sleeping face, it's just irresistible~."

It's a tehee face. I'm a bit perturbed so I pull her cheeks. This much punishment is okay right?

"huuwt, it's huuwwt. iuainohahahyanorokirakenihite~."

This thin cheek sure can stretch. It's fun but since the corner of her eyes are tearing up, I stop.

"Even though I did my best to control myself in the beginning~"
"Then was it because you lose to your lust that you attacked?"

"That's right." so she nods.

"Really, just what are you..."

The AR displays these.

Name : Arisa
Age : 11 years old
Title : [Satou's Slave] [Witch of the Lost Kingdom] [Mad Princess]
Skill : [Mind Magic]
Gift (Innate Skills) :
[Self Status]
[Status Check]
[Hide Skill]
[Item Box]
Special Ability (Ability) :
[Never Give Up]
[Over Boost]

Good grief, it's full of skills I've never seen before.

Arisa answers me teasingly.

"I am Tachibana Arisa, just like you, a Japanese."

3-5. The Japanese in Different World

Satou's here. The typical Japanese who becomes so happy when they meet another Japanese in a foreign country, he let his guard down, Satou.

Since we're speaking the same language, and because our sense of value and foundation are close, I become relieved.

"To be exact, Tachibana Arisa as the former Japanese who was reincarnated in Kubooku kingdom with her memory intact. Were you reincarnated too? No, judging from that black hair, you're a summoned hero aren't you? Satou-san?"

The AR doesn't display whether she's a originally a Japanese or her real name, Tachibana Arisa.
Since my stats didn't state if I'm a former Japanese, Suzuki Ichirou too, is it the same situation?

"What's wrong, why did you stop talking? You're the second Japanese human that I've meet."

Hearing that words, my gaze turns toward Lulu who's sleeping in another bed.

"Lulu is different you know? It seems that her great-grandfather was a Japanese man, though I've never meet him, mind. Atavism is a cruel thing. She could have been an idol if she was born in Japan."

"Your mind magic-"It's not""

Did she use mind magic to make Lulu looks ugly, I thought of that but she denied my word.

"This world's sense of beauty think that those who have flat face with thin lips, non-white skin, and small ass as the ideal. She has a lot of those counterpoints. Though thanks to that there weren't many buyers during our slavery days."

The type of beauty change depending on the time and place huh... that's unfortunate.

"So then, Satou-san, are you a reincarnated person or a summoned person?"
"Are there distinctions for them?"

Should I honestly talk or should I keep it a secret?
She's a mind magic user who didn't hesitate to force her way but she's also undoubtedly a clue. If the time comes for it, I can just order her to 『Don't speak of this to other』.

"Reincarnated person is a person who died on their former world, then reborn in this world. Summoned person is a person who is forcibly abducted from their world to this one. Someone like hero is a summoned person."

Though it was an explanation coated with prejudice, I'm neither of those, aren't I?

"Does a reincarnated person always reborn as a baby?"
"There's a legend where they reborn already in adulthood, but in this world a reincarnated person will always be reborn as a baby without fail."

She's very decisive about it. When I try to confirm it.

"Reincarnated persons are told that by the god as they're reincarnating."

So they meet god? If a person is saying such things in Japan, people will doubt his sanity.

"Do summoned persons retain their original appearances? Like their clothes, belongings and figure."
"It seems that the summoned person retain their clothes. And of course, their figures too."

So even their figures are kept, but I became younger, why is that?

"Did you hear it from others?"
"The hero-sama from Saga Empire said so, I don't think it's wrong. Since the only one who could summon heroes from another world is Saga Empire."

Then if I go to Saga Empire, I could find out the way to go home? Let's not forget to check it later.

"I see, but I'm neither of those. I took a nap after works, when I woke up, I was already in a wasteland."
"You didn't see the god?"

Arisa crosses her arms and groans. Put some clothes on already.

"Then, did you get to the summoner's place when you came to this world?"
"No, I was the only one on that wasteland."
"Then were you high-level from the start? Or had infinite magic power? Or got a lot of interesting skills?"
"My level was 1 in the beginning, my magic was also only 10. I didn't have any skills too."

...No, there was that Special Abilty (Ability). Like the Meteor Shower.

"What's with that, impossible game?"

Oops, she's sympathizing with me, what to do if she finds out?

"Rather than me, it's about you. Tell me all your skills one by one. The Gift and the Ability too. Just you know, this is an 『Order』."
"I will tell you even without an order you know."

"First, Mind magic is at level 5. Aren't me quite good? I've dedicated the skill points I acquired post-birth for this one."

Since it sounds strange, when I check it, the required points to level for each skills are 2-12 point with an average of 7 (Represented with 2d6 in her case), the required point to level up a skill isn't 1 but different values for each of those skills, it seems that the required point also increases as the skill level increases.
Am I a special case, or is there any specific condition?

"Self-Status is a skill to check my own status. It's more detailed than Yamato Stone. The most important function of this skill is that I can decide which skill I allocate the point I got from level ups."

From what she's saying, she can choose which skill she allocates the point to, it seems that this is a skill that every reincarnated and summoned person always have.
I thought that it's the same special ability that allows me to learn skills easily, but it's actually an inferior version of it instead...

As for the general populace, seems that they have probability to remember skill depending on their training as they level up.
"Status Check is a skill to see other people's stats. It's convenient~. It'd have been better if it was Analyze, but my Privileged-Reincarnation point wasn't enough."

It seems to be a skill which have the same effect as Yamato Stone.
Similar skills are like [Weapon Check], [Armor Check], [Gem Check], [Coin Check], [Plant Check], etc, and the skill that comprise them all is Analyze.
Privileged-Reincarnation is the point that the god gave her when she reincarnated, she says.

"Hide Skill is a skill used to hide your own skill. Once used, even if you were looked by Analyze or Yamato Stone, it'll show 『Skill None』, until it's canceled."

My AR shows [Skill Unknown], which mean that it's from different branch than Analzye, is it?

"Item Box, it's just as the name imply. It's the same kind of storage that usually exist in a game. Though it's not the same as the one heroes get with their infinite storages (Inventory), the store-able number is limited but it doesn't add to the bulk and there's no weight, it's really convenient~."

From what I heard, the item number limit is 100, and it can stack up to 100 piece of the same item. For things that has indeterminate shape, like water, it's counted per liter. 
My storage is more similar to the infinite storage (Inventory) one, if I have to compare.

After saying that much, Arisa says "My throat is a bit thirsty.", then she theatrically swing her hand horizontally and recites "Item Box, Open".
In front of her, a black hole open on level surface, then she puts her hand inside and took out a water jug which she drinks directly. Her face seen from the side looks so triumphant.
The water she drink is spilling from her mouth and draw lines on her naked chest, looking inappropriately erotic. How old is this girl inside?

"At least use a cup.", I asked, but it seems putting things in and out each requires magic power to do, so she's minimizing doing those to the lowest.
It also works slightly different to my Storage. When she finished drinking water, she wanted to put the jug back, so I let her. How do I say this, if a clueless person saw it, it'll look like someone is putting things inside a black box.

>[Item Box Skill Acquired]

I don't need such inferior version of Storage...
Rather than that, the remaining are [Never Give Up] and [Over Boost], which one of those that let her mind magic to pass over the 300 level differences, I want to know.

"Fufufun, how about it, am I not amazing? There's rarely a slave that has this much skills!"
"Aren't there others too?"

"Ugh" she faltered, "Mou, you're really greedy~" while she pompously hold both her hands up like a gaijin.
<TLN: Gaijin means foreigner, yes I'm just messing with ya (though the author did put that line). :p>
I give a chop to her head.

"I'm against violence! the others are, unique skills, two of them even!"

Amazing isn't it? And since she once again start posing, I'm stroking her head roughly "My hair falls into disorder~", even though she's saying that she looks a bit happy.

"Even Lulu doesn't know these abilities. One is called Over Boost. By using all of my magic power and stamina, the effect of one attack will be raised by many folds? It's exactly the ability fit for a heroine~."

A disposable cannon it is.

"The other one is Never Give Up. It's a power to absolutely never give up no matter how powerful the enemy is! More concretely, no matter how much the level differences or the defense power of the enemy is, an attack or magic will hit with 10% probablity! Isn't it great~."

"However it can only be used 3 times. Once I used them all, it'll recover one for every month. Since my magic did not really work against master, I've spent all three them."

It was probably this skill that had put me under her magic. There are a lot of [~magic resisted] entries in the log, so it's doubtless.
What a troublesome skill. I should be glad that she's not an enemy, is it?

This is something that I heard later, but it seems that even if this skill is in effect, it's useless against an opponent who has complete resistance. For example, the elementary Water Shoot is ineffective against a Great Water Spirit who's immune against water magic.

"There are several things I want to confirm."
"Go ahead~."
"How did you use mind magic without chanting?"
"Umm~n, it's a hidden function of Self-Status, once I remember a magic, then I can use that magic just by reading the last line of the Command Words in my head."

I expected something, but it's a memorization, I really have to successfully chant it at least once. Is there really no shortcut...

"Are you perhaps unable to use magic?"
"I'm failing to properly chant the spells..."

Yep, it's not a lie. I could use two, but those are quite irregulars.

"That's right eh~ I was going to give up when I heard other people's chants too. Eventually I managed to in one and half a year."
"That's right, I've only challenged it for two days, though it's actually two hours."
"What, that's too short~ If one could do it within that period then there would be more magicians."

Since it's getting colder, she's hugging me while saying that but I tear her off me, she falls off the bed and I throw her clothes and the bed cover below.

"I forgot to ask. Who's the first Japanese human you met?"
"Don't use 'you', call me Arisa~."

"Answer me, Arisa."

Arisa unnaturally accumulate her words, and says.

"That's the Saga Empire's hero, Hayato Masaki."

3-6. Hero and the Taboo Girl

Satou's here. Heroes are enough just being in games, Satou who think that.

How many games out there with heroes in them...

"I see, so the second one is the hero from Saga Empire."

I really don't want to get involved with him. If I carelessly got in touch, I could got tangled in demon lord's extermination.

"Yes, with a face that doesn't look like a 18 years old, although he is handsome, and with hair sticking out on his macho body."
"No, I don't care about his appearance, how is his personality?"
"He's a perverted gentleman (lolicon). When we first met, 『YES! Lolita, NO! Touch.』, he loudly yelled that, and then got beaten up by his women attendants."
<TLN: YES and NO are written in alphabet in the original text.>
Arisa said with white eyes.

"Isn't he the same kind as you (shota)?"
"I used to be like that a long time ago, but it's different now! I'll whisper with all my might that I love boy now!"

Please spare me the whisper.

"...Or rather, since you like boy (shota), isn't a 15 years old outside the scope?"
"Ara! That's not true! I mean you still don't have an adam's apple, your chin is still smooth even at this hour, and your voice hasn't become strange right? And I've seen it just now, even your legs haven't grown with hairs, it's really smooth isn't it!!!!"

Arisa kicks the bed cover, and stands up while roaring.
I can see various things, so please stop doing imposing stance while you're naked. Or rather, put on some clothes already.

"Okay I understand your enthusiasm, but wear something before I order you already."
"Yes, yes, I know."

She's too excited she's gasping when she answers while wearing clothes. And when you're going to sit back don't do it on my lap.
...I somehow feel like my chastity is in danger.

"The talk strays off to far, I'm not interested with his fetish but his personality."
"Right~ He's a straightforward justice-minded fool, I guess? If people said 『That is evil』, he will directly confront it without even uttering a word of doubt, that kind of type. Originally there was a staff-officer-type glasses-wearing girl around him, but since she was needed in the noble bureaucracy, I don't think she'd participate in the war."

It's a type I'm not good against.
I have a friend who's like that too, those kind of types will drag you into their problem without even hearing your circumstances. I think I always got involved.

"Since he's a hero, he's surely strong isn't he?"
"Seems like it~ I didn't see him fighting, but it seems that he was already level 50 when he got summoned."
"Did you not check his skill when you met him?"
"Of course I did. His level was 61 with point mostly on basic sword and spear skill and a lot of various other skills. If you're interested I could write down the ones I remember for you."
"Ah, I'm counting on you."

I'll buy paper and pen when the dawn comes.

"However, I don't know about his unique skills okay?"
"You couldn't see it even with Status Check?"
"Yep, I couldn't. It seems to be an ability of the holy armor he got from Saga Empire, I don't understand why he didn't hide his skills too then."

Indeed. Is it a problem of cost, or is it deliberate to make his opponents let their guard down?
I guess the reason doesn't matter for now.

"But the person himself gave me a hint. Do you want to hear it?"
"Yes, I do."
"『My unique skills are contradictions』 there"

Like that, it's still useless~ says Arisa while laughing.
If he's like Han Feizi then it's fine, but if our ideas can't match then his ability could be problematic.
<TLN: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Han_Fei>
Alright, if it seems like we got into a situation where we would fight, let's run with all my might!

I'm at disadvantage at the war on my lap.
Since she looks like a children, it's hard to hit her. Though if she jump on me, I intend to grip and throw her off...
Arisa pretends to be sleepy and leans on me with her back.

"Boy, the things you wanted to hear, is it over?"
"You're breaking your character you know?"

Arisa strokes my chin with her fingers.

"Onii-chan, I'm sleepy. Won't you hold me tight until morning?"
"How sly!"

I scoop her up my lap and roll her over next to Lulu.

"I forgot, since when did you notice my identity?"
"If I have to say, from the beginning."

I'm shocked. I thought I had conducted myself well.

"Since you have that Japanese face, I had an incline from the beginning."
"Isn't that too weak for affirmation?"

"The second one was 『Itadakimasu』. There's no such speech in this world."
<TLN: Thank you for the meal>
Arisa put up two finger while talking.

"The third was 『Protein』. Nutritions only come out in a few books since the era of Yamato-san, most people don't know about it. Furthermore, I said 『Protein』 fully in Japanese, but you ignored, didn't you?"

I was careless...

"And the fourth."
"There's still more?!"
"The next one is the last. When the thing about me being a Japanese came out, weren't you upset? You should have set a poker face and asked back, what's a Japanese? instead."

So I was completely caught in her bluff...

"I'm sorry, actually there's one more."

She points at my trunks, "A trunks made from synthetic material with a washing tag attached, there is absolutely no such thing in this world", and she laughs.

"Next, tell me the contents of your item box. It'd be bad if I was killed when I'm asleep if you take out knife or poison from it."

I'm not forgetting to check for potentially dangerous situation.

"Umm~ 『Mind Magic』 related, five magic books."

She piles it up on top of the bed.

"If you've sold this books, wouldn't it be enough to buy yourself back?"

"Slaves belongings, if taken, it's the end. Besides, if they knew that the writing is about the detested mind magic, I don't know what they'd do..."

"Isn't it better to learn other magic?"

"Only this was available. If there were magic I wanted to know, I had to learn it by myself."

I know that feeling well.

"The remaining ones are just the water jug from a while ago, and various clothes, do I have to take them out too?"

"Ah, take them out. You don't have to for the water jug."

I got a headache after seeing the clothes Arisa took out. Yukata, sailor uniform, and unfinished maid clothes... It seems that they're all hand-made. She doesn't have tailoring skill but it was her specialty before reincarnating.

I take memos for only the titles of the magic books, and allowed all the things back to the item box.

"You won't take it?"
"I want to read the magic books next time, but I don't have any intention to take them."

I tell the slightly dubious Arisa clearly.
I'd be treated as a pervert if I carry around little-girl-sized sailor and maid uniforms after all.

After pulling myself together, I ask for the last question.

"Why did you make me buy not only yourself but Lulu too?"
"Since she's my older sister. Lulu is my half-sister."
"That's why you want to be together huh..."

Arisa goes to the bed and pat Lulu's hair, while looking sad, she talks.

"It's not just that. Master won't scorn Lulu despite how she looks right? Even in our hometown, servants were talking about how ugly she is behind her back."
"Even though she's this beautiful..."
"I think so too. Moreover, I was in the same situation. Don't you think that my violet hair and iris unusual?"

Arisa lifts her hair with both her hands and looks here.

"Ah, I haven't seen it beside on some stylish grandma's dye."
"D, don't put me together with such things..."

Arisa becomes crestfallen, but she's immediately back on her feet and continues.

"Violet hair and iris are considered to be bad omens, although there are few people who know the reason, if anything bad happen then they will be accused of being responsible for everything."

Is that why she was unsold? Is her [Witch of the Lost Kingdom] title due to that too?

"Could you tell me the reason why you became a slave? This isn't an order. If you don't want to tell me then you don't have to."

Arisa is at loss for a bit, but pieces by pieces, she begins to talk.

3-7. Past, Failure and Withered Labyrinth

Satou's here. There are many tragedies where the hero doesn't come to save the day.

In fantasy world, I would have liked if it's a happily ever after end.

"I failed to make my hometown prosperous using the knowledge from my previous life."

"Even if I'm like this, I was a princess you know." said Arisa ironically.

"In the beginning it was working well, but then it began to be failing unnaturally and the kingdom became ruined, plunged into civil war, and occupied by the neighboring kingdom in the end."

"What did you do?"
"Just normal agricultural reforms. Like making fertilizers from leaves and manures, four-wheeled farming tools, some basic administration cheats."

I've never heard 'Administrative Cheats' lingo, but I put the pieces together from the administrative and reform parts.

"Even if you fail, could that even ruin the whole kingdom?"
"That's why I said 『Unnatural』. The mountain where we collected leaves for fertilizer died off. A massive insect monsters outbreak came out of fertilizer which was fermenting, planted clovers and turnip which should had restored the land, withered it instead."

Indeed, those were some fantasy-like phenomenons, but if we add 『Unnatural』 to this, that means....

"Someone was interfering, was it?"
"Yes, but I only knew long after the fact. At that time, I thought it was because of the difference between the earth and this world, I was really depressed. I even got called [Witch of the Lost Kingdom], or [Mad Princess]."

So those titles were because of this.
It wasn't because she used mind magic to manipulate the king to create a harem of pretty boys for her or something huh.

"Still, if the intention was to occupy your kingdom, if the neighbor kingdom didn't gain any profit, there was no meaning to it, isn't it? Laying waste to the other kingdom to get it, didn't they get their priority backward?"
"They didn't care at all for territories of a poor country. They probably just wanted the [Withered Labyrinth] below the castle."

"After our country was occupied, they made a public execution of the king and the crown prince for the sake of calming down the populace."

Tears are falling out of her frustrated face.

"Then the remaining princes and princesses were gathered, and they said this."

『This country was destroyed because of your foolishness. You people are not qualified to be royal families.』

"They made the court magicians to put coercion(geass) on the princes and princesses, starting from me."

『Live as a slave until you die』

"I was blaming myself for the destruction of the country, so I willingly received that geass and became a slave."

I take out a handkerchief from the storage using under-bed as a cover, and wipe her tears.

"Why was it had to become slaves..."
"It was for the sake of reviving the 『Withered Labyrinth』 I told you earlier. We couldn't escape if we became slaves, since it was geass and not contract, only a country is able to cancel that..."

She grasps the handkerchief along with both of my hands, and continues.

"Every month, when it was full moon, they sacrificed one person in a suspicious ceremony inside the labyrinth's interior."

"One year later, the labyrinth was resurrected. When the ceremonies were over, only me who had the taboo hair and Lulu, who was an illegitimate child remained. Our confinement was moved from tower to the royal villa near it. I don't know why they didn't dispose of us right away. But we were probably spares if the labyrinth ever to wither again."

Her grips are loosing its strength.

"And then, another tragedy struck when the next full moon happened. A demon appeared, the castle and the town surrounding it were destroyed. The royal villa where we were, was burned down too, I and Lulu ran took refuge to the mountain."

Arisa was forbidden to go out by Order, but when the castle was destroyed, their master seemed to have died in it, thanks to that they were able to escape from the villa.

"I thought that we have no choice but to be burnt to dead but Lulu's indication became 『Master: None』, thanks to that. If I was alone, then I'd have died just like that."

Arisa puts my arms to embrace her and sits on my lap. Since she's trembling a bit in my arms, I let her off.

"Then we just wandered around in the mountain, and just as we were about to die, we got picked up by the wandering slave trader, Nidoren-shi. Since slaves who don't have master can't enter into towns. So I wouldn't be sold to some perverted nobles, I used Hide Skill to hide my skills and Lulu also pretended to have loss of speeches."

She lean her small head to my arm, her expression isn't visible.

"Wouldn't it better if you used mind magic to make Nidoren-shi to treats you two like daughters?"

"That's right. I was too desperate to hide my skills, when I realized that, I was already under the Contract to be Nidoren-shi's slave."

"You could just use the magic after that."

"I could have died if I was careless trying to do that and violated the contract."

Hmm? Wait a minute.
I make Arisa to face me.

"Didn't you just abuse your magic to push me down earlier? Why was the contract not violated?"

She looks up to me and smiles wryly.

"Because that's a service from a slave. I properly made the oath during the contract, right?"

『I will vigorously attend to master without rest, day and night』

"That's why I use every ounce of myself, including magic, to service you!"

She puts her hands on my side while looking like expecting something, "So embrace me~, indulge yourself on my unripe body~", while trying to hug me, I shoot her down with a chop.

"By the way, who was that demon?"

"I don't know. I didn't directly see the demon. Only heard it from Nidoren-shi's talk with other merchants. I only knew that the town around the castle was burned down and it went somewhere after. Maybe it came to steal the revived labyrinth."

Is it like the arm demon, gathering power in the labyrinth?
I talk about it to Arisa.

"So the uproar that Nidoren got involved into, was about labyrinth?!"

Her face is close.
Bracing myself, I push back the oncoming Arisa, while talking about the demon raid's disturbance, the arm demon's making of the labyrinth, summarizing them all. The silver masked hero was omitted.

"You mean a new labyrinth was made?"
"Seems like it."

Is it a point to be surprised about?

"There are only 6 living labyrinths in this continent. The last labyrinth which appeared, did so 100 years ago. A labyrinth will appear in the place where the corpse of demon lord is, that's what written in books."

"That arm demon said that it was created for the sake of the complete resurrection, so I thought that it was just a recovery type shelter item."

"It's not such a cheap thing. That's a Legend class artifact item. I wonder what's the objective..."

"To produce demons to fight the hero maybe?"

Ignoring my nonchalant answer, Arisa ponders with serious face.
I'm alright with you hanging your hands on my shoulders, but please stop circling my waist tightly with your legs.

"Are there earth veins around this area?"
"It seems there's one called Dragon's Valley."

She says that with serious face while looking up... Fine, but why are you pressing your thin breast?

"If the arm demon's goal was to recover one arm, then probably it should have been over. I think full recovery would take many months. It could probably move around in its former form in short period."

"And that thing is underneath our feet, chilling~", she's shaking.

I don't know how long is short period, but Zena-san et al who are on the labyrinth's entrance are in danger.

"You're awfully knowledgeable."

Almost like Nadi-san.

"I've read most of the books in the castle's library."

"The letter printing in this world is really small you know~", Arisa outraging.

"Do you know? When you read books and gain new knowledges, you accumulate experience points~ Thanks to that, my level went up even while secluding myself in castle."

I see, this isn't a game after all, you can gain level even without going in battles.

"Tell me if you know this."
"Of course~ Master~."

While rubbing your face against my chest, don't grope it with your fingers.

"In this world, to fight against a level 62 demon, how much force would you need?"
"What are the level of the best pieces you can prepare?"
"Around 48."
"Then if you equip them with 6 holy attribute weapons and the party balance is good, you can win~"
"There aren't 6 of them. Level 48 magician is one person, upper 40 are 3 people, and lower 40 are 2."
"It will be harsh, but if there are 10 level 30 people as back ups in turns, then I think, they could somehow do it. Although there probably would be many sacrifices."

She stops playing with her fingers and looks over here.

"Master, you sure know a lot about this town's forces. Aren't you a merchant?"
"I know an acquaintance in military. Also, although I call myself a merchant, I've never done any commercial business."

"Master can afford 5 slaves regardless."
"Well yeah, I got a lot of magic cores from the labyrinth after all, I won't have money trouble for a while."

The moneys are actually things I pillaged from the dragons, but it seems it'd be troublesome so I just mislead her here.

I grab her hands which were playing around on my chest above, seemingly misunderstanding something, she closes her lips shut and attempts to kiss me.
I push her back, peel her body off me, and lay her beside Lulu.

I put on cheap robe and cloak, and going out of the room.
"Where are you going~", hearing that, "Sleep until morning", I 『Ordered』 Arisa that and got out of the room. 

3-8. Masked Hero

Satou's here. I've played around imitating a transforming hero when I was a child but I didn't think that I would really stuck to be one.

I come back to the labyrinth. Covered in blond haired silver masked hero style (lol).
I left the beastkin girls to rest in the inn, so I'm alone. Since Pochi and Tama aren't here I activate the [Trap Release] skill.

Opening the map, I mark the course to where the arm demon should be located.
Alright, with this I won't have to check the map every time I reach a junction.

I proceed for a bit while having the trap discovery skill finds the trap locations. I somehow know where the trap is before the AR indicate it.
I put force to my jump, flying over the trap.

It seems that there are 5 skeleton soldiers in the room ahead. Since pulling out sword is tedious, I just kick them.
The skeleton soldiers are blown away to near the wall in tatters, but they immediately get back up.

"Oh dang, that skill was still disabled."

I open the skill screen on the menu and tap [Fighting]. Not the level but the name. [Fighting Lv 10], the indicator changed from gray to white. I disabled it in order to not beat the people at the downtown back then to death, after I got the abduction skill. It seems that abduction skill has non-killing effect, that's convenient.

I kick an approaching skeleton. The kick hit the torso part blowing it away like it was shot, and sink it into the wall. The skeleton soldier who has lost its torso pauses for a bit, then it flies backward as if being pulled.  Many other skeleton soldiers get entangled and destroyed.
I kick the only remaining skeleton lightly. It doesn't get blown away like it was shot like earlier, but it flies to hit the wall while breaking up.

"I should make sure not to forget to turn off fighting skill before I get back to the town..."

Since it'd take a lot of time if I throughly beat all enemies, I decided to fight only the one who blocks my path.

Jumping over the traps, kicking the enemies around, while galloping through the labyrinth.
I got into the life drain trap once, but it only rob a small portion of my stamina.

However, there's a place where I'm forced to stop my feet.

『Thou hast to answer my question if thy wish to continue』

That's what written on the gate. Riddle huh, this is also a labyrinth classic.

『Shonimu is righting the tree, Dareson is eating the fruit, Yurato is planting the seed. Correct our right position.』

Yep, I dunno.
Therefore I decided to do the brute force way.

I take out a sledgehammer from storage, and hit it. Hit. Hit. Hit.

"Is it no good? No wait, I haven't enabled the hammer skill branch."

I allocate points to [Two-Handed Hammer] skill and activate it.

...I somehow understand that it's useless even if I continue to hit it. Is this an effect of the skill too?

I stop minding about it and swing the sledgehammer with all my might!
The handle breaks, and the tips fly to the other end of the room. The door becomes a bit recessed but that's it.

"This door would be a hot sale if I take it home."

I'm considering to ignore the door and just dig through the wall, but referencing the map it looks like it would take some time to finish.

"Should I rely on magic items with unknown effects?"

The frequency of talking to myself increased.
Unfortunately there is no other way around. I have also checked the pit, but there is none that goes to the other side of this door.

I don't have any choice but to deal with the riddle, but this is the type that requires you to know the preamble first.

"Tree, fruit and seed huh... There are some suspicious looking animal pictures, but there are nothing with trees."

I'm at a loss.

"『What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three in the evening?』, If only it was like that~"

That's right!
I take a pick from Storage, and use it to carve something on the wall.

『What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon and three in the evening?』

『It's Man』

>[DeRiddle Skill Acquired]

Thank you Sphinx! I don't know the one who answered that, but thanks for you too!

I'm pouring DeRiddle skill with point to the max, and activate it.

Shonimu, Dareson, Yurato, I still don't know what are they. However I knew which of the suspicious looking animal picture correspond to which name.
And, I somehow know that the tree, the fruit and the seed aren't in this room.

"Skill get, easy victory~ I thought it'd be like that~"

Despite being disappointed, is this sensation thanks to DeRiddle skill? I understand that there are still more that need to be done to solve this riddle. I don't know concretely how but...

In a game, it's common for key items to be located in different rooms, I search for rooms with strong-looking enemies on the map.
There are 3 blatantly suspicious rooms, furthermore each have enemies clearly higher-leveled than normal.

"Truly game-like eh~"

I try seeing the closest room. The room's floor is depressed except at the center. On the depression, tree root-like creatures are wriggling around.
There's a pedestal in the center of the room, a statue is put on top of it. That's most likely a key item for the riddle.

It seems to be impossible to jump to the pedestal with a single leap. That said, I don't want to land on that wriggling things.
The AR indicate that it's called Wandering Roots, since it's a colony life form it looks like even if I shoot it directly with the magic gun and destroy its external, it still won't die, there'll be no end to it.

That's why I use the molotov bombs I made back then. Since I've activated Fire Resistant skill, my body probably would be fine. If the wig got burned, my disguise will be blown, so I pour the water bottle from the top of my head. With this it won't get burned easily.
I ignite the molotov with the igniter magic tools (Tinder Rod). I casually throw five ignited bottles, and after checking that it's burning nicely, I jump into the fire!

"Like I can!"

Impossible impossible impossible! Even if I know that my body won't burn, it's still impossible.

Comparatively the live trees are burning nicely. I can see that the smoke isn't coming here, I wonder if there's air vents somewhere?

Since it's tedious to just wait, I check other locations.

The second room is like a square.
In the slightly-lower floor-level in the center, a 3 meter great-majin look-a-like monster is there. The AR indicate that it's a Stone Golem. Level is 40. It has [Physical Damage Halved],[Spirit Damage Invalid] unique skills.

"Standard golem is usually taken care by crossing off the E from EMETH so it become just METH, was it? There's nothing like that written, the letters itself are different anyway~"

Physical damage halved huh... that mean half of it still works right.
I maximize spear skill points and activate it.
I take out a steel spear from the storage.

After getting a good aim, I throw the spear!
The spear strikes the Stone Golem diagonally, passing through it and piercing through the  earthen wall until its base.
A moment later, the stone golem crumbles from the place where the spear pierced through, demolished in single blow.

"It's an overkill~"

There's a blue gem in the mouth of the stone golem. This seems to be 『Fruit』.

The third room is a room with a treasure chest in the center.
Traps are laid all over the room up until the treasure chest location, there's only one safe path until there.
Though it's already easy as long as it has one.

I hang a black rapier on my waist, safely go through the traps and get in front of the treasure chest.

"Who~ah, the treasure chest was a mimic!"

Yes, the monster in this room is a dungeon regular, Mimic.
While I equip the rapier, the treasure chest is about to attack by opening its mouth, so I consecutively thrust the rapier. It feels like destroying a furniture rather than a living being.

>[Continuous Attack Skill Acquired]

The Mimic evaporates while leaving out purple smoke. I involuntarily step back and my foot almost got caught up by the trap. Dangerous, dangerous.

Underneath the place where the mimic was, there's a black stone. This one seems to be 『Seed』.

When I get back to the first room the fire has been extinguished, thin and white smoke is rising from the cinders.
The Wandering Root has evacuated somewhere, it's nowhere to be seen.

This is fortunate, I collect the statue from the pedestal. This is probably 『Tree』.
It doesn't seem that a boulder is going to crash down even if I took the statue.

I leave DeRiddle skill to place the collected item on the right position, then the door silently opens.
So that the door won't close when I'm going back, I stab a suitable great sword on the floor.

From there, there was nothing worth to talk about until the target room, I ran through.

"This is the place where the arm demon should be..."

If he's not revived then I'm going back to indulge on lazing around~

An altar-looking thing is situated on the depth of the room.
I'm closing on it...

The candlesticks around the altar are suddenly lit with blue fire.

"Fuhahahaha! I appear!"

A magic circle with purple light emerges from the altar along with the arm demon's voice.
On the center of the magic cirlce, the arm demon relaxedly rises, no, its whole body has been revived.

"Muhha~~! In perfection I, am revived!"

"As usual, what an idiotic way of talking."

"Mumumumu! You bastard! Silver mask! I, struggle!"

The demon roars, and black aura is rising from its body. It seems to be some kind of support magic. The AR indicates that it's [Physical Damage 90% Cut].

"Unpreparedness is one's greatest enemy! I, do my best!"

The demon roars again. Purple lights are emitting from its nails, horn and tail. The AR indicates that [Physical Attack Power 300% Up].

"Is it fine now?"

I put the sheath of holy sword on my waist while listening the demon. I wonder if it's also called sheath for western swords?
<TLN: Koiguchi 鯉口>
Returning my consciousness which went astray to the demon.

"For showing that allowance, it's my turn now! I, dash forward!"

The demon attacks while dashing!
While leaving purple afterglows, the demon stab the poisonous claw with its right hand, but I duck from the attack and counter with iai flash, slashing from the bottom up.

The blue light track is beautiful like always.
The holy sword tears through the meat smoothly without any resistance, severing the bones.

"Gunununu! I, unyielding!"

The demon who has its arm cut, use the rotating tail to strike instead. Come to think of it, I was blown away by this tail the first time.
If I don't let my guard down, this isn't a problem. I cut the tail with a single stroke of sword.

"No way! You bastard! You must be a hero! I astonished!"

The demon shows its back after using its tail to attack, I cut it into three pieces from behind...
Yep, I'm alright. After defeating so many insects, I got accustomed to it.

"This can't be! Mao-sama... I, regret..."

After making sure that the demon's HP is 0, I collect the cut tail and arm and put them on the main body. It's troublesome if it resurrects again like before. Let's cremate it.

I set fire by throwing the rest of the molotov bomb to its body from a bit far.
I monitor the corpse until it's burned down from a place away. Probably because its existence is already thin, it has been burned out leaving only ashes in only 5 minutes .

Having finished my business in the labyrinth, I leave it behind.

>Title [Labyrinth Traveler] Acquired

Intermission: Zena


The invoked magic wraps my body.

Even though it's a sensation that I'm familiar with, right now it's irritating.

To confirm the effect I take a step forward.

Okay, it is working properly.

Together with the wind.

I am running.

I met that person yesterday. Even though it has not been even a full day yet since then, I feel like it has been longer than that.
I thought that I could defend the demon's attack with my magic, but my body became battered instead. My feet and arms were throbbing in pain, I was like a doll, unable to move.
I slightly turn my neck.
<TLN: Yes, we have entered her reminiscence>

Fortunately, before I slammed into the ground, I was caught in roadside tree's branches somewhere.

...Fortunately? Is it really so?
My life force is going to disappear first before that overly strong demon could be defeated and for someone from the army to find me.

Even now, my blood is dripping out little by little.

My consciousness is fading but I come back to myself when I hear someone's footsteps. I muster all of the little energy I have left, and turn my sight.
That someone is wearing a robe so gaudy it's hurting your eyes.
I, who was on the brink of death, still think how out of place it looks in daily life.

I want to go back to (that) daily life too!

Even though I feel exhausted looking at that gaudy robe, I call out for him before he's gone.  He has a voice that feels like he's going to be carefree wherever he is.


Avoiding people, avoiding wagon, I am running.

Ahead, even a step.

Faster, even a moment.

I am running.

I wonder if I blacked out, after calling him out, he immediately stands beside me.

It's a very calm-looking boy which you wouldn't think would wear that gaudy robe.
I wouldn't call him handsome, but he's someone who's giving you a favorable impression.

After ascertaining my wounds and dealing with my fractures, he gently, yes, very gently lifts me up to his arms.

His robe, which looks really new, is dirtied by my blood and dust.
But he doesn't seem to mind those kind of things at all.

Despite his delicate appearance, he has enough power to carry me without looking strained.

I wonder how will he bring me down from the tree?
With magic?

Contrary to my expectation, he flies from the branches without even using magic.

I run through the alley.

Without killing my momentum, I kick the wall to turn at the corner.

I avoid people who are surprised like I'm dancing.

I don't even mind my skirt fluttering around.

I run using every ounce of my strength.

I close my eyes in order to endure the soon-to-come impact.
I hear someone screams annoyingly close to my ears, but it was my own voice.

However the shock never came no matter how long I wait.
When I timidly open my eyes, with worried visage, he tenderly greets me.

He doesn't seem to directly go down below but jumps over a series of branches and go up the roof.
What a nimble person!

Let's call him Nimble-san from now on.

While carrying me, he's ferrying across several roofs, looking for a place to go down.
He was jumping up and down several times, but he was doing it like a weightless feather. As if he has wings.

I wonder if this is what it feels like to be flying in the sky?

I am losing breath.

But I can't stop now.

I was entrusted to call for reinforcement, for the sake of not letting him die.

I am ignoring the scream of my body.

I will let it rest however much later.

Right now I must be faster, even one step.

When we're going through a cramped house, he's being very careful as to not make my fractured limbs touch the furnitures.

I feel like a princess after receiving this much of careful attentions.
A luxurious thing, considering I had readied myself to die just before.

Whenever he avoids the furnitures, our bodies are getting in close contacts.
I've done training with male coworkers before, but he has no beast-like body odors unlike those men. On the contrary, I can faintly smell elegant-like fragrance.
His hair is smooth too. I want to touch that for a bit...

The fight has ended in the plaza. Apparently they won.
I am led by him to receive the medical treatment.

He hands me over to the relief station after the treatment is finished, and goes to rescue other people.
During our parting, he turns around and waves at me once.
I don't know if that was for me, but I feel a bit happy.

It's almost the central main street.

A child suddenly jumps out from the sideway.

I cannot avoid him as it is. I jump over the child, performing a somersault in the air.

I know it's shameless since I'm wearing a skirt, but now it's not the time to be concerned about it.

I leave the child's safety to the adults nearby.

Imposing my feet with unreasonableness for the last time.

On the evening of that day, Lilio and my friends made fun of me when they saw me talking with Nimble-san "Spring finally comes to Zena huh~", they said.
I don't understand love even if you tell me.
Whenever I'm thinking about him, I somehow feel like running in a lap.
If this is really love then I can understand why Lilio, who's a love-maniac, is fast to react.

The next day, I somehow go out with a skirt. There is no particular reason.
Before I go to the temple for treatment, I wonder if I can meet him I go to the bookstore he helped yesterday? I consider that for a bit... This small thought is a secret.

When I really meet him on the bookstore, I feel that this is a fate for a moment.
Am I exaggerating?
Lilio will surely make fun of it, "Children really do like fates eh~", no doubt about it.

He tells me that my unfashionable clothes is "Lovely".
Let's not forget to write the diary when I go home today!

I jump into the central street while rolling.

Running on the street, I'm passing through carriages while grazing them.

I will apologize to the coachman who let out abusive languages later.

Waiting for my breath to catch up is vexing so I recite the wind magic, Whisper Wind.
There should gatekeeper inside the inner wall.

"This is magic soldier Zena speaking! On the east district, purple has appeared on the 13th square near the outer wall."
"Are you using magic? I'm Mondo of the gatekeeper guard unit. Are you certain that it's purple?"

Purple is military term for demon.
We can't exactly shout demon appears in broad daylight.

"There is no mistake, I've confirmed it visually. Please send reinforcements ASAP. I will go back there to help evacuate the civilians."
"W, wait, alone"

Without listening to Mondo-san's last words, I'm going back to the square where Satou-san is.
In the middle of the way, roars and building breaking come from the direction of the square.

My heart tightens, imagining the worst.

It's okay! I persuade my mind.
Nebiren-sama from Garleon temple is there, he is the best holy magic practitioner in this Seryu city. If it's him, even if he can't defeat the higher-demon, he should be able to buy time.

I recast Wind Walk which had its effect expired.

I reaffirm my trembling legs.

To run again.

Going back to that person's side.

I was given a flower as present.
A small winter honey flower which has a gentle fragrance.
I wonder if he knows the meaning in flower language?

We went around the shops Lilio taught me. He is exaggeratively surprised on even the most ordinary things I show him.
It's kind of fun.

The trump card that I reserved from the the thing Lilio taught me was a misfire, it's a bit shame, but before I know it our hands are joined while we walk together.
The crowds which I always complain in my mind, only for today, I'm grateful to them.

Isn't this what they call a date?

The flower language was "Love which begins to sprout".、If only he knew about it.

I arrive at the square sooner than I expected.

But I don't have time to wonder.

Because, there is only a vacant lot over there...
In despair, I collapse to the ground.

On the center of the lot, an ominous black rock grown with sharp thorn stood. I hear voices from that black rock.
I drag my over abused legs as if it's screaming in protest there.

If I'm not mistaken, the demon said something about [Labyrinth].
I don't understand the connection between demon and labyrinth, but Satou-san and the others might be inside.

I was going to jump inside even by myself.
But, I was stopped at the entrance of the black rock. By the commanders who came by riding horses. They seemed to have been in the inner wall when I contacted it earlier.

I was appointed to be a temporary liaison by the commander, to help in securing the square during the construction of military post.
Since I'm near the commander, I get a hold of various informations. The open space and houses surrounding the square seems to have been sucked into the ground. Alongside with the people.

I'm sure the nimble Satou-san should be able to take refuge in a safe place somewhere. Let's believe that now.

The consul-sama who came after the military post is complete, looks unusually excited while saying something about the Labyrinth Nucleus (Dungeon Core), but I don't really understand.

We got permission to rush into the labyrinth after more than a full day had passed.
Of course I applied for the first group.

I want to run into the labyrinth immediately, but Lilio does not let go of my arms. Though it doesn't mean that I will secede the vanguard position.

First, we secure the first hall that we have entered.
From here, the plan is to advance the main force whenever we finish securing a room. Although it seems too careful, it's an ironclad rule when you're marching into a labyrinth.

We're advancing slowly through the passage even while I'm feeling frustrated.
Footsteps sounds are coming from ahead.

I carefully confirm the other side of the corner using mirror.
You're lying! It's Satou-san!

Not registering this unbelievable good luck, I hesitate for a bit.

I shouldn't have been hesitating.
From the corner of the passage, I see the figure of Satou-san getting attacked by a beast monster that appears from the wall.

I shake off Lilio who was gripping my arms.

As if under the effect of magic, I jump forward like flying.

I make a landing on the wall of the passage's corner.

The beast monster bites Satou-san.

It's okay.

Satou-san avoided it.

My head becomes pure white, but it's not the time for this.

I cast Air Hammer and blast the beast monster away. It doesn't have enough power to defeat it, but let's pull it away from Satou-san first!

Satou-san got caught in the blast, but the beast monster is successfully separated from him.

Before the beast monster start its counter attack, Nebinen-sama has managed to defeat it. As expected.

I, who is relieved after seeing Satou-san's face, begin to cry and embrace him without wanting to let go.
Lilio-san makes fun of me like it's other people's problem later.

Even though he has just escaped from such dangerous place like a labyrinth, Satou-san is like the usual Satou-san.

But it may be so that I don't worry too much.
Since I will be off duty tomorrow, I should make something delicious for him tomorrow morning.

Lilio will most likely make fun of me again.

That kind of ordinary life might be good once in a while.

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